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Band Members

Last updated: September 15th 2013

Current Members

Back-on is currenly comprised of 4 members, the most famous being both Kenji03 and TEEDA. Most of the factual profile information comes from the official website, official myspace profile, their official Twitter, their official blog and official Facebook.

Profile picture for Kenji03Name: KENJI03
DOB: September 25th 1984
Blood type: O
Star sign: Libra
Instruments: Vocals, MC, Guitar
Favourite Artists: Smashing PumpkinsAIR (alt) OasisHide
Favourite Food: Ginza Curry (銀座カレー)

Bio: Married Japanese pop-star KODA KUMI on December 29th 2011.

Otherwise to be continued, but you should know that Kenji03 is one of the main creative forces behind the band. He has also featured in a magazine or two in his own right. So far, we’ve gathered that his official bio describes his music as ‘catchy’.


  • Ginza Curry appears to be the curry found in the Ginza district of Tokyo rather than a type of ginger.
  • The official website describes Kenji03 as


    With a huge thanks to Grace, it seems that this says something like “sharp, while at the same time catchy” – sharp in the sense of satirical or sarcastic – and “the kind of person who gestures or uses body language to drag out a moment”.

Blog : Official Blog – KENJI03
Blog : KENちゃん奮闘記~秩序のない現代にドロップキック!!~ (OLD)
Twitter : Official Twitter – KENJI03

Profile picture for TeedaName: TEEDA
DOB: December 28th 1984
Blood type: A
Star sign: Capricorn
Instruments: MC
Favourite Artists: Kotton Mouth Kings, Crazy Town, Zodak, Insolence, P.O.D, Shaka Zombie/ Shakka Zombie.
Favourite (Art/Manga) Artists : Mister Cartoon, つの丸 (Tsuno Maru), 井上雄彦 (Inoue Takehiko), 鳥山明 (Toriyama Akira), 増田こうすけ (Masuda Kosuke)

Bio: To be continued, but you should know that Teeda is also one of the main creative forces behind the band. From the ‘official description’ translation (again, Babelfish) Teeda handles the artwork for the band, including the design of their CDs.


  • It took a little while for me to compile the links for Teeda’s favourite artists due to some mis-spelling. For instance, Mr. Cartoo is actually Mister. Cartoon, a Mexican-American tattoo and graffiti artist.
  • Teeda’s list of ‘favourite artists’ also included manga artists, which isn’t surprising if you consider that he’s behind Back-on’s artwork.

Blog : Official Blog – TEEDA
Blog : TEEDAのFREE男夢っ!! (OLD)
Twitter : Official Twitter – TEEDA

Profile picture for ShuName: SHU
DOB: October 24th 1984 Blood type: B
Star sign: Scorpio
Instruments: Guitar
Favourite Artists: Guns N’ Roses, Asian Dub Foundation

Bio: To be continued… but you should know that he is the (notoriously?) quiet band member with few words. Shu is also described as having a fountain of musical knowledge and that his passion for music is evident from his guitar playing. Comments:

  • It’s a little difficult to find information on Back-on’s main guitarist, but that’s alright, really, as even the official profile bio acknowledges that Shu is a ‘mysterious guy‘ (in katakana ミステリアス・ガイ, which means they were going for the phonetic sound in English)

Blog : Official Blog – SHU
Blog : Official Tumblr Blog – SHU
Twitter : Official Twitter – SHU

Profile picture for GoriName: GORI
DOB: June 13th 1984
Blood type: B
Star sign: Gemini
Instruments: Bass
Favourite Artists: Hoobastank, Chara, aiko, JINくん, J (Jun Onose).

Bio: To be continued… but you should know that Gori’s bass playing is described as groovy, melodious and aggressive.


  • Jin is listed as one of Gori’s favourite artists, but with quite little information to go by, I’ve linked it to the rapper, Jin’s profile rather than the Japanese j-pop band, Jinn. The official website lists ‘Jin-kun’ whilst their Myspace just lists ‘Jin’.
  • The second half of Gori’s official bio mentions something about his character being popular, but I can’t confirm this yet, but for reference, the original Japanese: そのキャラが癒し系的な人気. With many thanks to Grace for confirming that this says “having a refreshing personality that makes him popular”.
  • Gori’s official profile bio also uses katakana for adjectives such as groovy (グルーヴィー), aggressive (グルーヴィー), melodious (メロディアス).
  • His official blog has actually changed it’s title to something like ‘Gori-san’s psychedelic story ☆‘ from what appears to be ‘Gori’s Room of Notes‘. There is one kanji character that he uses which throws me off abit, in case you need a reference, here’s the Japanese title: ゴリさんのサイケデリック肥story☆.

Blog : Official Blog – GORI
Blog : ごりっぷノットの部屋
Twitter : Official Twitter – GORI

Previous Members

BACK-ON’s previous members include two drummers:
– Macchin, who left the band on December 14th 2006.
– Icchan, who left the band in November 2011

Profile picture for IcchanName: ICCHAN
DOB: October 2nd 1985
Blood type: B
Star sign: Libra
Instruments: Drums
Favourite Food: Any food eaten with family and friends, food cooked by his father, egg roll sushi.
Favourite Artists: Toto, Earth, Wind & Fire, Dreams Come True, Bennie K, m-flo, Black Eyed Peas.

Bio: Editing in progress.


  • Editing in progress.

Blog : Official Blog – ICCHAN

Profile picture for MacchinName: MACCHIN
DOB: October 3rd 1977
Star sign: Libra
Instruments: Drums

Bio: To be continued…


  • Macchin is pronounced as ‘Mack chin ‘.
  • Macchin is the oldest of all the band members, and is a friend of Kenji03’s older brother.

