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BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… single released today!

BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… is out today! The single cover featuring Teeda is shown below and clicking on it will take you to an even larger picture in the Gallery.

BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming... cover

The tracklisting includes:

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Download the ‘a day dreaming…’ PV and MP3

Today’s (or should I say, this season’s!) most anticipated download has been brought to you courtesy of Sowon! :) Back-on Online‘s Forum Super-moderator has just uploaded an .avi version of the PV (which is just under 32 mbs) as well as an mp3 rip of the video!

Back-on - a day dreaming... PV screenshots by Sowon

All the media can be found on the Forums, including more PV screenshots that you can see above (again provided by Sowon!) The direct link to the thread is:


The video is unlike any of Back-on‘s previous PVs (the list currently includes Chain, New World, Kodou, and Nuts Tribe) and features scenic views of (presumably) Houston (it was filmed before their performance at Anime Matsuri) with some great closeups of all the band members, particuarly Teeda and Kenji03, although Icchan does win his arm wrestling match against a local(?) on the hood of their white truck! (Lucky guy! He gets to feature in Back-on‘s PV!)

What do you think about the PV? :D

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Anime Matsuri 2007 – Live in Texas – Back-on blog summary

Back-on updated their official blog – Back-on Reportwith the picture below saying how much they enjoyed being in Texas (at Anime Matsuri, Houston) It all started with Chain receiving exposure through Air Gear, and then a letter arriving to invite them to Texas. It’s a lovely picture taken with the crowd and you can click on the picture itself to get the original size.

Back-on Concert

Teeda also posted in his blog (in fact, he was the most active in updating on a daily basis :D) where I think he said he was surprised at receiving such a warm welcome in America (which he now really likes!) Teeda noted the fact that alot of cute girls (author’s note: including Ichi, Ookami and Miyu-chan) asked him for an autograph/hugs? ^^ (author’s further note: you lucky lucky people! I so wish I was there!)

Subway logo

On the last day, the Back-on group went for dinner late at night, only to find that the restaurants weren’t open on a Sunday! Ultimately they ended up in Subway (those lucky Subway people!) and all ate a massive American-sized sandwich. The funny thing was that Gori (and someone else?) then said that he still wasn’t full, leaving Teeda and Kenji03 speechless!

Hopefully Back-on will update their blogs with even more info at a later date! They will actually be showing a video at their next show in Shibuya on May 10th 2007, with footage from the entire weekend. Fingers-crossed that they’ll post it online as well!

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Anime Matsuri 2007 – Pictures from Ichiban et friends and Miyu-Chan

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll already know of Ichiban (Ichi) who is one of our most active forum members. This weekend, Ichi, Ookami and Nao (SoundEX) all attended Anime Matsuri, and Ichi has been kind enough to upload pictures from the convention on to the Forums and share it with everyone! Thanks Ichi! Click on the link below to go straight to the forum thread! :D

Anime Matsuri Pictures and such

The captions underneath each picture are pretty self-explanatory but they are really awesome pictures with great closeups of the band! :D Everyone in the band (especially TEEDA and KENJI03 looked even more gorgeous in these photos! This is what I’ve stayed up for! No really… the other pictures are brilliant too (I must ask about the camera) – they won the Ramune Cosplay Contest as Pocky Boxes that they worked very hard on.

Miyu-chan (a brand new member!) has also kindly shared her photos with everyone from Anime Matsuri as well! :) You can see a few of them below but again, check the link to the thread above for more pictures!


Anime Matsuri - Back-on 2

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First picture of George R. Brown Convention Center from Back-on

Back-on have posted their first picture of the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, which (as regular readers will know) is the venue for Anime Matsuri. This picture was taken from a (their?) hotel room and was found on their blog, where they have promised more updates soon about the event.

George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas taken by Back-on

Unfortunately the Anime Matsuri website is down at the moment as it has exceeded its bandwidth (neeuu!) but I’m sure the organisers will have it back up soon. In the meantime, you can still visit their official forums at MashHarder.

In the meantime, you can still find out about Back-on‘s schedule on Back-on Online, but whilst I was looking up the George R. Brown Convention Center website, I came across a little bit of information regarding the venue. According to the GRBCC website, Anime Matsuri will be utilising the:

Exhibit Hall E / General Assembly / Meeting Rooms

If you do have lots of time on your hands and want to see what the centre looks like inside, you have the option of viewing images or a 360 degree panoramic view.

This information is brought to you by a Flick who is furiously attempting to type up Gaku-Ten lyrics on time and is taking a break by surfing Anime Matsuri related sites.

