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BACK-ON – Good Job!! album review by Sesshy

It has been 10 days since the release of BACK-ON‘s third album “Good Job!!‘ and in that time, I am sure everyone has discovered their favourite songs or even been surprised by unexpected gems. One fellow BACK-ON fan, Sesshy, has kindly agreed to write a review for us of all the new songs on the album, so we would like to say a big thank you to her!

About our reviewer
Nickname: Sesshy
Location: California, USA
Favourite BACK-ON song(s): NEW WORLD, Chain, Sono Mama De (NEW ver.)
Other favourite artists: UVERworld
How did you find out about BACK-ON? By my boyfriend
Mini Introduction: I’m a graphic designer for many things, even for BACK-ON’s Official street team. I’m a HUGE J-music fan. I believe Japanese makes very unique music, which makes me want to listen to over and over. I has have a big inspiration with Art and Music.
Website: Just Like Glass

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BACK-ON launches their official Youtube channel!

BACK-ON dropped us fans a brilliant surprise yesterday via their Twitter (also in English and mentioned by @TEEDA_BACKON, @GORI_BACKON) with the announcement that they have launched their official Youtube channel!

BACK-ON Youtube Channel - Screenshot

The latest video uploads feature TEEDA and KENJI03 giving us a quick commentary of Hello World in Japanese, English (TEEDA) and Mandarin Chinese (KENJI03)! I have to say that they are all brilliant! I don’t want to spoil his message, as it’s better to hear the man out himself, but this is what TEEDA said – and I quote:

Hello World, this is TEEDA and KENJI03 and you’re watching BACK-ON channel!
On February 16th we’re going to release the new album “Hello World”! It’s going to be the best J-Rock sound you’ve ever heard – no doubt! The first and second track  ‘”Beginning” and “ROCKSTAR ANTHEM” is crazy because I rap so sexxxy, you know what I’m saying?  And this year we’re going to go more worldwide, so hope to see you at your country. Anywayz, please check out our homepage, blog, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, blah blah blah for more information. Thanks… See ya!

Once you’ve heard him say that, I swear you’ll <3 him forever! (I know I do… and so does Sesshy!)

KENJI03‘s spoken Chinese has improved leaps and bounds, so for any BACK-ON fans that understand Mandarin, this video is a real treat ~~ He says:

你好,我們是BACK-ON! 我是主唱KENJI還有TEEDA! 在2月16號,我們BACK-ON要發行我們的第二張的全新專輯: Hello World! 請台灣大家一定要聽喔! OK?! 然後-在台灣只要上日本Amazon網站就可以聽到我們的新專輯 Hello World. 請多多指教!

which roughly translates as:

Hello, we are BACK-ON! I am the lead vocalist KENJI03 and this is TEEDA! We will be releasing our 2nd brand new album: “Hello World” on February 16th and hope everyone in Taiwan will listen to it! OK?!
If you’re in Taiwan, you can visit Amazon Japan and listen to our new album “Hello World”. Please look after us!

In addition to these 3 videos, BACK-ON have uploaded 5 other videos, which we’ll try and post about separately, including:

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BACK-ON’s “with you feat.Me” climbs the Oricon Singles charts to #5!

With thanks to Sesshy for this awesome screenshot which shows BACK-ON‘s “with you feat.Me (Tales of)” version ranking at #number 5 in the daily Oricon Singles chart after debuting at #14!

BACK-ON - #5 Oricon Singles chart!

It is yet another significant achievement for BACK-ON, as their previous Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology tie-in single flyaway also reached the top #10. We’re hoping with you feat.Me can go all the way to the top 3!

In other news, unfortunately BACK-ON didn’t quite clinch the top spot for the Best of January poll run by our lovely affiliate Love[asia]Music with TELL ME (there were a ‘questionable’ number of Dir En Grey fans loitering around the polling station if you ask me off-record :p)  but with the release of with you feat.Me, the band will again feature in the Best of February votes: we will be promoting this as well and hope more BACK-ON fans will set up camp vote every day for them when the polls re-open!

p/s: Watch out for our forthcoming news post about the launch of BACK-ON’s Official Youtube Channel!

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We have a new affiliate: Love[asia]Music!

It all happened so quickly so I didn’t get a chance to make a post about it till today, but as per the title, we do have a lovely new affiliate called Love[asia]Music!

Love[asia]Music is a website by Jae and Jean and is all about the best music from – you guessed it – Asia!  I personally love the design and the logo (doesn’t it just make you happy?)  and have discovered many new songs that I like on their website.  It helps, of course, that they are also BACK-ON fans!

