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New affiliate and some site updates, including the Music page!

We have a brand new affiliate! :) With thanks to Sesshy (who most people will know as the designer of one of our cool new forum banners and provider of up-to-the-minute Back-on news) BOO are proud to be affiliated with UVERworld.org, which is what we believe to be the best fansite dedicated to the band UVERworld!

UVERworld.org screenshot

The band hardly needs any introduction, as they are one of the hottest and most famous bands to have come from Japan in recent years (Back-on aside of course!!! :p) and have composed OPs for a number of mainstream animes such as Bleach, D.Gray-man, Hataraki Man and also Blood+.

The fansite is run by Evelyn, Sie and Shinya and was launched in December 2006. Not only does it feature in-depth information on pretty much everything related to UVERworld, but the site also has an eye-watering array of multimedia content! Last but not least, it is frequently updated with news, and is also home to one of the most vibrant UVERworld fan communities online! ^^ You can find the link to UVERworld.org under Affiliates, so you can see for yourself how great it is! :)

You’re probably hopefully wondering what is happening with BOO itself, and I’m happy to be able to give you a quick list of the recent updates we’ve made to the site! :) These include:

  • Discography – Added new details of Back-on‘s upcoming single Sands of Time.
  • Schedule – I hadn’t installed the new version of the plugin (Gigpress) correctly but this has now been fixed and updated.
  • Q&A – Newly updated with some brand new questions from Kia Moini.
  • Site Staff – Added ichi‘s info (she’s one of our Forum Moderators!)
  • Gallery – There are new photos there! We just don’t always highlight them.
  • Music – We’re updating this at the moment with brand new downloads! Including an extremely rare mp3 of Back-on‘s early work to celebrate our first birthday: Fighting Style from one of their demo cds! ^^ Please check back later if you see this post before we finish!

Of course we still have to tell you about all the things that happene for our birthday celebrations, so those news updates will come too! :)

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Sites that link to Back-on Online – Thanks!

There are several sites on the WWW that link to Back-on Online, and thus far, we haven’t had the opportunity to link back to most of them yet! I would like to show our appreciation by posting a bit about each site. So, in no particular order:

Wikipedia - Back-on Wikipedia – Back-on
A fair amount of traffic is generated from the Wiki entry for Back-on, so will have to thank whoever linked us there in the first place, as well as Justwisted for creating and maintaining the Wiki entry!
Japtard.com - Who wants more Groovy Trick! Japtard.com
Our first contact with Japtard was through the Air Gear OST II – Who wants more Groovy Trick! and since then, Frox has kindly added a link to Back-on Online on his blogroll. Thank you! ^^
In the Dark night,can't find the way of light::: Crazy Vampire knight In the Dark night,can’t find the way of light::: Crazy Vampire knight
This is a Thai site that seems to be dedicated to Jpop and Jrock, and when the owner did a feature on Back-on, they very kindly added a link to BOO.
Baidu Back-on Community Baidu Back-on Community
The owner of the board (kenji03) has also kindly linked BOO several times. For fans – particularly those who understand Chinese, this is probably the best place to visit for Back-on related music media!
Db0 - CSS Wrangling A Division by Zero
Db0‘s personal site is actually not related to Back-on, but he still kindly wrote about BOO, as both sites are based on the same WordPress template (Hemingway-Ex) and now both use the same dropdown menu!
OrangeyIin Orangey Iin
A personal blog from Orange Iin, a fan of Back-on from Taiwan. Like Frox of Japtard, she has also been kind enough to link BOO in her blogroll!

Thanks again to every one for linking to Back-on Online! Hope you continue to support the site in the future!

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Air Gear OST II – Who Wants More Groovy Trick!!?? – Chain (Short) Instrumental Remix Extravaganza

The Air Gear opening theme – Chain is one of the songs that introduced *lots* of people (including yours truly) to the wonderful band that we all know as Back-on, and since reading the interview by JaME, I’ve become intrigued by the idea of remixes, since Back-on have said that they would like to:

rearrange Chain in DUB

where DUB is apparently a form of Jamaican music with reggae origins. To bring this into context, Back-on‘s name was given by Jesse of the Japanese metal, reggae and rap band RIZE. :)

So how does this all relate to the Air Gear OST II?

I have to confess that I haven’t actually seen the anime Air Gear beyond Episode 1, because I became a bit too obsessed intrigued by Back-on to continue watching it, but listening to the second OST (original sound track) is really helping to change my mind!

Air Gear - OST I - Cover from Amazon.co.jp

The first OST (original sound track) “What a Groovy Trick!” was hailed as a great album, but for fans of the show, it appears to have lacked the instrumental versions of Chain used throughout the anime.

Air Gear - OST II - Cover from Amazon.co.jp

The producers haven’t made the same mistake twice, and the second OST “Who wants More Groovy Trick!!??” features 8 (short but) different instrumental remix versions of Chain by Skankfunk! And in all honesty, I love them all!

You can see the track-listing below (courtesy of Wikipedia):

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