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Forthcoming Site CMS Upgrade

Hope everyone has enjoyed watching the Beijing 2008 Olympics! :) I watched the entire closing ceremony (with some sadness) and was quite impressed by some of the performances, even though I was completely bowled-over by the opening ceremony. Now that the Olympics are coming to London, there’s so much to look forward to – I can hardly wait! :)

Back to the original topic of this post: as you maybe aware, BOO uses the excellent WordPress as our Content Management System (CMS) It’s fast, open source, and incredibly easy to use.

Kenji03's puppy
Kenji03’s new puppy?

In the past few months, WordPress have released 2 major versions of the system, each sporting new features (one or two not quite as welcome) and lots of optimised code. In the interests of stability (and bug problems) we haven’t upgraded at all, but as we are falling quite far behind in terms of functionality as a result, now seems like a good time to upgrade the entire site, especially after our successful upgrade of the BOO Forums just last week.

This will be a little more complicated though, as the site itself uses around 15 plugins to add extra features (such as the Polls) and this means that it will be done in phases:

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Upgrading WordPress on Back-on Online this weekend

This is a bit of a short notice, but seeing as I have a little bit more time now, it seems like a good idea to upgrade the back-end system of Back-on Online, which runs behind the scenes and is also known as WordPress.

It will be a major leap to upgrade from the current version 2.1 to 2.3, as there have been a lot of changes to the database and tag system. If the site goes down during the upgrade process, I expect it to be back up and running again within 2 hours, so hope this does not inconvenience visitors too much!

After the upgrade is completed, some areas of the site may not be functioning as some files will need to be edited, so hope no one minds too much.

Thank you all for your continual support! :D

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AWOL or Away on Leave in this case for a few days

Thanks to everyone who has supported Back-on Online by visiting and especially those who have commented on news posts. :)  Anyway, everyone needs a mini-break every so often so I’m going to be away from the internet for a few days. This means that any email or PM correspondence (on the Forums) will receive a reply after my return.

Hope you’ve all be happy with the site content so far, including the recent release of A day dreaming… ( Eyeshield 21 ED Version) lyrics. Its far from complete and with this break, it means I can tackle more with renewed vigour.  No promises about content releases during this ‘hiatus’ but if I do finish what I’m trying to do now, you may get a surprise in 2 days. ^^ WordPress has a wonderful feature called Prospective Posting.

In the meantime, please let us know your thoughts on Back-on‘s latest song – do you like it?  It would also be great to have some feedback about the site as well because its only through comments that we can improve your experience as a user!

Finally – just because I’m away doesn’t mean that the Dedicated BACK-ON Forums won’t still buzz with activity! Sowon will be there to cover all bases so please do come along and join in the fun!

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