Watch BACK-ON’s “flyaway” PV in full online!

This is the video that we have all been waiting for since news of the flyaway PV was first announced by Sesshy at Sound EX, and we’ve been able to share it here with everyone thanks to Sok who found the video of the PV on Veoh!

The PV, which was uploaded by raykennedy, is 3:56 minutes in length and features BACK-ON performing on a sunny beach and in a dark industrial warehouse with various background images of urban buildings panning in and out. Very interesting camera work imho and it is definitely a must watch for the song AND the video! The director is none other than 須永秀明 (Hideaki Sunaga) who also directed BACK-ON‘s Sands of time PV!

You can watch the PV by clicking on the direct link below or after the cut (as usual):

and if you would prefer to watch it in HQ on Youtube courtesy of funkeejap (original by Sok) please visit:

Now you can even watch the subbed version of the PV (with karaoke effect) with thanks to BenBoomZ right here (in HQ as well):

You can also download the mp3 (PV rip courtesy of Sok) or download the PV (courtesy of Umm) or even view some of the quick photo stills of the PV that we have uploaded to our Flickr account:

flyaway PV still - 038 flyaway PV still - 034

flyaway PV still - 029 flyaway PV still - 028

flyaway PV still - 025 flyaway PV still - 017

flyaway PV still - 019 flyaway PV still - 008

Or feel free to peruse some of the ‘PV offshots’ or ‘behind the scenes’ photos taken by Ooishi Nami from BACK-ON‘s official website gallery below by visiting our fansite gallery:

01 07 02

14 15 17

BACK-ON – flyaway PV uploaded by raykennedy on Veoh

BACK-ON – flyaway PV uploaded by funkeejap (original by Sok)on Youtube

BACK-ON – flyaway PV (Subbed with karaoke effect) uploaded by BenBoomZ on Youtube