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BACK-ON – Re:Start | Lyrics and English Translation

Our most recent post in Lyrics featuring the English translation for flyaway by Quartet4 has been very very popular with visitors (400+ have visited the page to date!) and anyone who has heard the single will no doubt agree it is one of BACK-ON‘s best!

The single includes a very strong ‘B-side’ track in the form of Re:Start, the third song in both editions of the CD, which sadly does not feature in the Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 game, but is – in my humble opinion – an amazing song.

As we mentioned before, finding an accurate translation is always an issue, but thankfully Quartet4 allows requests on his dedicated Forum, and has now posted the full translation online! The song is about starting over but not forgetting the memories shared with the other person. Gorgeous, as expected from Kenji03 and Teeda!

Quartet4 has kindly provided permission for us to repost the translation here, and – as we test out a new display format – you can find it below the cut with the original kanji, romaji and karaoke versions of the lyrics as well!

If you haven’t heard the song yet, visit our Music page and scroll to the end for our pop-out radio and listen to it. In the mean, I’d like to say a big thanks to Quartet4 for the translation!

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BACK-ON – So Many Tears | Lyrics

So Many Tears is one of Back-on‘s older songs from the Baby Rock album, and though I’m usually less keen on Back-on‘s slower songs, a special request was sent in by Tsubame for the lyrics, and so here they are today, and the more I listen to So Many Tears the more I like it! Although it was quite time consuming to type up (so many words and interweaving parts!) the romanising was surprisingly quite straight forward.

As always, if you spot any mistakes, please let me know either by commenting below or via the contact form. If you would like to post these lyrics elsewhere, please link back to this page. :)

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BACK-ON – flower (Eyeshield 21 ED version) | Lyrics

These lyrics are from Episode 116 of Eyeshield 21, where the source file was courtesy of kxtp. You can also watch a video of the ending credits or even download the TV-size version of the song!

If you decide to post the lyrics elsewhere, please do link back to this page and give us some credit! :)

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BACK-ON – A day dreaming… (Eyeshield 21 ED version) | Lyrics

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The sunlight comin’ through a window
I don’t want to wake up
(And) even though I really love this moment 俺にとって
You seem to be a sleepin’ mermaid 指先まで
Stay with me 照れ笑い浮かべ

ありのままの その全てが

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BACK-ON – Drive | Lyrics

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[Verse 1/Rap 1]
Low down な style 妖艶な my lady. Color は bloody な紅
So check it!
Many x3 I did pay the money 君はまさに音速の女神
ネオンのlight sparkling the midnight can’t stop 止まらない
It’s like 暴れ馬に乘った knight 月を雲が blind! It’s time to ride on the high!!

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 2/Rap 2]
When I play you drive this way HEY!! I grab the handle so tight 滲む汗
ケラツチでつなげ 1st to the top! The needle pass the red zone 押し上げ!
Like the carchase 攻防戦 I’m gonna make your bet 全てを一瞬に賭け
Pedal to the metal kickin’ the accell! It’s time to ride on the high!!

[Chorus 2]
いつまでも ずっと 2人で

その小さな手を 離さないように

Repeat [Chorus 1]
Repeat [Chorus 2]

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New Lyrics – Hikari Sasuhou ヒカリサスホウ

Today heralds the release of the lyrics for Hikari Sasuhou ヒカリサスホウ! It seems lot of people have been looking for these, especially since the release of the Murder Princess OVA. Although the lyrics are slightly different from the Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal ver.) as Back-on appear to have ‘mashed’ the lyrics from two different verses and added a bit more, hopefully it will still help others!

I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out how to type in Japanese, as well as reference Kanji. This particular release is a result of that hard work, so please do not re-post these lyrics elsewhere without prior permission. The lyrics come in the original Kanji format as well as the usual Hiragana and Romaji.

I have tried to pick up as many errors as possible but if you spot anything amiss please let me know! If you like the release, please do make a comment to show your appreciation :) I’m going to continue working on more Back-on lyrics over the next few days so watch this space!

Click to view Hikari Sasuhou ヒカリサスホウ lyrics

Remember you can download and listen to both Hikari Sasuhou and Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal ver.) in the Music section of Back-on Online before the next section update. I’m happy to say that at the moment, Chain has been downloaded 60 times, but Hikari Sasuhou has been the clear favourite at a whopping 112 downloads!

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Chain lyrics updated

Despite the fact I said before that the lyrics for Chain were now as correct as they could be, I’d quite forgotten that the official lyrics doesn’t actually have the rap that accompanies the chorus (performed by Teeda) There are various sources on the net that list these supposed (Romaji) lyrics, but the correct version was actually posted by Teeda himself on the band’s official website, in the Q&A section:

Time to break da chain.no pain. don’t be afraid
That’s da sign it’s time to try. you gotta fly.
上も下も無いYou gotta grab da sky.

Most of this rap-chorus is (obviously) in English, but the hiragana and romaji versions can be found (respectively) below:

Time to break da chain.no pain. don’t be afraid
じゆう もとめ とけ むかえ かいほう へ
That’s da sign it’s time to try. you gotta fly.
うえ も した も ないYou gotta grab da sky.

On time to break da chain, no pain don’t be afraid.
Jiyuu motome toke mukae kaihou he
That’s the sign its time to try you gotta fly
Ue mo shita mo nai, You gotta grab the sky

I’ve updated the Chain Lyrics page and have also decided to move the English translation (which is probably 30% correct) to the ‘back’ page.

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