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Tabidachi no Uta (タビダチノウタ) – Departure Song written for Kis-My-Ft2 by BACK-ON

It’s been a while since BACK-ON has released a new album or single, which is not surprising given the departure of Icchan, the band’s drummer, in October 2011, as well as KENJI03 getting together with KODA KUMI. This situation may change however, as CDJapan is hinting that a new two-track single called Ice cream may be released on May 9th 2012!

In the meantime, the band have written a song called タビダチノウタ (Tabidachi no Uta) or “Departure Song” (Tabidachi means “setting off (on a trip)”) for the debut album of the 7-member Japanese boy band Kis-My-Ft2, who are also part of the same record label (Avex Trax.; as with all BACK-ON‘s songs – the lyrics are credited to TEEDA and KENJI03 and the music to the entire band.

Kis-my-1st Album Cover
Image source: SINpic

The album – titled “Kis-My-1st” – was released just last week (March 28th 2012) and has already topped the Oricon weekly chart with a record 254,000 copies sold in its first week. It is a significant milestone, as this is the first time – in 6 years – that a male artist (group and solo) has sold over 200,000 CDs in their first week; the band’s latest single SHE! Her! Her! also went to number 1 last week in the singles chart.

Here’s hoping that BACK-ON will do the same with their forthcoming releases. In the meantime, you can listen to タビダチノウタ (Tabidachi no Uta) here courtesy of pogibord yuta (or after the cut-off below):

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BACK-ON’s “with you feat.Me” climbs the Oricon Singles charts to #5!

With thanks to Sesshy for this awesome screenshot which shows BACK-ON‘s “with you feat.Me (Tales of)” version ranking at #number 5 in the daily Oricon Singles chart after debuting at #14!

BACK-ON - #5 Oricon Singles chart!

It is yet another significant achievement for BACK-ON, as their previous Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology tie-in single flyaway also reached the top #10. We’re hoping with you feat.Me can go all the way to the top 3!

In other news, unfortunately BACK-ON didn’t quite clinch the top spot for the Best of January poll run by our lovely affiliate Love[asia]Music with TELL ME (there were a ‘questionable’ number of Dir En Grey fans loitering around the polling station if you ask me off-record :p)  but with the release of with you feat.Me, the band will again feature in the Best of February votes: we will be promoting this as well and hope more BACK-ON fans will set up camp vote every day for them when the polls re-open!

p/s: Watch out for our forthcoming news post about the launch of BACK-ON’s Official Youtube Channel!

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BACK-ON features on Oricon’s RANKING Paradise and flyaway reaches Top 10 in the daily Oricon Singles chart!

It’s official: BACK-ON have reached an all time high of #9 #4 in the daily Oricon Singles chart! Sesshy, now one of our new forum moderators on BOO, took a screenshot to record this historical moment (updated 2nd Feb 2009 – now #4!):

This is definitely the first time that BACK-ON has ever reached the Top 10 of any Oricon charts as themselves (they did reach #1 with Ashiato – their collaboration with GReeeeN – as part of BAReeeeeeeeeeN) and it seems that Oricon is finally recognising the achievements of BACK-ON, and have featured them in this week’ s RANKING パラダイス (RANKING Paradise)!

Oricon.tv - RANKING Paradise

This news comes courtesy of Sesshy, who posted all the details on our fan forums right here, and even included an annotated screenshot of BACK-ON on the frontpage (yes, frontpage) of Oricon.co.jp. The programme, RANKING Paradise, which is hosted by Yui Kanno and Brother TOM also features a group of 5 girls known as Ranpara Girls. You can watch the full video (there are quite a few Pocky ads and random mini-clips) by visiting:


Unfortunately we don’t really understand (fully) what is being asked during the Q&A between the hosts and BACK-ON, but there were certainly plenty of laughs and every single member of BACK-ON made a contribution.

Some of the things that did happen:

  • Icchan was asked to describe what GReeeeN were like, to which he replied ‘GReeeeN are like kind older brothers’;
  • The band were also asked what GReeeeN actually looked like – a very normal question given that they’re still ‘anonymous’ – and in the end, Teeda was asked to draw a picture of their face!
  • Gori had to talk about what ‘type’ he liked (a lot of laughter here)

Oh and as Sesshy said… if you are wondering what everyone is holding in the photo above, they are inflatable Pocky. :) Hopefully we can find out what they actually said at some point, but in the meantime, do click on the link above and watch the video!

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