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New BACK-ON single “wimp ft. Lil’ Fang (from FAKY)” – Gundam Build Fighters second opening theme (OP) due out on March 12th 2014

Happy New Year for 2014! :) We are pleased to be bringing you the latest news from our favourite band for the 8th consecutive year!

BACK-ON recently announced that a new OP for the anime Gundam Build Fighters would be out in mid January 2014.

It’s been a while since the band has collaborated with another artist and the new song, wimp ft. Lil’ Fang (from FAKY) features Tokyo-born Lil’ Fang, a vocalist from the all-female bilingual J-pop group FAKY that has been described by Jacques@Arcadey as “The J-pop Group That Looks Like a K-pop Group That Sounds Like a Euro-pop Group“.

Lil' Fang profile photo from FAKY.jp
Lil’ Fang profile photo from FAKY.jp

BACK-ON then released a 30-second preview clip of the song, which you can watch and listen to here:

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BACK-ON – ニブンノイチ Nibun no Ichi | Lyrics and English Translation

ニブンノイチ (Nibun no Ichi) is the OP (opening theme) for the anime Gundam Build Fighters for which the band recorded a full music video (watch the PV clip on Youtube) with lots of CGI effects.  KENJI03‘s vocals prominently in the song with TEEDA rapping in between choruses and also at the end of the song.

An upbeat release with the lyrics to match: ニブンノイチ translates as “One Half” or perhaps more closely, one of two halves; the key message being that you and I are not alone and together we can complement each other as one.

It is perfectly suited to the new Gundam series, as the key protagonists are two boys who team up with their sights set on winning the Gunpla Battle World Championships.

We have LittleOslo to thank for the Kanji lyrics and ShadowChao94 for the romaji.

We would also like to give a warm thank you to Saito for the English translation!

You can listen to all of BACK-ON’s releases on our radio, including ニブンノイチ Nibun no Ichi, which is found above the comments on the Music page.

Our standard disclaimer is as follows:

The usual kanji, romaji, karaoke and .lrc versions of the lyrics can be found below (after the cut-off) and we will always do our best to bring you the most accurate lyrics possible, so we do occasionally amend the spelling of the original English lyrics if we believe it to be appropriate. But as always, if you spot any mistakes, please let us know either by commenting below or via the contact form.

Finally, if you would like to post these lyrics elsewhere, please kindly link back to this page. :)

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BACK-ON to appear at Pacific Media Expo 2013, Los Angeles, this weekend!

As we celebrate today’s release of BACK-ON‘s new single ニブンノイチ/INFINITY (Nibun no Ichi / INFINITY), we have to tell everyone the exciting news that the band will be performing at the forthcoming Pacific Media Expo 2013 in Los Angeles!

PMX presents BACK-ON banner

According to the latest programme schedule:  their main appearance will as headline musical guest of honour at the main concert on Friday, 8th November at 9pm, with an autograph session to follow at 11pm.  The band will then answer questions at a panel session on Saturday, 9th November.

In addition to these, BACK-ON are also scheduled to be at the Opening Ceremony (Friday, 6pm), a special Photo session (Sunday, 2pm) and an exclusive VIP-only Meet and Greet session on Sunday at 3pm.

PMX 2013 website banner

The band recorded a special video (in English!) for PMX which you can watch here:


For tickets and more information, please do visit the PMX Registration page.  This is only BACK-ON‘s second outing in the US in the past few years, and given PMX is now in its tenth year, it is truly a fantastic event to see them live at!

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks PaulaAllison and Garland from the PMX team, who have been kind enough to provide us with this information and much, much more. We very much look forward to following the weekend’s events!

p/s: And with thanks to ShadowChao94, you can now watch the full PV for ニブンノイチ (Nibun no Ichi) online!

BACK-ON releases ニブ­ンノイチ/INFINITY PV Preview!

BACK-ON released a teaser PV for their forthcoming single “ニブ­ンノイチ/INFINITY” earlier this week and have already reached 36,000 views! It even included a sneak preview of their new single cover!