A special thanks must go to Sesshy who suggested that we contact each other in the first place.  :D

And before I forget, Jae mentioned that they are running a Vote for the Best of January 2011 (Japan and Korea) between Feb 1st and 10th (the list includes BACK-ON‘s TELL ME!) so please remember to pay them a visit and cast your vote – ideally for our favourite band!

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BACK-ON features on Oricon’s RANKING Paradise and flyaway reaches Top 10 in the daily Oricon Singles chart!

It’s official: BACK-ON have reached an all time high of #9 #4 in the daily Oricon Singles chart! Sesshy, now one of our new forum moderators on BOO, took a screenshot to record this historical moment (updated 2nd Feb 2009 – now #4!):

This is definitely the first time that BACK-ON has ever reached the Top 10 of any Oricon charts as themselves (they did reach #1 with Ashiato – their collaboration with GReeeeN – as part of BAReeeeeeeeeeN) and it seems that Oricon is finally recognising the achievements of BACK-ON, and have featured them in this week’ s RANKING パラダイス (RANKING Paradise)!

Oricon.tv - RANKING Paradise

This news comes courtesy of Sesshy, who posted all the details on our fan forums right here, and even included an annotated screenshot of BACK-ON on the frontpage (yes, frontpage) of Oricon.co.jp. The programme, RANKING Paradise, which is hosted by Yui Kanno and Brother TOM also features a group of 5 girls known as Ranpara Girls. You can watch the full video (there are quite a few Pocky ads and random mini-clips) by visiting:


Unfortunately we don’t really understand (fully) what is being asked during the Q&A between the hosts and BACK-ON, but there were certainly plenty of laughs and every single member of BACK-ON made a contribution.

Some of the things that did happen:

  • Icchan was asked to describe what GReeeeN were like, to which he replied ‘GReeeeN are like kind older brothers’;
  • The band were also asked what GReeeeN actually looked like – a very normal question given that they’re still ‘anonymous’ – and in the end, Teeda was asked to draw a picture of their face!
  • Gori had to talk about what ‘type’ he liked (a lot of laughter here)

Oh and as Sesshy said… if you are wondering what everyone is holding in the photo above, they are inflatable Pocky. :) Hopefully we can find out what they actually said at some point, but in the meantime, do click on the link above and watch the video!

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Second BACK-ON – YES!!! Review by Sesshy

With all the news flying about regarding BACK-ON‘s forthcoming new single “flyaway‘, we have been a little slow in posting the special fan reviews of BACK-ON‘s debut full-length album YES!!! so apologies for this delay.

To give new readers a little background: several weeks ago, some Forum members kindly volunteered to share their thoughts about the album with us, and we featured our first fan review by Edward at the end of November, which has been read over 200 times since!

However, we did have more than one volunteer, and I am delighted to present our second ever fan review of YES!!! courtesy of Sesshy! She has picked several songs from the album to write about in her rather detailed review, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

About our volunteer reviewer
Nickname: Sesshy
Location: California, USA
Favourite BACK-ON song(s): NEW WORLD, Chain, Sono Mama De (NEW ver.)
Other favourite artists: UVERworld
How did you find out about BACK-ON? By my boyfriend
Mini Introduction: I’m a graphic designer for many things, even for BACK-ON’s Official street team. I’m a HUGE J-music fan. I believe Japanese makes very unique music, which makes me want to listen to over and over. I has have a big inspiration with Art and Music.
Website: Evanescent Studios

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Listen to the preview of “flyaway” on BACK-ON’s official Myspace!

The news flow has really been non-stop these past few days! Just a little earlier, Sesshy posted the breaking news on our dedicated flyaway forum thread (and on the newly revamped Sound Ex!) that BACK-ON have posted preview clips of songs from their forthcoming new single flyaway on their official Myspace!

Featured are 42 second clips of:

  • flyaway (Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 OP)
  • where is the future? (Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 ED)
  • flyaway 『テイルズ オブ』Remix (Special remix of the title track available as an extra in the special [Tales of] edition of the single)

To summarise, flyaway is just as good as we expected from the original 30 second preview of the song; where is the future? seems reminiscent of one of BACK-ON’s previous title songs flower, but the biggest (and best) surprise imho is probably flyaway 『テイルズ オブ』Remix or flyaway [Tales of] Remix!

