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Watch BACK-ON “Ice cream” PV preview on Youtube!

With props to our new forum member reghrhre for the find, you can now watch a 1:33 min preview clip of BACK-ON‘s brand new PV for “Ice cream on Youtube!   reghrhre spotted TEEDA’s RT of @kimonako‘s post about the new video and decided to share it with us on the Forums!

It is definitely one of the funniest music videos I have seen to date (and it was only the first 1:33 minutes!) and for those who haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, some of these quick screenshots might help you build up a picture:


Although we don’t know the ending yet, the video begins starts like this: it’s a slow start to the day, but then 2 lovely female customers enter the diner. This galvanises the BACK-ON band members into action, and they compete to see who will be the one to help out the ladies each time.

As you can see from the screenshots, the colours are very vivid and match the location of the video shoot: the 1950s California-style Diner “Googie’s Cafe” (Nagano 南長野店 branch).  Particular personal favourites at the moment are GORI’s “Oh my god” face, KENJI03’s prancing to-and-fro from the table and being distracted by one of the lady’s assets *cough wink* and TEEDA’s “neuuu….”

The video was uploaded by ggajjgas and its direct link can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DcLsv3JHz0

UPDATE! You can now watch a 480p quality version uploaded by avexnetwork here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL_kdHUuPns

Like the PV? Love the PV? Let us know :) The song is certainly very upbeat and you can watch it by clicking on the link above or alternatively, click on ‘read more’ below to watch it here:

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BACK-ON’s “Ice cream” promotional drive kicks off with revamped official HP and a new ‘behind-the-scenes’ video!

BACK-ON kicked off their promotional drive for Ice cream today with the launch of their revamped official website [Ice cream edition] which features a new logo, new promotional photo and a new design that incorporates all the links to their social media channels too!

BACK-ON.com - Ice Cream edition

I personally absolutely adore their new look: it’s clean, stylish and so easy to navigate. The band’s team have also redesigned the profile page – instead of individual profiles – there is now a quick summary of the band instead beneath the (new) group photo:

Screenshot from BACK-ON.com (Profile Page)

They also uploaded a brand new ‘behind-the-scenes’ video on their Youtube channel: it features the band and their team during their Ice cream photo shoot session last month (March 2012) and for those who prefer reading to listening, BACK-ON helpfully included subtitles!   You can tell they had a lot of fun (despite the temperature being a measly 4 degree Celsius) and it’s really worth watching the video (爆つべ vol.21) just to laugh along with them and see them interact!

The highlights would probably include:

  • A snapshot of GORI from about 10 years ago (before he was 18)
  • KENJI03 biting a baguette – with zest!
  • SHU laughing out loud and his oh so handsome new look (slicked back hair works for him!)
  • TEEDA doing a ‘mini’ strip tease
  • Lots of party-poppers and pizza and random scenes

You can watch the video by clicking on this link here:

Watch 爆つべ vol.21!

Or alternatively – click on ‘Read more’ below to watch the video on our site, and if so, do let us know what you think of the revamped BACK-ON.com and their new video :)

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BACK-ON to release new single “Ice cream” on May 9th 2012!

Single cover for Ice creamBACK-ON has just announced that they will be releasing their new single Ice cream on May 9th 2012! It will feature two tracks:

  1. Ice cream
  2. Piece

The title track ‘Ice cream is said by Musicman-NET to be a party-rock tune, and the new single cover, which was posted by TEEDA on his latest blog post just earlier (so did the staff), has now made its way onto the band’s official discography page.

In addition, Musicman-NET also shared a brand new promotional photo of the band – shown below – featuring some seriously heavy eyeliner; even our lovely Shu has undergone a revamp with his new slicked-back hair!

Image source: Musicman-NET

The article talks about BACK-ON‘s recent work, including TEEDA‘s collaboration with Koda Kumi  (aka. Mrs Kenji03) on her 50th single  “Poppin’ love cocktail feat.TEEDA“, as well as KENJI03 and TEEDA‘s performance on a-Nation, says that this is one of most anticipated releases from the band, and that the band will be performing their new songs at their forthcoming tour in June!

p/s: It also mentions a forthcoming album release at  the end of May… so much to look forward to! :)

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Watch the full version of BACK-ON’s “with you feat.Me” PV on Youtube!

