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Interview with BACK-ON by KERA magazine, May 2007 – First Glance

KERA is a street fashion magazine that focuses on punk, goth fashion as well as rock music. In this month’s issue – May 2007, vol. 106, pg. 54 – they have decided to interview BACK-ON! The news was posted on the official website and I hot-footed it to the (not really local) Japanese centre once I realised they actually had it in stock! I haven’t had a chance to scan and understand the article properly, but I thought I’d share the accompanying photo of the band first!

Back-on photoshoot from KERA magazine

KENJI03 and SHU‘s hair definitely appear longer than in recent photos/videos, but TEEDA has the biggest change in hair style! It’s now short and (sadly) no longer braided (I loved that look!) but it does feel very refreshing imho. Perhaps its a summer look to coincide with their new album? I’m probably reading too much into this as a fan girl, so… have a look at the front cover of this issue instead featuring 上木彩矢 (Aya Kamiki) :p

KERA magazine front cover - May 2007

There is a lot of content in KERA (in colour), which probably explains its hefty price tag (double the price of Weekly Shonen Jump in England), but if you’re looking to change your style or get a glimpse into the fashion of Harajuku girls and Goth-looks, then its worth taking a look. This is the first time I’ve bought it but… do you read it? What do you think? :) I’ve taken a few quick photos of the inner pages of this issue which you can see below:

KERA inner page KERA inner page KERA inner page

This concludes our first glance at the article, which is the also the first magazine interview conducted with Back-on this year. I will attempt to understand the full interview as soon as I can, but as far as I can tell a fairly large percentage of the article is news and information we already knew, but this time all the members get to say their bit in this one page article. Please continue to watch this space for further updates!

p/s: Other bands featured in this month’s issue include All Japan Goith, 超飛行少年, ONE OK ROCK and メガマソ.

New release – “BLAZE LINE/A day dreaming…”

The news about Back-on‘s latest release also arrived on March 26th 2007! Their new single “BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming…” – due out on June 6th 2007 – will be a 3 song compilation featuring BLAZE LINE, and A day dreaming retailing at ¥1000 ( CTCR-4025).

Both songs will be used for the new season of Eyeshield 21, an anime series currently on its 100th episode. BLAZE LINE will feature as the opening theme from May 2nd 2007, and A day dreaming as the ending theme from the earlier date of April 11th 2007 or Episode 101. Watch a preview clip of episode 100 below (courtesy of TV Tokyo) :

The announcement was also made in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, Issue 17 (March 26th 2007) which features Eyeshield 21 as one of its long-running manga series, along with the likes of Naruto and Gintama.

Page 126 of Shonen Jump Cover of Shonen Jump, Issue 17

On the left is Page 126 of Shonen Jump which features Back-on (source), and the cover of this issue is featured on the right.

Kenji03 said in his blog (if I’ve intepreted it correctly) that the songs were to give people dreams and hope… which I personally think is also an apt description for New World, Chain and Hikari Sasuhou – these are all my favourites so I’m really looking forward to the new release!

p/s: Back-on‘s web-team have uploaded two better quality clips of Chain and New World on their Back-on (Japan) Myspace.com profile. Take a look! :)

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