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Watch BACK-ON’s “flyaway” PV in full online!

This is the video that we have all been waiting for since news of the flyaway PV was first announced by Sesshy at Sound EX, and we’ve been able to share it here with everyone thanks to Sok who found the video of the PV on Veoh!

The PV, which was uploaded by raykennedy, is 3:56 minutes in length and features BACK-ON performing on a sunny beach and in a dark industrial warehouse with various background images of urban buildings panning in and out. Very interesting camera work imho and it is definitely a must watch for the song AND the video! The director is none other than 須永秀明 (Hideaki Sunaga) who also directed BACK-ON‘s Sands of time PV!

You can watch the PV by clicking on the direct link below or after the cut (as usual):


and if you would prefer to watch it in HQ on Youtube courtesy of funkeejap (original by Sok) please visit:


Now you can even watch the subbed version of the PV (with karaoke effect) with thanks to BenBoomZ right here (in HQ as well):


You can also download the mp3 (PV rip courtesy of Sok) or download the PV (courtesy of Umm) or even view some of the quick photo stills of the PV that we have uploaded to our Flickr account:

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Is BACK-ON’s first full album called “Yes!!!”?

Rumours that BACK-ON might be releasing their first full album this year have been floating around since earlier this year, when the various online record companies posted an ‘Untitled’ album by BACK-ON due out on the penultimate day of July. However, 30th July came and went, and news from the band during the summer were really just day-to-day thoughts from their official blog.

Then came September, and the revelation that the other half of the mysterious new group BAReeeeeeeeeeN were in fact BACK-ON, and since then, the band has experienced a huge surge of popularity. So much so, that at their first public performance after the release of 足跡 (Ashiato) at Shibuya Boxx on October 9th, the venue was packed out! We found out about this from the official ‘report’ on Back-on.com, which was accompanied by the launch of their official photo gallery, featuring more than a dozen photos from the gig!

There are more photos available at the link above, but perhaps more importantly… we had the very first hint in the last line of the report that the full album really is forthcoming, this time on the new rumoured date of November 12th 2008!

So what do we know about this potential new album? If the Japan-base online CD retail companies like Amazon.jp, CDJapan and HMV.jp are anything to go by, this is the jacket cover of the brand new album:

We also find out that the new album will probably be called Yes!!!, and that it should be priced at ¥ 2,600, which is around $27 USD or £17 GBP. Apparently there will be a total of 10 tracks, including 足跡 (Ashiato) aka. Footprints and color from the BAReeeeeeeeeeN debut single, which really shouldn’t be a surprise, given that the cover design really does scream (to me) GReeeeN!!! What do you think? Let us know on the Forums, if not in the comments below!

The supposed 8 other tracks on the album are currently unknown, but it seems BACK-ON will definitely be including all the title tracks from their singles so far, which presumably means songs such as (in reverse chronological order) –

  • Sands of time
  • flower
  • Butterfly
  • Chain

and many more of their crowd favourites. One site even mentioned ヒカリサスホウ (Hikari Sasuhou), which was a huge hit with the fans at their October 9th Sonic Concorde gig, enough to make BACK-ON perform it twice!

Seeing as it’s one of my most favourite songs, I think I can understand why ;) And as if the photo extravaganza above wasn’t enough, look at the promotional photo we found on Amazon.jp!

Kenji03 is wearing glasses!!! That’s enough to make any fan-girl go KYAAAAAA! (I’ve borrowed this from someone, sorry!) It’s a pity the photo isn’t larger, but if you do want a good close up, I can certainly recommend watching a new video uploaded by gangangan03, where BACK-ON (in their new outfits!) introduce 足跡 (Ashiato), but unfortunately the broadcasting giants appear to have waved their copyright flag, and not only have they removed the video, but gangangan03‘s Youtube account has mysteriously been suspended! It’s a HUGE HUGE blow for BACK-ON fans imho, and I really hope the account will be re-instated soon as it is a gold mine of media of the band. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

I would like to drop in a tantalizing hint “タネウマ★DJ ICHIKAWA from Volta Master remix” at this point, but let’s leave it for the next post and move back to the main topic:

Will BACK-ON‘s first full album be called Yes!!!

Will it really be released on November 12th 2008?

That really remains to be seen, but please keep checking back here for more news!

New affiliate and some site updates, including the Music page!

