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Last updated: March 10th 2014

Almost all of this content is from the official BACK-ON website, and other sources will be credited when applicable.

BACK-ON periodically release new designs for their merchandise (TEEDA often has a big say in the design with his creative flair) and these are some of the goods they have made available over the years to coincide with different events:

wimp (March 2014)
wimp ft. Lil’ Fang

ONEMAN Live Tour – 10 year anniversary(2013)
10 year anniversary Live Tour

Good Job!! Tour (2012)
Good Job!! album tour

Archives (pre-2012)


The stickers featured on the official site are really from the ‘early’ days of BACK-ON. The first featuring [もっくん] (Mok-kun) is an original cartoon character designed by the band (specifically… TEEDA) with a typical ‘Western’ film text “WANTED” in a wall-graffiti style!

The second, on the right, is a round black and white sticker with the logo and mascot from their mini-album BABY ROCK.

Both stickers were priced at the rather affordable ¥100 and ¥200 respectively, although alas they have since sold out.


Officially BACK-ON have had several different T-Shirt designs, the first featuring their logo and is a limited edition manufactured by Tribal, their sponsor. Tribal is described as an American West Coast streetwear brand – a leader all in the world of ‘locking, hiphop, dance and sport’.

It seem as though Tribal took a special interest in BACK-ON and one of their supported aritsts – the tattoo (and graffiti) expert ZODAK designed BACK-ON‘s new logo,t-shirt and label, etc. The t-shirt retails at ¥3,800 and comes in 4 sizes: XL, L, M, and S. I did check Tribal‘s website (in the USA and Japan) to see if I could find them at the time, but they didn’t seem to stock the t-shirt.

Back-on Merchandise - T-Shirt Design 2

The second design features an original cartoon character designed by BACK-ON – [もっくん] (Mok-kun). It retails at ¥2,000 and comes in 3 sizes: L, M and Junior L (Women’s size) The official website says that all these t-shirts have now sold out.

Back-on Merchandise - T-Shirt Design 1

The band then launched the NEW WORLD and Skulls & Guns style t-shirts, featuring ICCHAN as the model. Different colours for the Skulls & Guns series were featured, including black, white and even pink; there’s a note on the website to say that ICCHAN personally recommends the pink one ;)

Skull & Guns Shirt - BlackSkull & Guns Shirt - Gold

Skull & Guns Shirt - PurpleSkull & Guns Shirt - Pink

The Skull & Guns t-shirts are priced at ¥2,500,but unfortunately the official website does state that the black t-shirts have now sold out, even though this t-shirt design is meant to be a commemorative t-shirt for BACK-ON’s solar system tour in 2017 (it does say this!)

The original NEW WORLD t-shirt design was sold to fans in Texas, USA, when BACK-ON went to visit the Americas for the first time and performed at Anime Matsuri. It was so popular that they decided to have it manufactured again in gold and black with a price of ¥2,500:


Then, following the release of two singles, flower and Butterfly on the same day (September 19th 2007) BACK-ON decided to commemorate the occasion and launched a special, limited edition, series of t-shirts called flower & Butterfly.

The design came in 3 colours – white, ‘natural’ and black – and according to the official website, the concept (of the designer) was ‘butterflies flying out of the flowers towards a new direction‘. The butterflies are apparently meant to be be a metaphor for BACK-ON leaping towards a new stage, and is meant to give a feeling of beating or pulsating energy.

Whatever the actual meaning, I still think it’s a pretty nice design. Plus, for the price of ¥3,000, you also get to have TEEDA‘s handwriting (of BACK-ON Clothing) on the inside of your shirt!

For their 2010 “SUMMER SCHOOL” tour, BACK-ON decided to bring out a new towel and t-shirt (in black and white). The characters featured in the design were by TEEDA (naturally):

2010 Summer School - Tour Merchandise - Towel
2010 Summer School - Tour Merchandise - T Shirt (White)
2010 - Summer School - Tour Merchandise - T Shirt (Black)

And as a special one-off for their “S-CLASS ONEMAN SHOW!!” performance, the band even produced a limited edition version of their towel in yellow:
2010 - Summer School - Tour Merchandise - Towel (Special Edition)

BACK-ON then announced their new merchandise for their ‘Hello World‘ tour in 2011 on 4th April 2011, which included a black t-shirt (priced at ¥ 2,000), towel (¥ 1,500) and even a wrist-guard (¥ 700):

Hello World 2011 - Tour Merchandise - T-Shirt

Hello World 2011 - Tour Merchandise - Towel

Hello World 2011 - Tour Merchandise - Wrist Guard

The band have announced on Twitter (just an hour ago) that there will be a limited edition T-Shirt for their PUBLIC THEATER performance:

2011 - Hello World - Tour Merchandise - T-Shirt (PUBLIC THEATER)

Last but not least from an earlier Twitter post – a photo of all the merchandise at their stall, with a finger pointing at the limited edition DVD of their tour only available from their live performance venues (priced at ¥1,500) :

2011 Hello World - Tour Merchandise - Photo


An absolutely strange merchanise to popup on their website, but I swear its true! I could hardly believe the katakana sound when I first read it … ^^ But yes, back in the day you could purchase your very own BACK-ON (hand) towel for ¥1,500. It appears to be slimmer than the average (hand) towel, measuring 32cm x 85cm.

Back-on Merchandise - Towel

This concludes the ‘official’ list of Back-on merchandise so far… I’m personally looking forward to more t-shirt designs or even pin-badges, caps, and hoodies. What do you think? :)

  1. 1
    SOUNDEX 18.05.07 / 6am

    The shirts you have up are pretty much thier rare items now.

  2. 2
    Flick 14.07.07 / 2pm

    SoundEX/Nao: Somehow managed to miss your comment, gomen! :) It’s a great pity since I quite like the tribal logo ^^

    Will update the page sometime this week with the new t-shirts.

  3. 3
    Sasu 18.06.08 / 7pm

    I would purchase a Back-On hoodie in a heartbeat!

  4. 4
    Flick 03.01.09 / 9pm

    @Sasu: So would I, seriously! :)

    Finally updated this page so that all the information is up to date (not sure about the grammar yet as I haven’t checked it) but hope this helps someone!

  5. 5
    will 31.01.09 / 8am

    how do i order these goodies!? cuz i want em so much

  6. 6
    Flick 09.02.09 / 2am

    That’s a really good question actually, Will! As far as I know they do sell them at their live concerts/events (people have bought them from e.g. Anime Matsuri when BACK-ON performed there 2 years ago) Will look into it :)

  7. 7
    will 20.02.09 / 7am

    do you know when the next concert/event that back-on will be at in US?

  8. 8
    nani 04.04.10 / 5pm

    I just wanted to say that back-on is in Houston today, selling tees for the beautiful price of just ten bucks. So, if you’re in the area, buy one (and have it signed xD)!

    Also, I would like to know where to buy more besides concerts as well… they’re just so rare!

  9. 9
    will 25.05.10 / 1am

    Can any1 go to houston and like buy me one! and like ship it to me!!! i really want one!!!!

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