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One more day till Anime Matsuri…

There’s only ONE MORE DAY till the start of Anime Matsuri! Despite The convention being only in its first year (a fact I only just found out, thanks to Sound EX) I think its safe to say that the organisers have been quite extraordinary, seeing as they were able to invite BACK-ON (only our favourite band :)) and a host of other guests and arrange so many events!

You can find out more about Back-on‘s schedule at Anime Matsuri from this post, and a variety of sources have confirmed that they will be definitely attending Dance till Dawn so hope lots of people will be there to support them as well. Remember this is Back-on‘s first international performance, so extra enthusiasm is a must! If that’s not quite enough incentive, I can certainly try and telepathically send my waves of enthusiasm across the pond from England!

For those who are able to attend the event – congratulations! Back-on fans (including myself) unable to attend would really appreciate it if those who are there could share their stories with us! Multimedia, such as pictures and videos would definitely be an added bonus :) Please feel free to post on the forums, or even contact me directly, as we would all love to hear more!
In other related news, [MC] mentioned on the Anime Matsuri Forums that:

a little birdie told me that they’re filming their next music video here in H*TOWN!!!!

This is exciting news and could explain the 10 day mini-gap between Back-on‘s stay in America and their next Tokyo gig (aside from the time-off; adjusting to time difference; and editing of the trip-to-America video to be presented by Icchan at the gig) If you’re living in Houston, perhaps this is a good opportunity to do a bit of Back-on spotting!

And finally, regarding site updates… we will (finally) be updating the Music page sometime within the week to feature Baby Rock, as well as typing up lyrics such as Gaku-Ten! We are also working on the translation of Back-on’s KERA interview, so watch this space. ^^

Teeda's new hairdo!

p/s: I leave you with another picture of Teeda and his new hair style, taken with his cousin at the latter’s birthday, straight from his very own blog.

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Back-on’s Anime Matsuri Schedule

Everyone should know by now that Back-on will be making their first international appearance at Anime Matsuri, featuring as the main band in the Anime Matsuri concert. As reported before, Back-on‘s Anime Matsuri schedule will also include both a Q&A Panel and and Autograph Session.

Anime Matsuri Logo

If they are appearing at Dance till Dawn, the event will begin at 12am on Saturday morning at the Galaxy Arena. The Q&A Panel (with the main band) is scheduled for 3pm on the same day in Panel Room 1, and the Autograph session is at 2pm on Sunday in Panel Room 2&3.

The (probably) most important part of Back-on‘s schedule is of course the Main Concert, which is set to start from around 7pm on Saturday in the Room of Ages (as its the main event) after the end of Showdown Live! I’m sure everyone is just as excited as I am (even if I can’t attend the actual event) and I really hope people will be kind enough to send in their experiences of the event – please do let me know if you are happy to do it as we can then publish it on the main site as part of a collective! Don’t forget you can now also discuss everything about Back-on at our brand new forums as well!

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Back-on to make a special appearance at Anime Matsuri’s Dance till Dawn

Since this is Back-on‘s first appearance abroad, I’m making a special effort to keep up-to-date with any news updates from Anime Matsuri. This was actually posted on March 1st 2007, but aside from headlining the main concert, Back-on will make a special appearance at this overnight event with another band called Fizz!

You can find out more about the actual dance event by clicking here, but essentially what this means is that those attending can see Back-on for two days running! Why? The dance event is on Day I (Friday), and the main concert is on Day II (Saturday).  Lucky lucky people!

Visit the website or click to read the original post announcing Back-on’s international debut!

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Back-on is going to America – April 2007!

The latest announcement from their official website Back-on.com : Back-on is going to America! :) They will feature as one of the main live acts of Anime Matsuri, an anime convention being held between April 27th-29th 2007, at the George R. Brown Convention Center and the Hilton Americas Hotel in Houston, Texas.

Back-on‘s live performance will feature on April 28th 2007, which is a Saturday, so ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for anyone in Texas to miss out on Back-on’s FIRST EVER debut outside of Japan.

The extra bonus, of course, is that Back-on have said (if I have interpreted it correctly) that they plan to have autograph session(s) as well as hold interviews with the local media – local being, presumably, America.

Anime Matsuri‘s website introduces Back-on under their ‘Guest’ section:

After the huge success of their theme song “Chain” for the popular anime Air Gear, Back-On is performing for the first time in the United States at Anime Matsuri. The busy band is working on numerous projects and are excited to bring their music and electrifying live performance to Anime Matsuri’s Main Event. Please check out thier website at www.back-on.com for more info on this fantastic band!

Now I really wish I lived in America! Back-on have said that they will visit the UK at some point (check out the Q&A section on their website) so am really very much looking forward to it! If you are going to be at Anime Matsuri, Back-on Online would love to hear from you!

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