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“Sands of time” out today!

After the unbearably long wait (their last single release was in September 2007!) Back-on‘s brand new single Sands of time is finally out today! :)

Alas I haven’t yet heard any of the new songs on the tracklisting (apart from the title track Sands of time) but according to the initial feedback by Meji (who received her CD the day before the release date!) Back-on have apparently out-done themselves with the new songs!

Meji mentions in one of her posts that the songs were:

“Not really more focused on the rock side. message for kidz is very catchy, and the fifty/50 one, I would say that song would be their best one, b/c on the lyrics and listening to the song itself the same time; it comes out like a story, I’m guessing it would be life in the Adachi District where they grew up.

And in fact, Icchan wrote a little bit more about message for kidz and fifty/50 in his latest blog entry (they’re really looking forward to feedback by the way!) where he says that:

fifty/50 will be a nice surprise to those who listen to Back-on‘s songs, as it is very different and will be the first time the band have experimented with this style. Teeda sings solo (I think he might be might even be the only singer?) for this quite ‘hip-hop’ song, and the lyrics really demonstrate the conflict that Teeda feels within his heart.”

Icchan also elaborates on message for kidz (parts of which I didn’t understand very well either) where he seems to say:

“The song isn’t just for the stereotypical children or ‘kids’, as everyone is or has been a kid at one point. message for kidz is dedicated to cheering-on anyone who has worked hard to overcome their hurdles and move forward, step-by-step, towards the future. Hopefully, kids who are kids, or people who were kids will listen to this song and feel energised!”

I’m very much hoping I haven’t misinterpreted Icchan‘s words (any corrections, please please do let me know!) too much, but hopefully it will give everyone a rough idea of the background of these two new songs. ^^

And before I forget: a big thanks to Meji for the first review of the single! :) I can’t wait to get my hands on my copy, but in the meantime, I will keep scouring the internet for any previews!

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New Back-on song ‘Sands of Time’ is the ending theme for new J-drama series ‘Keitai Sousakan 7’!

This is probably one of the most exciting posts we’ve made in a long long time! Back-on have finally announced the title of their new song ‘Sands of Time‘, and as if that wasn’t enough for us fans, they’ve also said that it will be the ending theme for the upcoming 51-episode Jdrama ケータイ捜査官7 (Keitai Sousakan 7, Cellphone Investigation 7, Mobile Investigator 7)!

Screenshot of news post re: Sands of Time

This breaking news was first spotted by Sesshy on Back-on’s official blog, and it was subsequently posted onto their official Myspace in English. They were both accompanied by a picture of the band with the cast and Hitomi Shimatani at the press conference that was held by the production team of Keitai Sousakan 7 to launch the show.

We will be covering the drama in more depth in another post. For a quick low-down of the facts (info courtesy of August Ragone, The Good, The Bad, and Godzilla 続・夕陽の呉爾羅):

The 51-episode series revolves around Kieta, a high school freshman who joins “Anchor” (the digital-crime-fighting organisation) and is given the transformer-phone, Phonebraver 7, to help thwart the plans of an internet-based crime organisation.

The main role is played by 19 year-old Masataka Kubota, and is supported by actors Mickey Curtis (Agitator), Yuko Ito (Bubble Fiction), Kanji Tsuda (Japan Sink), Natsuki Okamoto (Arch Angels), Satoshi Matsuda (Kamen Rider Ryuki), and Nao Nagasawa (Hurricanger).

Cast of Keitai Sousakan 7 at the press conference
From left: Takashi Miike, Nao Nagasawa, Yuko Ito, Masataka Kubota,
Kanji Tsuda, Satoshi Matsuda, Natsuki Okamoto (Source: Nippon Cinema)

Some big names are involved with the project, including:

  • Takashi Miike (三池崇史), the supervising director for KS7 who is famous for directing Great Yokai War and the Alive or Dead series.
  • Mamoru Oshii (押井守), the director behind Ghost in the Shell.
  • Shusuke Kaneko (金子修介), a well known director who most recently worked on the live movie version of Death Note.

In addition to the ‘all-star’ director group, TV Tokyo also recruited Hitomi Shimatani to sing the opening theme song. Apparently the new song is called WAKE YOU UP. There are reports that the singer may even guest-star in the series as well. (Author’s note: Will Back-on guest-star too?)

