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Official BACK-ON photos from SUMMER SONIC 2009

A very short post today as it’s all about the photos: when BACK-ON performed this evening (7th August 2009)  on the Garden Stage of SUMMER SONIC 2009 in Osaka!

These photos are from the official live report and I really wish there were more! Loved TEEDA‘s hoodie top by the way:

SUMMER SONIC 2009 - 04 - GORI SUMMER SONIC 2009 - 06 - Kenji03 SUMMER SONIC 2009 - 01 - Shu
SUMMER SONIC 2009 - 03 - TEEDA SUMMER SONIC 2009 - 05 - Kenji03 and TEEDA SUMMER SONIC 2009 - 02 - Icchan

And this is a map of the entire venue – BACK-ON was right in the heart of everything!

SUMMER SONIC 2009 - 07 - Venue Map

Icchan and Kenji03 certainly look as though they were enjoying themselves (see Icchan‘s full blog post):

SUMMER SONIC 2009 - 14 - Kenji03 and Icchan - Blog

Finally, to give you an idea of what the atmosphere is like at this massive music festival, take a look at the official Attractions & Audience photos and videos from Osaka – we’ve included a few below:

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