I’m sure many of you watched the teaser (Short ver.) PV that BACK-ON released a few days ago, but they have finally uploaded the full version of with you feat.Me on Youtube as well! w/thanks to Shadow for the link again:

BACK-ON - with you feat.Me screenshot


You can see a screenshot of KENJI03‘s adjusting the amplifier above (about halfway through the video) and of course, what this PV means is that you can listen to with you feat.Me in full for the first time if you haven’t heard it already from other sources!

If you’re wondering what happens after the teaser : misono sings the first half of the second verse, but then TEEDA rocks the song with some trademark rapping – which he does (awesomely) again during the bridge  (2:25) – and we get to see some lovely cinematography (with a hint of TEEDA smiling and a scene of GORI lighting a cigarette – although the ciggy isn’t there any more when the song resumes after the musical interlude). As a fan of Shu, I am personally ecstatic that he is wearing a shirt and tie! <3

And first impressions of the single: some will prefer the B-side Nagareboshi (Shooting Star) – which is a lovely mellow rock song – to the title track (for various reaons), and with you [Tales of] remix is definitely more varied in style than flyaway [Tales of ] Remix and features the voice of Hirano Aya, but all I can I say is that you will need to listen to all these songs on decent speakers to do them justice!

Hope you enjoy watching the PV! :)

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Watch the ‘Sands of Time’ PV in full on Youtube!

If you’ve been camping out on the BOO Forums for the past few days, you’ll definitely have heard of the breaking news (from Sesshy as well :D) of the release of a clip of the Sands of Time pv on Back-on‘s Myspace!

It featured 0:58 minutes of Back-on goodness (splashing water, an hour-glass and slow-motion have never seemed so magical!) but ended so abruptly that the rabid dedicated fans were left wanting more. Our prayers were clearly heard by someone, and who else but the one-and-only gangangan03!

He has uploaded the full Sands of Time PV on to Youtube (thank you!!) and you can watch all 3:21 minutes of it at the link below! (or below the ‘cut’)


UPDATE 05/01/09 – We have just updated the link to the fansubbed HQ version of the PV as sadly gangangan03‘s video is no longer available. The new video is courtesy of Vanalovas and is subbed by Order of Zeronos.

If you fancy just looking at the screenshots instead, we’ve taken just over 100 stills from the mp4 version of the file. They are now all hosted on our brand new Flickr account! We’ve included some of the pictures below for your convenience, but it’s best to experience the entire ‘PV’ by viewing them all in one go (at the size ‘small’ for optimal quality)

Sands of Time - PV - 11 Sands of Time - PV - 17 Sands of Time - PV - 31 Sands of Time - PV - 39 Sands of Time - PV - 27 Sands of Time - PV - 44 Sands of Time - PV - 22 Sands of Time - PV - 14

What do you think of the PV? I personally think it’s one of the best the band have done so far, and it’s very arty in some parts! :) I do love everyone’s outfits (although I wish Icchan had a more ‘complete’ look!) and can’t wait to see some official photos!

UPDATE: With thanks to gangangan03, it turns out that the director of this spectacular PV is none other than Hideaki Sunaga, who also directed the PV for Chain, and has worked with artists such as Dragon Ash, Ayumi Hamasaki and Koda Kumi!

Only 10 more days until the big day of the single release! ^^

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Back-on donates autographed items for Gyao.jp’s charity auction!

This news has come a little late, but I assure you it is very interesting, as a few weeks ago, Back-on donated items towards Gyao.jp’s Charity Auction! It seems Gyao holds these charity auctions once every 2 weeks, and Back-on‘s items were (lot) number #44 for Gyao‘s 22nd round of auctions!

Gyao Auction Ad for Back-on!