For fans of dance or game background music, this is a must listen, but the preview is alas so very short! Teeda‘s voice is electronically altered, and with thanks to BOO forum member Sok for this information, apparently the singer of the main chorus (at least in this preview clip) is the female seiyuu of Kanonno, the main character in the Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 series!

In addition to clips of the 3 songs (sadly missing Re:Start) BACK-ON have also posted a much longer video clip of the flyaway PV on their official Myspace as well! :) I think it is pretty safe to say that everyone on the Forums who has seen the PV preview so far likes it.

You can watch it after the cut (as usual) at the end of this post, or you can:

watch the PV preview on BACK-ON’s Myspace by clicking here!

Last but not least, for fans and visitors who do not have access to Myspace, you can also listen to the clips of all 3 songs after the cut as well! Either way, please enjoy and let us know what you think! :)

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Watch the 30 second preview of “flyaway” on Youtube!

Following on from our previous post about the new single flyaway, we discovered (via Yuki on the BOO Forums) that BACK-ON had changed the video on the front page of their official website to feature a 30-second preview of the title track “flyaway“!

Back-on.com - flyaway
Brand new BACK-ON.com – flyaway version

It appears to be a TV ‘spot’ ad that is currently playing to people across Japan (we hope!) to promote the new single, but the video was quite small, although we were all very excited to hear a clip of the chorus. However, in the meantime, it turns out that AbyssalChronicles has actually uploaded this clip for everyone to watch on Youtube!

Click on the link below to ‘watch it in high quality’ directly on Youtube!


Alternatively you can still watch the ‘normal’ version at the end of this post. For the sake of better graphics in particular, I would really recommend watching it on Youtube directly!

And on a quick side note, JUICE magazine did a quick preview for the new BACK-ON single, and the author seems to say that the theme of this single was:

Friendship & Courage (友情や勇気)

Hope you all enjoy watching the preview! :) Like some others, I am very excited by how good the songs sounds from the clip, and aside from the surprise that the lyrics for the single might already be available online, I can’t wait till we hear the song in full!

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BACK-ON’s new single “flyaway” CD covers and Tracklisting confirmed!

This major news update comes courtesy of Sesshy who recently became head admin of Sound-Ex and arrives with plenty of images, including brand new group and individual photos on BACK-ON’s official website as well as the tracklistings and new CD covers for both editions of the CD!

The images we have all been waiting since the news hint of the new single, flyaway, were the CD covers for both the standard or normal flyaway single cover (shown first) AND the limited edition ‘Tales‘ version:

As the news update from Sound Ex put it:

Even though it’s not “Back-On’s style, I REALLY love the covers.

I would have to agree wholeheartedly with the latter statement, especially as I also love the covers too (why are the images so tantalisingly small!?) and I am sure you feel the same too (especially fans of the PSP series: Tales of the World – if you weren’t already aware of the news, BACK-ON is writing the OP and ED theme music for the brand new game Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2) although if I were to really ‘look’ for any similarities to BACK-ON‘s previous CD cover designs, I would say that the cursive writing reminds me of Chain, one of BACK-ON‘s earliest singles, which features that nice italic-cursive-style as well.

Anyway, before I digress further, let us move on to the tracklisting. The question we were all (at least several of us?) dying to know was whether the limited/Tales edition of the CD would include anything extra – Chain, for instance, did not – but as the official BACK-ON website confirmed (screenshot), there is an additional track called: flyaway 『テイルズ オブ』Remix or flyaway (Tales of) Remix!

So the official tracklisting is as follows (with the Remix version only available with the limited/Tales edition):

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Sound Ex – Back-on Official Street Team – Website relaunched!

We’ve been meaning to write up the news of the Sound EX website relaunch for weeks now, and so in the gap between (attempted) exam revision, we would like to congratulate Sound EX for their amazing redesign!

Screenshot of new Sound EX website!

The redesign and coding has been the brainchild and work of Sesshy, and is inspired by the cover of Back-on‘s latest single Sands of time. I really like this new design, as it looks very sleek and clean, and is extremely easy to navigate, so kudos to Sesshy for doing such a great job! I am very glad she decided to retain the grungy font from the original site as well :)

In addition to this makeover, a new intro flash to the website has also been released, featuring photos of Back-on from their latest photo shoot and Sands of time playing in the background. Unfortunately (as before) we haven’t been able to include screenshots of the flash animation on their front page, and so it is best enjoyed by visiting the Sound EX website yourself!

If you like the relaunch of Sound EX, why not write a comment on their guestbook and let Nao and Sesshy know? :)

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