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Watch the 4th opening of Eyeshield 21, Episode 104, BLAZE LINE

It was just less than a month ago that Back-on‘s a day dreaming… featured as Eyeshield 21‘s 5th ending theme for the start of the anime’s second season. On Wednesday, May 2nd 2007, BLAZE LINE became the 4th opening theme, starting from Episode 104: 一つ欠けたライン (Missing a line).

It’s been quite hard tracking down the raw version of the episode this time round, but thankfully a Youtube user, MamoriAnezaki, has managed to find a raw version and upload the opening for the anime!

Update – May 8th 2007! However, the video has since been deleted (neu!) and we have uploaded an alternative version, but due to some odd video compressions by Youtube, the quality of the file has been severely diminished. We will continue to work on providing a better quality file.

The song BLAZE LINE is unlike a day dreaming… as it’s very fast-paced, and imho nor is it like any of the songs from the New World album, so in fact more like a throw back to songs from e.g. Baby Rock. The main focus of BLAZE LINE is on Kenji03‘s(?) singing – for both the verse and the chorus – complimented by a Teeda rap-interlude in-between the two.

Please watch the video and see what you think? :)

I guess listening to this song will dispel any myths that Back-on are the Japanese Linkin’ Park because their style is only occasionally similar! In addition, having briefly heard EYES as part of a recording made during Back-on‘s Anime Matsuri concert (courtesy of Happysky), it seems the single BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… which collates all 3 songs is potentially a compilation of 3 different Back-on musical styles.

This is probably something that we can elaborate on when the single comes out on June 6th 2007, but in the meantime, please let me know what you think of BLAZE LINE from this clip! :)

G・F・S – タネウマ (Taneuma) MV ft. Kenji03, Teeda, Mr. Blistah (MIC BANDITZ) and Matthew Barron

After watching so many videos this week (courtesy of users such as happysky, mineralblue, Ichi and SoundEX) from Anime Matsuri, one would think there weren’t any other Back-on videos to be found online!

So imagine my surprise when Sowon posted a link to this Youtube video from gangangan03 on the Back-on Online Forums. The song, タネウマ (Taneuma) or ‘Studhorse’ by the Japanese hip-hop duo G・F・S guest features Back-on‘s Kenji03 and Teeda, where Kenji03 does a lot of solo rapping, as well as another big name in the hip-hop industry – Mr. Blistah, and a Japan-based , Seattle-born American rapper Michael Barron.

Like Back-on, Japanese hip-hop duo G・F・S also hail from Adachi in Tokyo and consist of “A”- Proud (pronounced Ace-proud) the MC and trackmaker, and Yoshi, the DJ. You can see their respective pictures below from their official website:

Yoshi from GFS HP

Now that you’ve seen “A”-Proud‘s picture and read that he’s from Adachi, does it ring a bell? I really hope it does, because:

“A”-Proud is none other than Kenji03’s older brother!

I just had to state that fact in a very obvious place! :D It’s a very exciting piece of news, because this is the older brother that introduced Macchin to Back-on in the first place to complete their first line-up, and the best part is, it is evident (once you watch the video below and listen to more of their music) that “A”-Proud himself is a talented artist! Do we need anymore factual proof that musical talent does run in the family ;)

Now that I’ve got you all hyped up…

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