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TEEDA and KENJI03 – Radio interview with BayFM’s Sana on “ON8″ and listen to ‘come on & Let’s go feat. Emyli, KALIS from OverDose (Taiwan)” in full!

BACK-ON‘s TEEDA and KENJI03 joined BayFM‘s さな(Sana) on her radio show ON8 yesterday and MONSTERSNITE has very kindly uploaded it onto Youtube for everyone to listen to as well!

The pair are their usual charming selves (I think there’s even a gift!) and Sana likes calling them ‘sempai’, but quite importantly, this is probably the first time that come on & Let’s go feat. Emyli, KALIS from OverDose (Taiwan) has received radio airplay and we get to hear it in FULL!


It is definitely a fantastic collaboration featuring KENJI03 + TEEDA + Emyli + KALIS rapping and singing in no less than three different languages (English, Japanese and Mandarin) – it is THE tune of the month for me!

TEEDA and KENJI03 with Sana on on8, BayFM
Photo of TEEDA and KENJI03 with Sana (17th May 2012) from TEEDA’s blog

I reckon it will be impossible for anyone not to like this song and it would be great to know your thoughts! :D  With lyrics like ‘turn up the volume on the 50-pound boom box‘ and mentions of ‘Wu-Tang‘  (TEEDA) and ‘gotta aim sky high never settle for a lie‘ (Emyli),  ‘gotta be brave… 最真實的自我’   (my true self – KALIS) and a chorus with English and Japanese (sung predominantly by KENJI03) – English excerpts below:

Come on and Let’s go, are you ready set go!…
I wanna be a hero
Tell me what you want, show me what you got yeah 

Such a hotly anticipated collaboration and BACK-ON delivered with aplomb! :D  For those who understand Japanese better than I do, I would love to find out more about what they talked about during the interview!

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