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BOO and BOO Forums are now officially one year old!

We celebrate our very first birthday today!

It’s official! :D We are now a proud one year old website baby who has started walking on its own two feet! As mentioned in our previous post about our birthday celebrations, we will be spending the next few days:

  • showcasing a series of special fan submissions (Thank you everyone!)
  • bringing you unique multimedia never seen on this site (or anywhere else?) before
  • giving you a potted history about the site
  • posting more sites updates
  • launching a brand new layout on the Forums (and later on the whole site)!

And well, before I started drafting this entire series, I was full of ideas about what I was going to write, but writer’s block decided to rear its dreaded head, and now I’m feeling a little stuck (especially with the server downtime less than an hour ago which decided to eat up my first draft!) so I’ll pause here and say: watch this space please!

Screenshot of New Forum Theme!Don’t forget you can always subscribe to our email newsletter, that sends you an email everytime there is a new post on the site. And as this is the birthday of our very special Forums, feel free to mosey over there for even more up-to-date posts!

p/s: And we’ve already launched the brand new forum theme with it’s brand new header by Sesshy! Take a look on the right! :D


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Celebrating our very first birthday on April 6th 2008!

BOO and Back-on Online Forums will be turning one!

Lots of websites are started up every day, and just a little over a year ago, BOO was started and joined very shortly by BOO Forums. With the upcoming release of Back-on‘s new song, Sands of Time, it seemed like a great opportunity for us to celebrate our very first birthday and also their new work at the same time!

After some discussion, we’ve opted for April 6th 2008 as our official birthday, and we’ve already started planning a number of things to mark the occasion! As BOO+Forums is fundamentally a fan community built for Back-on fans by fans, one of the major areas that we are focusing on is the:

Fanwork donation request!

This is where we would humbly like to ask everyone for their contribution! And what we are looking for, as ookami, one of our forum moderators (who came up with the idea) so excellently put it: (everyone’s) own little tidbits of Back-on goodness!

So, it can be art, writing, sketches, music, singing, covers, wallpapers, videos, literally just anything that you’ve made as a fan of Back-on. Please don’t hesitate to submit your work, as they will be appreciated, since you have spent time on it!

In addition to this, we are also going to do a:

Banner Rotation

To celebrate this event, and for the forseeable future, we will be randomly rotating the forum banner (the large image at the top!) using member-contributed work! The idea is with thanks to Sesshy, and I really hope everyone will be kind enough to submit their work!

The current banner featuring flower and Butterfly was kindly created for us by Sound-Ex/Nao, which I think is a fantastic example! Simple yet so very effective. So long as the banner is less than 850px in width and has a suitable height (minimum 150px) then please send them in! The minimum criteria (of course) is that it should say the forum name somewhere.

Another thing that we will be doing includes:

The New BACK-ON Dictionary in WIKI format

Originally a concept started by ichiban (forum moderator) as a forum thread where users contributed their definitions and collaborated to form the content. We’ve decided it’s time to make it ‘official’ and neat and tidy by making it like a WIKI! This will form part of the main site and will be editable only by forum members. The original forum thread will still remain though!

And as with every website, the time comes for a new fresh look, so we will be introducing:

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Happy birthday to Kenji03! :)

Today is Kenji03‘s birthday! :) Kenji03, the main vocalist and co-writer is acknowledged by the rest of the band to be the most popular band member – as he attracts the most girls – and as a (female) fan, it would be near scandalous to miss out wishing him a very happy day as he turns 23, so do please head along to the official Back-on birthday blog entry by Kenji03 and drop him a comment! :)

Image of Kenji03's birthday cake?

The link is right here, and the picture above is from the entry, which I presume is his birthday cake :


Kenji03 mentions the messages he has received by mail and via Myspace (probably on his private account, as it is now friends-only) but he is looking forward to the concert at Nagoya tomorrow, the first live performance after his 23rd birthday!

Happy Birthday to Kenji03! Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!

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Happy Birthday to Gori!

Today is Gori‘s birthday! :) Back-on‘s bass player turns 23 on this special day – June 13th 2007 – so hope he has a wonderful time! Apparently part of the celebrations will involve some karaoke and Teeda also mentions a gift of an adult grown-up DVD set… umm…. ;)


Anyway, Sound EX has suggested that we all visit Gori‘s personal blog to wish him a happy birthday, which I think is fantastic idea! So click on the link below to visit his blog and give him your very own birthday greetings!~


From Back-on Online

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GORI-san! Hope you have a great time today and always! 誕生日おめでとうございます

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