We have a new affiliate: Love[asia]Music!

It all happened so quickly so I didn’t get a chance to make a post about it till today, but as per the title, we do have a lovely new affiliate called Love[asia]Music!

Love[asia]Music is a website by Jae and Jean and is all about the best music from – you guessed it – Asia!  I personally love the design and the logo (doesn’t it just make you happy?)  and have discovered many new songs that I like on their website.  It helps, of course, that they are also BACK-ON fans!

A special thanks must go to Sesshy who suggested that we contact each other in the first place.  :D

And before I forget, Jae mentioned that they are running a Vote for the Best of January 2011 (Japan and Korea) between Feb 1st and 10th (the list includes BACK-ON‘s TELL ME!) so please remember to pay them a visit and cast your vote – ideally for our favourite band!