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Download the TV size version of Sands of Time as an mp3!

With thanks to XrayMind from the D-Addicts Forum, we’ve been able to get hold of a good quality raw video of the first ever episode of ケータイ捜査官7 (Keitai Sousakan 7)! We haven’t watched it yet (but the start and end do look promising!) but we have done an audio rip/transcode of the last minute of the file; which, of course is the ending sequence featuring Sands of Time!

The mp3 is encoded at 320kbps (as usual) using MediaCoder. Hope you all enjoy listening to the song!

Sands of Time [TV Size Rip] (2.22 MB, Zipped)

Back-on - Sands of Time (TV Size) (1958 downloads)

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Revealed: Hayase Erina – the actress in the flower PV!

The Back-on Messageboard hasn’t been updated in awhile, so it was a pleasant surprise to find that a message (#237) has been posted about the actress in Back-on’s flower pv! *drumroll* The lucky lady’s name is:

早瀬英里奈 (Hayase Erina)

A quick googling returns a number of references, including the fantastic Wiki@d-addicts, which shows that Hayase Erina is quite an up-and-coming actress, especially in jdoramas! You can see a picture of her below, courtesy of her agent – Stardust Promotion – with some details from her profile:

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