Teeda’s collaboration with other artists: “HOUSE OF PUNK featuring 69 REMIX”

Back-on do have a history of collaborating with other bands (e.g. with G.F.S on Taneuma) and, as one of the main driving forces behind the band, one can only expect Teeda to also individually collaborate with other artists at some point! So I’m happy to say that a new CD has just been released: HOUSE OF PUNK featuring 69 REMIX which features the track (#10) Twister by MC.Teeda, S48 and Animal-K!

The album, released on June 20th 2007 (and is also known as just ‘House of Punx‘) contains 15 tracks with contributions from multitudinous individuals who, like Teeda are also part of other bands. This includes the core producers of the album, who are also known collectively as Loud 69 Punx.

The list of individual artists includes (band name is within brackets, info courtesy of TowerRecords.jp):

House of Punx featuring 69 REMIX

Now that we’ve gone through the (rather extensive!) list of artists, aside from the fact that the CD retails at a price of ¥ 2500, has the catalogue number TSE-001 and is produced by T-star Entertainment (website is currently down, but apparently this is an Indie label) we arrive at yet another long list – the tracklisting…

  1. Super Drive ft. Hero, Matthew Barron, Animal-K, T2Low
  2. Beautiful Society ft. Sora-3000, K, Doc-Rox, Tsuyoshi(Track)
  3. アルダケ[Arudake] ft MC Takuma, Naoki, Chu, Animal-K
  4. Close your eyes ft. Doc-Rox, DJ Yugo (Track)
  5. Just Right Now ft. Raimon, Ataru, Doc-Rox, *m.step~ (Track)
  6. Vibes ft. K, Ju-NN, Reichi, Doc-Rox, Tsuyoshi (Track)
  7. MAX BET ft. Satoshi, Kojima, Yamaarashi, Ataru, Sugi-V (Track)
  8. life ft. Kai, Kohchi, Animal-K
  9. kizuna ft. 43k, EIG, Moteki, Animal-K
  10. TWISTER ft. Teeda, S-48, Animal-K
  11. Galaxxxy in za House ft. Animal-K
  12. Vein ft. Hero, Kanmuri, Animal-K, T2Low
  13. Fire sky ft. Reishi, Animal-K, T2Low
  14. BREEZE ft. Akiko, Animal-K
  15. Fly High ft. Animal-K (Bonus Track)

So where can you listen to these songs? Alas, it seems that aren’t many sites at the moment that have samples, (probably because this is such a new CD), but to listen to Tracks #1, #2, and #3, you can visit:


I find these first few tracks a little heavy, but it would be good to find out what others thought! :)

p/s: A little teaser coming up, the next update about House of Punx will feature a video from the album itself, so please continue to watch this space!