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Third BACK-ON – YES!!! Review by Funbari

We promised you three kindly donated fan reviews of BACK-ON‘s debut full-length album YES!!! in December last year, and with thanks to Edward for the  first fan review, and Sesshy for the  second,  I must apologise for the delay in posting this third fan review kindly written by Funbari!

She has decided to pick out some of the more distinctive songs from YES!!! to write about, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading what she had to say – I’m sure it will be the same for you too!

About our volunteer reviewer
Nickname: Yo-Yo! (funbari)
Location: Hong Kong, China
Favourite BACK-ON song(s): CHAIN, HIKARI SASUHOU, sonomamade
Other favourite artists: Avril Lavigne
How did you find out about BACK-ON? Air Gear’s OP–CHAIN!!
Mini Introduction: I love listening to music, playing guitar and reading manga (favourite manga: Shaman King & Air Gear). Due to my very low contribution on the forum as a member(~_~), I decided to write this review, and it’s a great experience!
Website: Funbari Onsen

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Second BACK-ON – YES!!! Review by Sesshy

With all the news flying about regarding BACK-ON‘s forthcoming new single “flyaway‘, we have been a little slow in posting the special fan reviews of BACK-ON‘s debut full-length album YES!!! so apologies for this delay.

To give new readers a little background: several weeks ago, some Forum members kindly volunteered to share their thoughts about the album with us, and we featured our first fan review by Edward at the end of November, which has been read over 200 times since!

However, we did have more than one volunteer, and I am delighted to present our second ever fan review of YES!!! courtesy of Sesshy! She has picked several songs from the album to write about in her rather detailed review, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

About our volunteer reviewer
Nickname: Sesshy
Location: California, USA
Favourite BACK-ON song(s): NEW WORLD, Chain, Sono Mama De (NEW ver.)
Other favourite artists: UVERworld
How did you find out about BACK-ON? By my boyfriend
Mini Introduction: I’m a graphic designer for many things, even for BACK-ON’s Official street team. I’m a HUGE J-music fan. I believe Japanese makes very unique music, which makes me want to listen to over and over. I has have a big inspiration with Art and Music.
Website: Evanescent Studios

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First BACK-ON – YES!!! Review by Edward

In our previous post, we mentioned that some of our Forum members had kindly volunteered to do a review of BACK-ON‘s new full-length album – YES!!!. Each volunteer was free to write in whatever style or format they wished- so long as it wasn’t just a ‘one word’ review – and I am very happy to present the first of those reviews to you today, courtesy of Edward!

About our volunteer reviewer
Nickname: Edward
Location: CA
Favourite BACK-ON song(s): Rain, Hate Naki Michi E, Chain, Flower, Blaze line
Other favourite artists: Uver-world
How did you find out about BACK-ON? I first heard their song in Air gear
Mini Introduction: I am fourteen years old and I live in Maple Ridge Canada. i am a major BACK-ON fan and I am from Taiwan

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New World album review by Japan Music

I chanced upon Japan Music by accident and since its rare to have a Back-on album review in English, I’ve decided to share the link with everyone. Naturally I am a little biased as I happen to love New World but that shouldn’t mean excluding sites that don’t necessarily have the same view.

Japan Music provides a profile for Back-on and goes on to review New World. Mizusu, the author, writes that:

Overall “New World” has taken a step farther into a new style of music. I recommend this to anyone who has never heard this style of mix before. My verdict on the album as a whole: 6/10. Only New World and Hikari Sasuhou made a definite impression on me. The rest of them are alright, but needs more work in individuality. Vocals have a balance between the singing and rapping, but music still needs more variation. The melodies in general are somewhat repetitive and monotonous at certain parts, isn’t strong enough to stand out on its own. The group has potential but I think they are barely developing a definitely key style to their music.

What do you think of the album? How does it compare to their previous work?

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