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Exclusive preview: “come on & let’s go feat. Emyli, KALIS from OverDose (Taiwan)” lyrics – chorus, Emyli and KALIS’ rap

Have you been listening to come on & Let’s go feat. Emyli, KALIS from OverDose (Taiwan) on repeat since yesterday?  I know I have, especially after listening to the ON8 radio interview uploaded by MONSTERSNITE, which included what was probably the first radio airplay of the song and, in case you missed it, can be found here (with a little intro by KENJI03):


This is the first time that BACK-ON and their collaborators Emyli and KALIS (not KAILIS) will be releasing a song in three different languages: Japanese, English and Mandarin, and we have been given an exclusive preview of the lyrics by an anonymous visitor for the chorus, as well as  Emyli and KALIS‘ rap!

come on & Let's go feat. Emyli and KALIS from OverDose (Taiwan)

A big thank you must be given to our anonymous visitor for the exclusive preview! :D  

We will be transliterating this part of the lyrics over the next week (the ones in Japanese and Chinese) as we count down the days till the release of Good Job!! (May 30th 2012), as this is definitely one of BACK-ON‘s best songs (imho) in that not only does it deliver a message of hope, inspiration and belief, one that we can ALL relate and sing-along to, but does so as part of a tune that, to me at least, is as groundbreaking and captivating as Chain.

TEEDA and KENJI03 – Radio interview with BayFM’s Sana on “ON8″ and listen to ‘come on & Let’s go feat. Emyli, KALIS from OverDose (Taiwan)” in full!

BACK-ON‘s TEEDA and KENJI03 joined BayFM‘s さな(Sana) on her radio show ON8 yesterday and MONSTERSNITE has very kindly uploaded it onto Youtube for everyone to listen to as well!

The pair are their usual charming selves (I think there’s even a gift!) and Sana likes calling them ‘sempai’, but quite importantly, this is probably the first time that come on & Let’s go feat. Emyli, KALIS from OverDose (Taiwan) has received radio airplay and we get to hear it in FULL!


It is definitely a fantastic collaboration featuring KENJI03 + TEEDA + Emyli + KALIS rapping and singing in no less than three different languages (English, Japanese and Mandarin) – it is THE tune of the month for me!

TEEDA and KENJI03 with Sana on on8, BayFM
Photo of TEEDA and KENJI03 with Sana (17th May 2012) from TEEDA’s blog

I reckon it will be impossible for anyone not to like this song and it would be great to know your thoughts! :D  With lyrics like ‘turn up the volume on the 50-pound boom box‘ and mentions of ‘Wu-Tang‘  (TEEDA) and ‘gotta aim sky high never settle for a lie‘ (Emyli),  ‘gotta be brave… 最真實的自我’   (my true self – KALIS) and a chorus with English and Japanese (sung predominantly by KENJI03) – English excerpts below:

Come on and Let’s go, are you ready set go!…
I wanna be a hero
Tell me what you want, show me what you got yeah 

Such a hotly anticipated collaboration and BACK-ON delivered with aplomb! :D  For those who understand Japanese better than I do, I would love to find out more about what they talked about during the interview!

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BACK-ON to release their third album “Good Job!!” on May 30th 2012!

As with Hello World, BACK-ON have decided to release two editions of their third album “Good Job!!” – a CD-only version and the other as a CD+DVD combo. This is the first album release since Icchan left the band in November 2011 and features 9 new, previously unreleased, tracks!

Good Job!! (CD) Good Job!! (CD+DVD)
Good Job!! (CD) Good Job!! (CD + DVD)

With thanks to CDJapan for the images and details: the CD-only edition will include 12 tracks, and the CD+DVD edition will apparently have two additional videos for “Ice cream” and “Connectus and selfish”.

The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Ice cream
  2. Highway Dancer
  3. Connectus
  4. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
  5. come on & Let’s go feat. Emyli, kalis from OVER DOSE (Taiwan)
  6. HOME
  7. Word play
  9. フタリダイアリー
  11. Selfish
  12. Mr Yesterday
  13. [DVD] Ice cream **
  14. [DVD] Connectus and selfish **

As we browse through the tracklist, we find that the band have included “Connectus and selfish” as two separate songs – BACK-ON originally combined the two due to restrictions by their record company for the same-title single to only have ‘one new track – and have collaborated with Kalis from the indie Taiwanese rock band OVERDOSE for “come on & Let’s go”.

Some of you may recall that OVERDOSE were the opening act (or warm-up act) for BACK-ON during their 2009 live tour in Taiwan – KALIS is credited as one of the band’s main vocals and rappers and you can listen to more of the band’s music on their official Youtube channel.

Emyli – who also collaborated with them on the same song – is a Japanese pop singer who has also worked with m-flo. She recently posted a photo of herself and TEEDA on her Facebook wall and her official website can be found here.

BACK-ON‘s third track “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme” hints at ABBA (I hope it will be a fast song, personally) and フタリダイアリー or ‘Two person diary’ seems to be a very contemplative title.

All-in-all, Good Job!! is looking to be a very intriguing release – especially given the collaborations – and I hope you are as excited as we are about it! We’ll be updating the Discography section as we find out more, but feel free to come and join our forum discussion thread as well!

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