Watch the Butterfly CM, and the ending credits and preview trailer for Shinjuku Swan!

The Butterfly PV isn’t out yet, but several associated videos are already available for us to watch! These include

So in essence: 5 videos in one news post! You can click on the individual links above to watch the videos, or as usual, it is possible to watch the three different videos below (we’ve picked the best available formats where possible):

Butterfly (Single) – Commercial Message

Shinjuku Swan (Ending Credits)

Shinjuku Swan (Trailer/Preview)


p/s: The video preview for 新宿スワン (Shinjuku Swan) is available for direct viewing via the official Shinjuku Swan website. I would recommend viewing the original video, as the resolution hasn’t been resized by Youtube.

p/s2: You can now see quick screenshots of some videos at Baidu, courtesy of the webmistress kenji03!

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