Alas we can’t see very much of the band from the photo posted on their blogs, but with a big thanks to bebekjelek, we can share some really good closeups of the band from the press conference that you can see below:

Group 2 Group 2

As a super-special bonus, we’ve kindly been given permission to post even more photos from the event that were taken by David Michaud of LeJapon.fr, a freelance photographer who hails from France and is based in Japan. The full-sized versions of the thumbnails (and more photos) can all been seen in the BOO Gallery – KS7 Press Conference, and aside from the excellent group photos, there are also individual pictures (closeups!) of Kenji03 and Teeda! I would really encourage everyone to view the photos in full, since thumbnails really don’t do them enough justice!

Kenji03 and Teeda Group Photo 5 Group Photo 3 Group Photo 6
Group Photo with Takashi Miike and Hitomi Shimatani Kenji03 Teeda 3 Group Photo 4

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flower and Butterfly singles released (samples available)!

Back-on‘s brand new singles flower and Butterfly were both released to much fanfare yesterday! :D There has been a flurry of activity at Back-on’s Official Blog (which has a new layout) with plenty of photos and comments!

Ameblo - Official Blog - Version 2

This is particularly in response to the original blog post by Back-on‘s staff asking for feedback and comments, where I believe Back-on staff promised that comments would receive replies if they posted within a certain timeframe, and Teeda for instance, has made an amazing effort to say hi to everyone!

You might be interested in knowing that both Teeda and Kenji03 have stopped writing in their own blogs, and that Back-on’s Official Blog is now their main blogging platform, so it’s a fantastic resource for interesting pictures and videos from the band!

We’ll try and give you more information about these posts in the future, but Back-on did include some photos of the singles in the shops (HMV for instance) that you can see below:

Singles! Singles CD display

They also took pictures with some lucky CD staff member(s)!

Singles - Shop staff

Last but not least, if you’re wondering what the songs sound like, we’ve been able to listen to samples of each track on both CDs (courtesy of Hmv.co.jp) which we are now making available below as a mix-zip file below! So included 45 second samples are:

  • flower (Myspace preview) – as it’s better quality
  • ZERO
  • Colors
  • Butterfly (Myspace preview)
  • Spark
  • DRIVE (Shutokou Remix)

Please bear in mind that these are song samples so the quality is unfortunately not very good (aside from flower and Butterfly previews from Back-on’s Myspace, which were both made available in a previous post) but hopefully it is enough to give everyone a quick preview! Personally, aside from the title tracks, I’m loving the sample of ZERO and Colors! Which songs do you like?

Mixed Samples

Back-on - Mixed Samples (1535 downloads)

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BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… single released today!

BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… is out today! The single cover featuring Teeda is shown below and clicking on it will take you to an even larger picture in the Gallery.

BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming... cover

The tracklisting includes:

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Tidbits about Back-on at Shibuya Jack

In case you hadn’t seen the previous post about Shibuya Jack, where Back-on recorded a special 45 second video greeting to promote the first all-day music festival (terminology credit: here) where (it turns out) more than 100 bands performed live at several different venues! It was organised by Jesse of Rize (amongst others) and Back-on have talked about it briefly in their blog, and have posted a picture too!

Photo from Shibuya Jack

Although they were only given a 45 minute slot at Unity, they still managed to play 8 songs for their set. Kenji03 has actually posted a picture of their planned set list on his blog, and it seems that they almost performed Colors (the theme song from Tokyo Mayokara) but 8 is a great number, don’t you think? All the songs are definitely great for getting the crowd excited and jumping!

Back-on's Shibuya Jack Setlist from Kenji03

The event was held on Sunday, May 27th 2007 and for the moment, there doesn’t seem to be much media around in terms of pictures, videos etc. I’ll continue the search and hopefully we’ll all get to see something more soon, as it seems to one of their most successful gigs so far! :D

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Back-on’s first thoughts about their trip to America

The main content from this post is taken from the blogs of Teeda, Kenji03 and the official blog, as there are now posts on all three regarding the recent trip to America. :) It’s evidently been a blast for the the Back-on fans (see all the Anime Matsuri related threads in particular) but what did the band think?

The official blog thanks both the welcoming team in Houston, and the supporting team in Japan profusely, and goes onto say the time in America went by in a flash, it was (I think this is what they mean:) an eye-opening experience where they learnt alot. (specifically, it was a time of growth… or something like that) They then go onto remind everyone that they will be showing a video on May 10th at Shibuya Ruido K2 of their experience (with some little souvenirs?)