The auction was held in association with Bidders.jp, which I understand to be a Japanese auction company, and featured one of Back-on‘s latest special t-shirts (previously modelled Icchan) autographed by all the band members, in addition to a signed copy of the single BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… The band also donated issues #1~21 of all(?) the Eyeshield 21 manga, so I’m sure you’d agree that it was definitely a particularly generous donation! (given that some celebrities just donate e.g. lip gloss)

You can visit the (now closed) auction directly by clicking on the picture above, but for those wanting the low down, 33 different price bids were made for the items above, with a mini-bidding war between two users 19920628 and kameya_online towards the end, and the final price was ¥ 8000, which is about $70 USD or GBP £ 35!

So congratulations to 19920628 (I have no idea who this is either) for winning the auction and picking up the prize booty! :D We’ve included some more pictures of the auction items below, so do have a look if you’re free!

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Back-on’s brand new official blog!

It’s not often that I type up news hot-off-the-press, but today is an exception because Back-on have just announced the release of the brand new official blog! The blog is now powered by Ameblo (アメブロ) and is available at the url (NOTE: no preceding www!):


I’m sure everyone would agree that this is a far easier link to remember compared to the url of their previous blog: http://back-on.cocolog-nifty.com/stuff/

Anyway, before we get too bogged down in the detail, let me tell you more about the new blog! As a picture is worth a thousand words, a screenshot of the new blog site will come first:

Screenshot of new Back-on Official Blog!

I do love these colours – of course they were designed (or chosen) to fit the new style that Back-on are using for this season, the upcoming release of flower (and maybe Butterfly?) – but it’s very easy on the eye! You’ll see that the top left menu actually has categories for all the band members, Teeda, Kenji03, Shu, Gori, Icchan and Back-on’s Staff, so it is possible that we’ll see entries on the official blog in the future byindividual band members! :)

The first entry has already been bagged by the Staff, who have introduced the new blog powered by Ameblo, and then going on to say that there will be lots more posts (I think) about the live events, recordings, personal thoughts and all sorts of other fun things!

So, to sum up: if you haven’t already bookmarked their new blog site, go for it!

p/s: I think I know what my next badge will be~~ take a look at the header of the new blog!

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Happy Birthday to Gori!

Today is Gori‘s birthday! :) Back-on‘s bass player turns 23 on this special day – June 13th 2007 – so hope he has a wonderful time! Apparently part of the celebrations will involve some karaoke and Teeda also mentions a gift of an adult grown-up DVD set… umm…. ;)


Anyway, Sound EX has suggested that we all visit Gori‘s personal blog to wish him a happy birthday, which I think is fantastic idea! So click on the link below to visit his blog and give him your very own birthday greetings!~


From Back-on Online

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GORI-san! Hope you have a great time today and always! 誕生日おめでとうございます

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Brand New Back-on Profile Pictures!

I must have over-looked these new profile pictures for Back-on band members when writing up the previous news post about the new Back-on.com. It’s better late than never, ne? :) There isn’t really too much to say as these photos are part of the range of photos promoting BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming…, so please just enjoy (the eye candy) below!

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Download the ‘a day dreaming…’ PV and MP3

Today’s (or should I say, this season’s!) most anticipated download has been brought to you courtesy of Sowon! :) Back-on Online‘s Forum Super-moderator has just uploaded an .avi version of the PV (which is just under 32 mbs) as well as an mp3 rip of the video!

Back-on - a day dreaming... PV screenshots by Sowon

All the media can be found on the Forums, including more PV screenshots that you can see above (again provided by Sowon!) The direct link to the thread is:


The video is unlike any of Back-on‘s previous PVs (the list currently includes Chain, New World, Kodou, and Nuts Tribe) and features scenic views of (presumably) Houston (it was filmed before their performance at Anime Matsuri) with some great closeups of all the band members, particuarly Teeda and Kenji03, although Icchan does win his arm wrestling match against a local(?) on the hood of their white truck! (Lucky guy! He gets to feature in Back-on‘s PV!)

What do you think about the PV? :D

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