Watch the ‘a day dreaming…’ PV online!

With thanks to Sowon, it is possible for you to download the PV and mp3 of a day dreaming…. However, for those who prefer to watch it online, blueblueblue has uploaded the PV on Youtube, which you can find here!

Back-on's Promo Picture on

Of course, the video is included in this post as well, and it seems that this is a special version of the PV with extra ending credits! The info comes courtesy of Koutarou, and you can find out a little more below the video.

It seems almost every single member of Back-on got quite tanned during their stay in Houston, America, as they have t-shirt tan marks on their arms! I also think it’s very sweet of Back-on to go the extra mile and give their thanks to e.g. JohnP, Nao (SoundEX) and Fabio amongst others by recording their messages.

We also get to find out the identity of the lucky man arm wrestling with Icchan in the PV! He is known as Nick and you can visit his Myspace profile by clicking on his name!

p/s: Two versions have been uploaded, the first one has a lower pitch than the other, and I think the latter is closer to the original so I’ve included the new version above.