Third BACK-ON – YES!!! Review by Funbari

We promised you three kindly donated fan reviews of BACK-ON‘s debut full-length album YES!!! in December last year, and with thanks to Edward for the  first fan review, and Sesshy for the  second,  I must apologise for the delay in posting this third fan review kindly written by Funbari!

She has decided to pick out some of the more distinctive songs from YES!!! to write about, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading what she had to say – I’m sure it will be the same for you too!

About our volunteer reviewer
Nickname: Yo-Yo! (funbari)
Location: Hong Kong, China
Favourite BACK-ON song(s): CHAIN, HIKARI SASUHOU, sonomamade
Other favourite artists: Avril Lavigne
How did you find out about BACK-ON? Air Gear’s OP–CHAIN!!
Mini Introduction: I love listening to music, playing guitar and reading manga (favourite manga: Shaman King & Air Gear). Due to my very low contribution on the forum as a member(~_~), I decided to write this review, and it’s a great experience!
Website: Funbari Onsen

The Review:

For those who haven’t heard of any songs from BACK-ON, I think it’s not too difficult for them to fall in love with BACK-ON’s songs after listening to “YES!!!”.

In my view, BACK-ON is not at the extremities, even though their songs are mostly ROCK based, they’re neither a pure ROCK BAND, nor a POP BAND, nor even a Hip-Hop band, but something in between three of them.

This diversifies their songs’ types. And in this album, it’s quite obvious.

Here’s my review of some of the songs:

果てなき道へ[LA mix]
It’s a totally new song of BACK-ON. The lyrics are quite (or very!) ENCOURAGING, with a vivid beat, this is a lovely song I think. But it’s difficult for me to find a word to describe the intro though, I think it’s a little bit unmatched with the whole song, but a lively opening.

CHAIN [LA mix]
What’s the difference between the original CHAIN and the LA mixed CHAIN?
I think it is mainly the GUITAR, which has been re-volumed, and being emphasized especially in the intro and the bridge parts, which is made to sound really like the live version of CHAIN.

Besides, Kenji’s voice seemed to be masked a little bit by some special effects, which I think couldn’t bring out Kenji’s chorus part, and couldn’t deliver the feeling of “太陽をお呼び覚ます” as the original version did.

That’s why I like the original one better than this LA mix. But, this LA mix definitely has a stronger feeling of GUITAR.

color[LA mix] & Ashiato[LA mix]
These are songs of BAReeeeeeeeeeN in the single “Ashiato”, for those who don’t know BAReeeeeeeeeeN, it’s a Group(or BAND) with 10 members:


I personally like the song, “color” more than “Ashiato” due to it’s very strong and fast drum beat, and together with its lyrics with a feeling of ‘going forward’, the 2 songs are both inspiriting.

For Ashiato, I love its ending, where GReeeeN and BACK-ON split the verse into two.

ヒカリサスホウ [NEW WORLD version]
This is one of my favourite songs! Compared with the other BACK-ON songs, this is one of the most “ROCK” songs, I think.

And I LOVE its intro, as it seems the sound is sliding into my left ear and into the right one!!

ヒカリサスホウhas 3 versions, here in YES!!! is the NEW WORLD version (same as that in the album “NEW WORLD”), another version is the very original version, which first appeared in the album “Survive”(which is an album of Airstrike / ピンクフラミンゴMG / BACK-ON). The other one, the FK metal version, appeared as the opening song of the anime OVA “Murder Princess”.

And I like this New world ver. most. For me, the oldest version has an intro that’s just a bit too long, and the FK metal ver. sadly, doesn’t have a longer version (yet…maybe?).

Finally, そのままで[NEW ver.]
The original version of this song is in the very first album(mini album) of BACK-ON, called “ADACHI TRIBE”. It is my favourite song from ADACHI TRIBE, as it was always very easy to relax while listening to the song.

The differences between this new ver. and the old one: first, it is the total reproduction of the instrumental track, which I think makes me more relaxed while listening to it~

And the second change is that they added the chorus part which doesn’t exist in the original version, I think this chorus makes the song more complete, and, perhaps more meaningful~

Seeing as the YES!!! EU Edition has recently been released in France, I hope this fan review and others will help people decide that the album is really worth buying. A huge thank you must go to funbari for kindly volunteering to write the review for us!

If you’re interested in reviewing one of BACK-ON‘s albums or singles, please get in touch! To rehash what we said last time, our aim is always to encourage as many people as possible to listen to BACK-ON‘s music, and by featuring different styles of reviews by fans, it will help promote their work to even more people. If you liked this review or any of the others,  please do let us know in the comments or on our Forums.

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