Teeda also thanks everyone at the end of his post, which mentions the friends that he has made in the 10 days spent in America:

Jhon. denis. david. aki. tony. favio. nick. james. jason. ven. leon. chris.
lita. mc. naomi. koshi. alex. fizz. akiyama.  and more….

(lucky people!) but he evidently enjoyed himself as (I think) that he didn’t want to come back from Texas. However, he does delve a bit deeper and ask questions such as:

Why does a song that I usually listen to suddenly sound so good? (I think)
Why did I spend more time looking at what was a very ordinary view?
Why is warm beer so nice?

He mentions the sky – that he’s never viewed the sky from any other island (apart from Japan presumably) for the past 22 years, but it is totally different when viewed from another island. Teeda then goes onto mention a (probably profound) point:

One normally perceives something in a certain way, but when you view something from a different perspective, at a different angle, you then know the depth of that something.

(apologies for the shoddy attempt at translation here… please do send any corrections in because I know how annoying it is if I got it all wrong!)

Kenji03 kept his thoughts very brief, but he also thanks those who are afar(?). The 9 days went by very quickly, and (I think he says) despite the differences in race and in language, music was the common point that connected everyone. However, Kenji03 does say he would like to learn some English before the next trip, as well as avoid burgers for the time being… ;)

Finally, on a totally unrelated note: the raw for Eyeshield 21 episode 104 has finally been released on torrent! You can find it at Tokyo Toshokan courtesy of [l33t-raws].

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Anime Matsuri 2007 – Live in Texas – Back-on blog summary

Back-on updated their official blog – Back-on Reportwith the picture below saying how much they enjoyed being in Texas (at Anime Matsuri, Houston) It all started with Chain receiving exposure through Air Gear, and then a letter arriving to invite them to Texas. It’s a lovely picture taken with the crowd and you can click on the picture itself to get the original size.

Back-on Concert

Teeda also posted in his blog (in fact, he was the most active in updating on a daily basis :D) where I think he said he was surprised at receiving such a warm welcome in America (which he now really likes!) Teeda noted the fact that alot of cute girls (author’s note: including Ichi, Ookami and Miyu-chan) asked him for an autograph/hugs? ^^ (author’s further note: you lucky lucky people! I so wish I was there!)

Subway logo

On the last day, the Back-on group went for dinner late at night, only to find that the restaurants weren’t open on a Sunday! Ultimately they ended up in Subway (those lucky Subway people!) and all ate a massive American-sized sandwich. The funny thing was that Gori (and someone else?) then said that he still wasn’t full, leaving Teeda and Kenji03 speechless!

Hopefully Back-on will update their blogs with even more info at a later date! They will actually be showing a video at their next show in Shibuya on May 10th 2007, with footage from the entire weekend. Fingers-crossed that they’ll post it online as well!

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First picture of George R. Brown Convention Center from Back-on

Back-on have posted their first picture of the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, which (as regular readers will know) is the venue for Anime Matsuri. This picture was taken from a (their?) hotel room and was found on their blog, where they have promised more updates soon about the event.

George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas taken by Back-on

Unfortunately the Anime Matsuri website is down at the moment as it has exceeded its bandwidth (neeuu!) but I’m sure the organisers will have it back up soon. In the meantime, you can still visit their official forums at MashHarder.

In the meantime, you can still find out about Back-on‘s schedule on Back-on Online, but whilst I was looking up the George R. Brown Convention Center website, I came across a little bit of information regarding the venue. According to the GRBCC website, Anime Matsuri will be utilising the:

Exhibit Hall E / General Assembly / Meeting Rooms

If you do have lots of time on your hands and want to see what the centre looks like inside, you have the option of viewing images or a 360 degree panoramic view.

This information is brought to you by a Flick who is furiously attempting to type up Gaku-Ten lyrics on time and is taking a break by surfing Anime Matsuri related sites.

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Draft Chain translation coming soon…

I’ve been following the comments thread on Renegade Anime Blog – Air Gear Lyrics and Wallie Dump, and it seems the translated Chain lyrics (English) is something that people are actively looking out for. I can’t pretend to know much Japanese but there are multiple ways of translating lyrics.

Anyway, this is just a news update to let you know that Back-on Online will be releasing a draft of this translation. This will be work-in-progress and be open to correction by anyone, with full credits to their work. Is this something you’re hoping to find too or do you think we should be focusing on other things? Please drop us a comment on this news post or via the contact form to let us know your views!

UPDATE: The first draft is now available at: http://www.backon-online.com/lyrics-chain-english-draft/

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