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BACK-ON to appear at Anime USA 2013 in Washington DC!

There are times when I wished I lived in the US and this week is certainly one of them, because BACK-ON will be performing live at Anime USA 2013 in Washington DC this weekend!

Anime USA 2013 banner

Their last appearance at the convention was way back in August 2007 and gained them fans aplenty. Given how their music has evolved over the past 6 years, it will be intriguing to find out what BACK-ON‘s set list will be on the night!

According to Anime USA‘s recently released schedule, the band will be present at several events throughout the 3-day convention aside from their headline concert, including three autograph/photo sessions and one Q&A session:
Friday, 13th September 2013

  • 17:00 – 18:00 – Autograph session
  • 19:30 – 20:30 – Q&A session (Events C)

Saturday, 14th September 2013

  • 21:30 – 22:30 – Concert (Main event)
  • 23:30 – 00:30 – Autograph session

Sunday, 15th September 2013

  • 13:00 – 14:00 – Photograph session

This is only a snapshot of their current timetable so please do refer back to the main page for the full list of all the activities for the three days – the convention will be based at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park.

The Anime USA team were kind enough to send us a copy of the official press release, which you can find here: Anime USA BACK-ON Press Release – it seems that there will be a surprise guest performing with the band!

BACK-ON‘s forthcoming appearance will also mark the first time (in a few years) since the group have performed at a venue outside of Japan, so if you are in the area or you are attending the event, please do drop us a comment or an email! We would love to find out what is happening :)

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Gundam Build Fighters TV Anime OP “ニブンノイチ” and Gundam Breaker (Playstation Vita) OP “INFINITY” by BACK-ON!

It’s official! BACK-ON has been announced as the performers of the opening theme “ニブンノイチ” (Nibun no Ichi) for the upcoming anime Gundam Build Fighters!

Screenshot of official Gundam Build Fighters website

With props to MONSTERSNITE for the news, the anime is due to première on TV Tokyo on October 7th 2013.

The announcement coincides with BACK-ON‘s first upcoming single release in 2013, titled ニブンノイチ / INFINITY (Nibun no Ichi / INFINITY), which is due out in November.

The band’s official website revealed that the second ‘A’ track of the single, “INFINITY“, will also be an opening theme, but for the Playstation Vita version of the game Gundam Breakers, which an updated version of the original PS3 game, and is set to be released on October 31st 2013.

According to Vif-Music and OKMusic, the tracklisting of the new single is expected to be as follows:

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Back-on media @ AnimeUSA 2007 – a quick glance

It’s been a while since Back-on hit Anime USA 2007 but who said time is an issue when writing news posts? Today’s feature are media of Back-on from Anime USA that various con-goers have put together or uploaded online.

We’ll start with a pretty professional video that was done by PBC Productions promoting Anime USA, and I have to admit I’m tempted to join the event next year. ;) Back-on feature in the clip for a mere 30 seconds (from 3:07) but Chad Williams and his team have helpfully provided translations when Kenji03 talks about his thoughts about how amazing it is to have people (who probably don’t know Japanese) singing along with Back-on‘s lyrics!

The video is available on PBC Productions‘ own website (recommended – see December 7th 2007 entry), or you can follow the ‘More’ link at the bottom to watch the same video on Revver.

Another video that we found (on Youtube) was uploaded by anantech featuring Back-on at their autograph-signing session. As many have already pointed out, the look on Teeda and Kenji03‘s faces when they saw the Wii is priceless :) As with the video above, you can visit Youtube or scroll down to watch it!

Last but not least, photos! The best resource at the moment is actually Anime USA’s official gallery where there are currently 50+ photos of Back-on at their concert performance! One of my most favourite has to be a photo featuring Kenji03:

Kenji03 - from AnimeUSA Gallery

Some other photos can be found on Back-on’s official blog such as this group photo:

Anime USA Group Photo

There are probably alot more photos and videos elsewhere that we haven’t found just yet so please keep checking back. If you do see something that you think we should post about, please let us know! :)

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Hiatus, hiatus, hiatus…

Ohayo! Yet again, it’s been awhile since the last update. You may be happy to find out that the backend of BOO, which is WordPress, was successfully upgraded and the downtime was much shorter than expected – a mere 20 minutes. However, if you’re wondering why there has been such a dry patch during Back-on‘s latest successful run of concerts, including their further conquest of the Americas at AnimeUSA just last week, I can only say that coursework and real life events have invaded and taken up permanent residence.

As the holiday seasons draws near (only a few more weeks!), we’ll try and post updates about Back-on‘s latest activities. Alas their international concert plans have drawn to a close this year, but judging by the massive reaction generated from their recent concerts, as well as the fansub groups finally releasing the later episodes of Eyeshield 21, I think it’s safe to say that we should expect a lot more news about their international plans next year!

Other updates will include an upgraded gallery, new lyrics and (hopefully) wallpapers that have been kindly provided by other Back-on fans, so please do look out for them!

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