Screenshot from ニブ­ンノイチ / INFINITY preview PV

With props to BOO forum member, ShadowChao94, for the find, you can watch the full video using this link:


We have captured some screenshots below as well:

ニブ­ンノイチ / INFINITY PV Screenshot 001 ニブ­ンノイチ / INFINITY PV Screenshot 00 ニブ­ンノイチ / INFINITY PV Screenshot 003

ニブ­ンノイチ / INFINITY PV Screenshot 004 ニブ­ンノイチ / INFINITY PV Screenshot 005 ニブ­ンノイチ / INFINITY PV Screenshot 006

ニブ­ンノイチ / INFINITY PV Screenshot 007 ニブ­ンノイチ / INFINITY PV Screenshot 008 ニブ­ンノイチ / INFINITY PV Screenshot 010

So excited! To find out more  details about the single, you can read our previous post which introduces the two “A” track CD in full.  It is due out on November 6th 2013, shortly before BACK-ON‘s next appearance in the US at Pacific Media Expo (November 8th – 10th 2013)!

Let us know what you think :)

BACK-ON’s new single “ニブンノイチ / INFINITY” due out on November 6th 2013!

Both BACK-ON and the official Gundam Build Fighters website made the announcement this week that the band’s latest tie-in single ニブンノイチ/INFINITY (Nibun no Ichi / INFINITY) will be out on November 6th 2013!

I personally love the promo shot for the new single (click on the image for a larger version of the image) and cannot wait to hear the two tracks in full (listen to preview clips at the end of this post!):

BACK-ON - ニブンノイチ / INFINITY promotional picture

As we speculated some weeks back, the tracklisting for the single – which features two ‘A-side‘ tracks –  is as follows:

  1. ニブンノイチ
  3. ニブンノイチ~instrumental~
  4. INFINITY~instrumental~

BACK-ON first performed both tracks live at Anime USA 2013 so aside from those present at the concert, very few others have heard them in full (a short clip of INFINITY is available on Youtube).  INFINITY is a rock song and according to OhayoSeoulthe song was inspired by ‘how cool Gundams look when flying around’.  Erika (elenko94), the author of the article, also describes the theme of ニブンノイチ rather succinctly as “what one person can’t achieve by yourself, two can”.

And in case you are not sure which is which: ニブンノイチ is the OP for the new Gundam Build Fighters anime and INFINITY is the main theme song for the PS Vita game Gundam Breakers.

There will be 3 versions of the single:

  • CD Single only (¥1,050)
  • CD Single +DVD (¥1,890) which includes a ニブンノイチ music video clip
  • CD Single + HG 1/144-scale Freedom Gundam Particle Clear ver.  model [Limited Edition]  (¥2,625)

A special in-game code will be included as well for the Freedom Gundam, a ‘gunpla’  or Gundam model which comes from GUNDAM SEED (original source Gundam.info).

Two photos of the gunpla can be found below courtesy of Amazon.co.jp:

Freedom Gundam - BACK-ON single 01 Freedom Gundam - BACK-ON Single 2

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Gundam Build Fighters TV Anime OP “ニブンノイチ” and Gundam Breaker (Playstation Vita) OP “INFINITY” by BACK-ON!

It’s official! BACK-ON has been announced as the performers of the opening theme “ニブンノイチ” (Nibun no Ichi) for the upcoming anime Gundam Build Fighters!

Screenshot of official Gundam Build Fighters website

With props to MONSTERSNITE for the news, the anime is due to première on TV Tokyo on October 7th 2013.

The announcement coincides with BACK-ON‘s first upcoming single release in 2013, titled ニブンノイチ / INFINITY (Nibun no Ichi / INFINITY), which is due out in November.

The band’s official website revealed that the second ‘A’ track of the single, “INFINITY“, will also be an opening theme, but for the Playstation Vita version of the game Gundam Breakers, which an updated version of the original PS3 game, and is set to be released on October 31st 2013.

According to Vif-Music and OKMusic, the tracklisting of the new single is expected to be as follows:

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