Watch BAReeeeeeeeeeN – Ashiato PV online!

Following our previous post introducing the new band BAReeeeeeeeeeN (a collaboration between BACK-ON + GReeeeN and JIN) although we did provide a link to an online version of the PV, since then we’ve found out some tidbits which we thought we should share with all the BACK-ON fans.

The first revelation (courtesy of our hero gangangan03) is that JIN, the older brother of HIDE (GReeeeN‘s leader) is featured in the PV!

BAReeeeeeeeeeN - Ashiato - JIN!

You can see his picture above, and as far as we can tell, he makes his appearance at 2:17 and 3:22 (I love his sunglasses!) and apparently, the peeps behind the video asked him to be make a guest appearance since he’s the bridge and an ‘important guy’ between/to the two bands.

He also makes his appearance in the CM for mu-mo, which is the digital download site of the Avex label (credit gangangan03); take a look here and see if you can spot him. :D

Unfortunately I didn’t see any members of BACK-ON in the video, and GReeeeN like to keep what they look like a secret, since apparently they’re all dentists-in-training?

But the second revelation is that the bridge of the PV version is a little different from the mp3 that’s flying around the internet at the moment; where Teeda starts his English rap:

This is at 2:17, and in the PV, we hear Teeda saying:

BACK-ON plus G-R-e-e-e-e-N dou desu, You ready?

But in the mp3 version, this is replaced by an electronic voice (Teeda‘s?) singing:

B-A-R-eeeeeeeeee-N dou desu, You ready?

Although I like both versions, for some reason, I really do prefer the first one where we can hear Teeda rapping clearly – perhaps it’s because I’m a BACK-ON fan, and as such, am absolutely not biased? :p

It would be interesting to find out what others thought. At present no one knows which version will be on the single Ashiato, although a reliable source (see above) tells us it’s usually the PV version, but since the digital download version is different… Nevertheless, we at BOO do try to encourage fans to buy the CD (out October 1st) and support the bands if you can. Another way, of course, is to:


BAReeeeeeeeeeN is already making headlines in Japan (see the photo of the newspaper article below from HIDE’s blog, with thanks to gangangan03!)

Newspaper article featuring BAReeeeeeeeeN

but for some reason fewer people seem to have caught on in the “English language” blog-o-sphere, so let people know! One thing I should mention is that when pronouncing BAReeeeeeeeeeN, the ‘eeeeeeeeee’ sound should be held for around two seconds. So, altogether now:


And last, but not least, the video (courtesy of gezimayuo)!

p/s: You can view the AVI version by viewing this post by de_broti!