Videos of Back-on performing live at clubasia and GAME in Shibuya, Japan!

Although we haven’t heard much about Back-on‘s musical activity until these two days (we’re in the middle of drafting the news post about their new song ‘Sands of Time‘ which features as the ending theme for the upcoming 51-episode Jdrama ケータイ捜査官7 [Keitai Sousakan 7, Cellphone Investigation 7] !) they have been extremely busy (as usual) performing gigs in Japan!

Usually this sort of news would, for obvious reasons, pass right by international fans (like myself) and be filed away as ‘general news’, but with a huge thanks to mau37 and also acq128 (in particular, who has kindly given us permission to post his video and sent us some photos that will be uploaded to the Gallery!) we’ve now been offered a unique audio-visual glimpse into their live Japanese gig performances via Youtube!

Without further ado, I’d first like to introduce the 2-part video uploaded by acq128, of Back-on performing Chain at clubAsia in Shibuya on February 3rd 2008, as a special guest of the headline band ROOKiEZ at ROOKiEZ presents BUMP ON da STYLE vol.07 1st ANNIVERSARY BASH, which celebrated ROOKiEZ‘s first year together. Other bands that also performed at the event included P.T.P (Pay money To my Pain), SOLZER, Dogma, and Magenta Beach. The American rap artist Matthew ‘Masaru’ Barron (who featured in GFS’ Taneuma) was also present as a DJ.

Unfortunately the video isn’t complete (the notes for the second video mentions something about running out of memory) so it’s only the start and end of Chain. But interestingly enough, acq128 did mention that Back-on were being very considerate and didn’t go all out for this performance, as they didn’t want to steal the limelight from ROOKiEZ. More love for Back-on? I think so!

Part 1

Part 2

You can definitely feel the amazing energy from the band *and* the audience when you watch the videos (it helps that the video was shot from the audience!) and we even get closeups of Teeda and Shu (in the second video)!  A huge bonus is that the (second) video actually captures the end of Kenji03‘s crowd-surfing!

The audio quality is also pretty good, enough so that when Kenij03 launches into the first ‘high’ point of Chain‘s chorus, I felt an extra sense of excitement! Cheesy, I know, to put it like that, but I really don’t know how else to say this!

So moving swiftly on; the second set of videos comes courtesy of mau37, who uploaded videos of Back-on performing flower and Chain live at Shibuya GAME for LionFESTA vol.16』 on February 10th 2008, with bands such as エイジアエンジニア (Asia Engineer) . If one thinks of acq128‘s videos as the ‘preview’ or ‘appetiser’, then these videos are, without doubt, the main course, as they are both full length recordings of each song!



This particular set of videos have been filmed from slightly further back (away from the pumped-up audience) than the previous set, but is also of equally great visual and (more importantly) audio quality! Although both videos are a little dark at first, once the lighting brightens up, we get some fantastically detailed views of Kenji03, Teeda (especially in the second video) and occasionally Icchan and Shu! (Alas no Gori?)

This really helps brings the videos ‘to life’ (for me at least) and makes Teeda so particularly charismatic! (Small wonder that ookami et. co are all such fans! Of course we have much love for Kenji03 and the others as well!) However, there may well be an extra small Easter egg for some Kenji03 fans: he seems to be wearing a smart suit-jacket and shirt! If you add in a tie, won’t it will be a small step in the right direction towards a tuxedo? I do like the look at any rate!

Teeda and Kenji03!
‘Teeda and Kenji03 demonstrate how to stop traffic…’

And before I degrade into more fangirly inappropriate comments , as a quick conclusion, what I really really love about all these videos is that they have all been filmed so very up close to the band! I guess this is a taste of what it is like to be ‘live and intimate’ and certainly makes me want to hop on a plane to Japan to see Back-on perform live! I really hope you enjoy watching the videos too, as they are (imho) particularly exciting and special for fans who have not yet had the opportunity of seeing the band performing live.

So, a big thank you again to mau37 and acq128! And, as always, please let us know what you think of the videos! :)

p/s: If you are interested in Back-on‘s gig schedule, you can always visit the Schedule page on BOO. As part our new year’s resolution, we are working on keeping this as up-to-date as possible.