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Site update: New Downloads available in Music for June 2007

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about site updates, as so much has been happening lately! Although no major changes have been made, there have been a few edits here and there. I think they call this a nip-tuck?

However, this time, to celebrate the forthcoming release of Back-on‘s latest single: BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming…, instead of just featuring 2 songs for download, for the next 5 days – until June 6th 2007 (the official release date for BL/ADD) – all 4 songs that were featured in the previous vote (where 169 people participated for their most-wanted download) will be available!

These are:

  1. Believer (Chain)
  2. Rain (New World)
  3. Gaku-Ten (Baby Rock)
  4. Nuts Tribe (Baby Rock)

After that, just the top two winners will remain as usual (as bolded)
You can reach the Music page by visiting: http://www.backon-online.com/multimedia/music/

Again, the aim of the downloads section is to provide a ‘one-stop’ place for fans and potential fans to listen to Back-on’s work – ‘try before you buy‘. You can support Back-on even more by buying their albums and attend their concerts. There is more information about where you can purchase the cds avilable on the Music page.

Finally… there hasn’t been any change to the Radio section of Music for the moment… but check back in two weeks! :) Don’t forget to vote in the new Poll in the meantime!

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Translation: Gaku-Ten – Lyrics (English) First Draft

This first draft comes as part of a special request by Ichiban (or Ichi) and as with the translation of Chain, is the first attempt I’ve made to translate the song, so it will *definitely* have lots of errors! There are some sentences that I am very unsure about (these are marked with (???) depending on the level of uncertainty) but as with everything on this site, if you do know of any errors, please let me know as I’ll be very happy to correct it! :)

p/s: If you do decide to post this first attempt elsewhere, please give some credit to this page, even if it is a first draft! ^^

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BACK-ON – Gaku-Ten | Lyrics

Finally, after the long wait, I can present you with the lyrics of Gaku-Ten from Baby Rock! Thank you all for your patience. It was surprisingly easy to convert to hiragana after typing up the original (kanji) lyrics, partially because of the extensive use of katakana for words such as ‘pheromone’ and also there were few ‘tricky’ pronunciations, unlike perhaps in New World.

The song is about the (adolescent) Back-on fantasising about their new female teacher. I’ts hard to express the hilarity of the song with just words, so take a look at the Gaku-Ten PV ft. Nao Oikawa (courtesy of blueblueblue) The band uses phrases such as

‘pheromone bang bang’, ‘baby’ and ‘ボンキュッボン’

the latter is apparenty used when describing a voluptuous body.

‘ハート ドッキドッキ’ (heart dokki dokki) and 超キュート (chou kyuuto)

both make an appearance, where the former is an onomatopoeia of a rapidly beating heart (from excitement), and the latter stands for ‘super cute‘.

Other points worth noting are below (in no particular order):

キーンコーンカーンコーン = (sound of the school bell ringing)
バトル = (battle)
トビラ = (door… in hiragana, tobira is supposedly another word for door)
ヤベー = (I’m in big trouble? source)
ビンチ = (pinch – in a pinch or a crisis)
キメて = (the point where victory is determined?)
なんちゃって = (just kidding/joking – a colloquial phrase)
マチガイ = (mistake?)

However, I wasn’t sure of the actual meaning and context of a few katakana phrases, so I’ve left them out for the moment for future referencing or for some kind soul to inform me about what it actually *means*.

As always, if you spot any mistakes, please let me know either by commenting below or via the contact form.

If you would like to post these lyrics elsewhere, please link back to this page. :)

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Watch the Gaku-Ten PV featuring Nao Oikawa

The Gaku-Ten PV video at Youtube was already featured on a previous post, but it really does warrant its very own page. The video comes courtesy of blueblueblue, and features Nao Oikawa (及川奈央) as the teacher. Its quite evident in the video that Gaku-Ten is about the delinquent Back-on members fantasising about their new (homeroom?) teacher. The ending of the video itself is hilarious hehe… anyway, screenshots and more production information to come (exclusively Back-on Online) but watch the video first:

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