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BACK-ON – Colors | Lyrics

After an uber-long hiatus (I have a good excuse!) I’d like to introduce the lyrics for Colors, which is from one of Back-on‘s latest singles flower. As with the other songs on this single, Colors is quite upbeat in style and has been part of Back-on‘s repertoire for a while (at least around April/May 2007) as it is also the main theme of the show Tokyo Mayokara.

We’ve had some help this time from aoi-sama, who kindly agreed to let us use his romaji version of Colors as a basis for the version here, so a big thank you to him!

So as usual, you can find the original kanji below, romaji on page 2 and the romanised version on page 3, with page 4 featuring the hybrid/karaoke mix of kanji and romanji.

As always, if you spot any mistakes, please let me know either by commenting below or via the contact form. If you would like to post these lyrics elsewhere, please link back to this page. :)

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First ever English interview with Back-on by JaME

I was so excited about this interview (which was posted just yesterday – May 9th 2007) that I decided to put my lab report aside (amongst other things that Sowon is so patient with) and tell everyone about it! :)

JaME Interview - Screenshot Thumb

In what I believe to be Back-on‘s first English interview article entitled USA turns it BACK-ON, Cynthia of JaME (JMusicEuropa) asks the band a selection of interesting and investigative questions that really do open my eyes to how the band thinks, as well as reveal some intriguing facts about the band, such as the tidbit that their favourite performance song is Chain. Some of my favourite Q&As are included below:

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DRIVE lyrics released and Colors vs. Colours

Since its release a few days ago, the Hikari Sasuhou ヒカリサスホウ lyrics has become extremely popular, evident in the number of click-throughs *as well* as the number of downloads suddenly shooting up to 208 in this short space of time. Chain has also been a hotly demanded download, with 101 click-throughs.

The next lyrics release (which I finally finished typing up and checking yesterday) is DRIVE, which is another track found in the New World album. Its a very different style to the more well-known Hikari Sasuhou, New World and Chain. Its very chilled out – think road trip – and contains such great words such as accell (or accelerator) and clutch, which is perfect for its title. Hopefully I’ll be able to get hold (or attempt a) of a translation of this song soon as I think this song has a great message, even if I haven’t fully grasped it yet.

Finally, with regards to the debate of Colors vs Colours. In case you weren’t aware of the news, this new release by Back-on features as the new theme for the TV Tokyo show Tokyo Mayokara. We haven’t had a chance to listen to the new song yet, but it seems it should be spelt Colors despite the blog referring to the song as Colours. This means any previous articles will have this small typo which I hope no one minds too much!

p/s: Thank you for continuing to support Back-on Online – there are only 19 more days till Back-on‘s performance at Anime Matsuri. You can find a more detailed info about their schedule here.  Also, if you noticed a little downtime earlier – this was because our database needed a little repair work but once this was completed the website was back online within the hour.

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