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Back-on’s TV Size mp3s for Air Gear, Murder Princess and Eyeshield 21

I read somewhere that it’s good for sites to do summary posts sometimes, and although I’ve been tempted to try it several times, it’s taken me a while to think of a good summary theme to post about!

This is actually sort of in-conjunction with Sowon‘s Back-on Music Competition on the Forums, where each time, participants have to sing one particular song (TV size version) from Back-on‘s repetoire. (Please consider entering the competition, minna! :D) Usually, it does help to ‘record’ with the song in question playing in the background, which brings me to the main topic:

where can I find TV size mp3s of Back-on‘s songs?

It would probably be helpful to first provide a list of the songs, so without further ado in the order of Anime Title | Type | Song Title :

Anime Title Type Song Title
Air Gear OP Chain
Murder Princess (OVA) OP ヒカリサスホウ Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal ver.)
Eyeshield 21 OP BLAZE LINE
Eyeshield 21 ED a day dreaming…

Aside from Chain, most of the mp3s are available for download somewhere on Back-on Online, and since this is a summary post, you can find the direct-links to the posts in question below:

But where can you find Chain? This only happens to be one of the most popular Back-on songs ever. The answer is simple: visit Japtard.com. Or more specifically,

view the post Air Gear OST – What a Groovy Trick!

You can the entire OST available for download (at 320kbps) – either as a zip file, or individual mp3 files. Chain (TV Size) is the first song on the 34-track album. The download has kindly been provided by Frox, who has credited Nipponsei for the original release.

Hopefully this post will be helpful to those searching for ‘that’ opening/ending theme by Back-on. Almost every single one so far also has their corresponding lyrics posted on the site somewhere, so take a look at the Lyrics section if you’re interested, particularly if you’d like to participate in the competition!

Sites that link to Back-on Online – Thanks!

There are several sites on the WWW that link to Back-on Online, and thus far, we haven’t had the opportunity to link back to most of them yet! I would like to show our appreciation by posting a bit about each site. So, in no particular order:

Wikipedia - Back-on Wikipedia – Back-on
A fair amount of traffic is generated from the Wiki entry for Back-on, so will have to thank whoever linked us there in the first place, as well as Justwisted for creating and maintaining the Wiki entry!
Japtard.com - Who wants more Groovy Trick! Japtard.com
Our first contact with Japtard was through the Air Gear OST II – Who wants more Groovy Trick! and since then, Frox has kindly added a link to Back-on Online on his blogroll. Thank you! ^^
In the Dark night,can't find the way of light::: Crazy Vampire knight In the Dark night,can’t find the way of light::: Crazy Vampire knight
This is a Thai site that seems to be dedicated to Jpop and Jrock, and when the owner did a feature on Back-on, they very kindly added a link to BOO.
Baidu Back-on Community Baidu Back-on Community
The owner of the board (kenji03) has also kindly linked BOO several times. For fans – particularly those who understand Chinese, this is probably the best place to visit for Back-on related music media!
Db0 - CSS Wrangling A Division by Zero
Db0‘s personal site is actually not related to Back-on, but he still kindly wrote about BOO, as both sites are based on the same WordPress template (Hemingway-Ex) and now both use the same dropdown menu!
OrangeyIin Orangey Iin
A personal blog from Orange Iin, a fan of Back-on from Taiwan. Like Frox of Japtard, she has also been kind enough to link BOO in her blogroll!

Thanks again to every one for linking to Back-on Online! Hope you continue to support the site in the future!

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