We have a brand new affiliate! :) With thanks to Sesshy (who most people will know as the designer of one of our cool new forum banners and provider of up-to-the-minute Back-on news) BOO are proud to be affiliated with UVERworld.org, which is what we believe to be the best fansite dedicated to the band UVERworld!

UVERworld.org screenshot

The band hardly needs any introduction, as they are one of the hottest and most famous bands to have come from Japan in recent years (Back-on aside of course!!! :p) and have composed OPs for a number of mainstream animes such as Bleach, D.Gray-man, Hataraki Man and also Blood+.

The fansite is run by Evelyn, Sie and Shinya and was launched in December 2006. Not only does it feature in-depth information on pretty much everything related to UVERworld, but the site also has an eye-watering array of multimedia content! Last but not least, it is frequently updated with news, and is also home to one of the most vibrant UVERworld fan communities online! ^^ You can find the link to UVERworld.org under Affiliates, so you can see for yourself how great it is! :)

You’re probably hopefully wondering what is happening with BOO itself, and I’m happy to be able to give you a quick list of the recent updates we’ve made to the site! :) These include:

  • Discography – Added new details of Back-on‘s upcoming single Sands of Time.
  • Schedule – I hadn’t installed the new version of the plugin (Gigpress) correctly but this has now been fixed and updated.
  • Q&A – Newly updated with some brand new questions from Kia Moini.
  • Site Staff – Added ichi‘s info (she’s one of our Forum Moderators!)
  • Gallery – There are new photos there! We just don’t always highlight them.
  • Music – We’re updating this at the moment with brand new downloads! Including an extremely rare mp3 of Back-on‘s early work to celebrate our first birthday: Fighting Style from one of their demo cds! ^^ Please check back later if you see this post before we finish!

Of course we still have to tell you about all the things that happene for our birthday celebrations, so those news updates will come too! :)

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Back-on media @ AnimeUSA 2007 – a quick glance

It’s been a while since Back-on hit Anime USA 2007 but who said time is an issue when writing news posts? Today’s feature are media of Back-on from Anime USA that various con-goers have put together or uploaded online.

We’ll start with a pretty professional video that was done by PBC Productions promoting Anime USA, and I have to admit I’m tempted to join the event next year. ;) Back-on feature in the clip for a mere 30 seconds (from 3:07) but Chad Williams and his team have helpfully provided translations when Kenji03 talks about his thoughts about how amazing it is to have people (who probably don’t know Japanese) singing along with Back-on‘s lyrics!

The video is available on PBC Productions‘ own website (recommended – see December 7th 2007 entry), or you can follow the ‘More’ link at the bottom to watch the same video on Revver.

Another video that we found (on Youtube) was uploaded by anantech featuring Back-on at their autograph-signing session. As many have already pointed out, the look on Teeda and Kenji03‘s faces when they saw the Wii is priceless :) As with the video above, you can visit Youtube or scroll down to watch it!

Last but not least, photos! The best resource at the moment is actually Anime USA’s official gallery where there are currently 50+ photos of Back-on at their concert performance! One of my most favourite has to be a photo featuring Kenji03:

Kenji03 - from AnimeUSA Gallery

Some other photos can be found on Back-on’s official blog such as this group photo:

Anime USA Group Photo

There are probably alot more photos and videos elsewhere that we haven’t found just yet so please keep checking back. If you do see something that you think we should post about, please let us know! :)

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Hiatus, hiatus, hiatus…

Ohayo! Yet again, it’s been awhile since the last update. You may be happy to find out that the backend of BOO, which is WordPress, was successfully upgraded and the downtime was much shorter than expected – a mere 20 minutes. However, if you’re wondering why there has been such a dry patch during Back-on‘s latest successful run of concerts, including their further conquest of the Americas at AnimeUSA just last week, I can only say that coursework and real life events have invaded and taken up permanent residence.

As the holiday seasons draws near (only a few more weeks!), we’ll try and post updates about Back-on‘s latest activities. Alas their international concert plans have drawn to a close this year, but judging by the massive reaction generated from their recent concerts, as well as the fansub groups finally releasing the later episodes of Eyeshield 21, I think it’s safe to say that we should expect a lot more news about their international plans next year!

Other updates will include an upgraded gallery, new lyrics and (hopefully) wallpapers that have been kindly provided by other Back-on fans, so please do look out for them!

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