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BACK-ON – with you feat.Me | Lyrics

Special thanks must go to ShadowChao94 for the original source of these lyrics for with you feat.Me featured here in Kanji and Romaji, which he kindly shared on our BOO Forums!

You will all know it as the title track of the BACK-ON‘s single with you feat.Me (#5 on the daily Oricon Singles chart) and also the main theme song for the PSP game: Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3. The official with you feat.Me PV can be found here.

Our usual disclaimer is as follows:

The usual kanji, romaji and karaoke versions of the lyrics can be found below (after the cut-off) and we will always do our best to bring you the most accurate lyrics possible, so we do occasionally amend the spelling of the original English lyrics if we believe it to be appropriate. But as always, if you spot any mistakes, please let us know either by commenting below or via the contact form.

Finally, if you would like to post these lyrics elsewhere, please kindly link back to this page. :)

p/s: コンパス = compass

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Watch the full version of BACK-ON’s “with you feat.Me” PV on Youtube!

I’m sure many of you watched the teaser (Short ver.) PV that BACK-ON released a few days ago, but they have finally uploaded the full version of with you feat.Me on Youtube as well! w/thanks to Shadow for the link again:

BACK-ON - with you feat.Me screenshot


You can see a screenshot of KENJI03‘s adjusting the amplifier above (about halfway through the video) and of course, what this PV means is that you can listen to with you feat.Me in full for the first time if you haven’t heard it already from other sources!

If you’re wondering what happens after the teaser : misono sings the first half of the second verse, but then TEEDA rocks the song with some trademark rapping – which he does (awesomely) again during the bridge  (2:25) – and we get to see some lovely cinematography (with a hint of TEEDA smiling and a scene of GORI lighting a cigarette – although the ciggy isn’t there any more when the song resumes after the musical interlude). As a fan of Shu, I am personally ecstatic that he is wearing a shirt and tie! <3

And first impressions of the single: some will prefer the B-side Nagareboshi (Shooting Star) – which is a lovely mellow rock song – to the title track (for various reaons), and with you [Tales of] remix is definitely more varied in style than flyaway [Tales of ] Remix and features the voice of Hirano Aya, but all I can I say is that you will need to listen to all these songs on decent speakers to do them justice!

Hope you enjoy watching the PV! :)

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Listen to a clip of BACK-ON’s “with you [Tales of] Remix” featuring Kanonno Grassvalley (Hirano Aya)!

With thanks to ShadowChao94 for the news: you can now watch a nice promotional clip for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 with BACK-ON‘s with you [Tales of] Remix as the background music (bgm)!

The video has been uploaded by pochomuking0310, and you can watch it by click on this link or even below the cut-off:


As you can tell from our title, this remix features the voice of Kanonno Grassvalley aka. Hirano Aya – who is arguably more well-known for her role as the seiyuu of Suzumiya Haruhi from “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi” anime series.

with you [Tales of] Remix is definitely a different style to flyaway [Tales of] Remix, but I am a huge fan of this song already, especially with Hirano Aya‘s gentle vocals that flow so very smoothly with KENJI03‘s singing that makes the song seem far more relaxing (even with all the fast electronic beats) – especially as the song starts with a long musical intro of synthesised guitars.

Let us know what you think! Or better still – come join us on our Fan Forums!

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