Blog : N/A

  1. 1
    Ookami 20.03.07 / 5pm

    You guys are sooooo awsome!!! I love you guys! Can’t wait til Anime Matsuri! Hope you guys have enough fun in America to come back again soon.

  2. 2
    ichiban 02.04.07 / 4pm

    ookami and i are soo excited!!! kyaaa!! i must get their autograph!!!! such awesome band =D

  3. 3
    Tetsu 17.04.07 / 2pm

    Im working on a Back-on page at wikipedia so if you ever browse look up yourselves

  4. 4
    Ookami 30.04.07 / 1pm

    The concert was awsome! Come back soon! I

  5. 5
    ChinkAdelic 08.06.07 / 1pm

    Which one of you is currently hooked on Claymore?

  6. 6
    Flick 05.01.08 / 6pm

    I was really into Claymore at one point :) The anime started out brilliantly (the manga is of course, excellent) but alas went downhill. I’m not sure if the band members are into Claymore, apparently they quite like action anime!

  7. 7
    eindah xD 24.05.08 / 2am

    ah ha ha. icchan likes black eyed peas? kinda weird..?

  8. 8
    Flick 27.05.08 / 10pm

    @eindah: Apparently so! I’m not sure the new website has quite as much information about the band, but I’m almost 90% sure he does :)

  9. 9
    Chikara 21.09.08 / 4pm

    Cool, they’re into the same music as I am for the most part. I’m gonna have to look up the ones I’ve never heard of (b’ ‘)b

  10. 10
    Grace 12.11.08 / 4am

    In Gori’s bio:

    >> refers to him having a refreshing personality that makes him popular (癒し系的=iyashikeiteki, where “iyashi” comes from “iyasu” – to heal/refresh)

    And in Kenji03’s bio:

    “キャッチーでありながら鋭い” literally means “sharp, while at the same time catchy” (sharp as in critical, satirical..). I’m still trying to put “アッパーな言動で場を引っ張る人たらし” into a proper English sentence but it’s kind of fuzzy. I’m getting something about him being “the kind of person who gestures or uses body language to drag out a moment”. If that makes any sense to you.

  11. 11
    Flick 03.01.09 / 6pm

    Thanks loads for all your help, Grace! :D I’ve just added the information to Kenji03 and Gori’s profile!

  12. 12
    genta 06.02.09 / 9am

    hey… back-on

    me and my friends build a band that inspired of you…

    and we always play your song in our performance

    support us !!!!

    break da chain!!!!

  13. 13
    RS 22.02.09 / 1am

    Teeda Is Awsome & So Is BACK-ON!!!!:-)

  14. 14
    Sori-chan 20.06.09 / 7am

    Konnichiwa Back-On ,

    I`m from friends and I created a band and your music inspired us! our band name is sHiBuYa88 the capitalized letters are the first letters over our last names .our bands favorite song of yours is Chain.Thank you so much Kenji03 for having such a great voice you really inspired me!

    Your friend,

    – 蠍 芳養しい

  15. 15
    kewliopenguin 25.11.09 / 7am

    ahhh~ this lovely site never ceases to come in handy!

    thanks for helping me find their official blog!

  16. 16
    Khai 04.03.10 / 5am

    ahh my name is khai. most at A.M 2009 remember me as studder almost faint raver girl from miyavi Q&A. Can’t wait to see you guys! youre music is ammazing! <3 see ya there! ill be in the VIP section at the concert!

  17. 17
    Frezzz 09.04.10 / 6am

    heyy back-on..
    i like ur songs very much..
    ur songs preetty cool!!!..i love itt!!

    you are rock!!

  18. 18
    Agito 24.04.10 / 3pm

    I like it back on, because it makes my spirit always

  19. 19
    tia 22.06.10 / 4pm

    omg i love this band

  20. 20
    Hinamori Utami 27.06.10 / 4pm

    i love their songs so much! i can’t stop listening back then!

  21. 21
    Hinamori Utami 27.06.10 / 4pm

    minna ha daisuki~!

  22. 22
    nzza 12.11.10 / 7am

    konnichiwa back-on

  23. 23
    nzza 12.11.10 / 8am

    konnichiwa back-on….

    i’m NzZa from indonesia…
    You guys so Very awesome…..!!!
    I love you guys…….I hope ,I can created a band liked you are guys…..!!
    I like you’re songs very much…You’re songs makes my spirit always….
    I’m so verry like this band…I so very like your all songs….
    thank you so much kenji03 for having such a great voice….you really inspired me…….
    you’re guys so very inspired me………….

    -thank you so much-

  24. 24
    kenshuilovey 28.08.11 / 7am

    Heeeey thaar guuys XD i kno u barely had the time to see this.. but I loveeee YOUU ALL AND UR MUSIC!! I made a facebook back-on indonesia fans page :DD

    hope ya’ll could stop by and see it~

    lots of loove ILMA

  25. 25
    Flick 31.08.11 / 6pm

    @kenshuilovey: Thanks for your comment :) Sadly we are only a fellow BACK-ON fan website, but the band do have, for instance, an official Twitter account that you can follow: so you could drop them a comment there. Perhaps you can share the Indonesia fans page link with us too at some point!

  26. 26
    kenshuilovey 10.03.12 / 2pm

    @Flick yeaa thanks.. sorry for late reply, I followed their twitter right away after u told me! I I was visiting this page again for gathering infos bout back-on for my presentation lol XDD I’m happy this page was made!! xx

  27. 27
    kenshuilovey 10.03.12 / 2pm


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