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Interview with Back-on in Five-For Magazine with a chance of winning special Back-on merchandise!

If you have been following the news updates on BOO, you’ll have noticed the increasing number of ‘magazine’ interviews with Back-on that have been published in English! This includes Carlos Pardo‘s Anipike interview with the band at Anime Evolution 2007; the first published interview on paper in purple SKY Magazine, as well as one or two others we have yet to write up – a definite indication of Back-on‘s growing international popularity!

Each article/interview offers it’s own unique perspective of the band, and this undoubtedly includes the most recent issue (only its second!) of Five-For magazine, which features a special interview with Back-on, in addition to an exclusive review (including pictures!) of the band’s final concert of 2007 ‘Code 003’, which was the finale of their “Shining Line” tour in Japan!

We’ve included a small preview of one of the Back-on pages below for your reference that can be found on the Five-for website, as well as the cover of this particular issue (2):

Five-for Back-on Preview Five-for second issue Cover Preview

And if the interview and concert review (by Sabrina) weren’t enough, Five-For is also giving fans the opportunity to win special Back-on merchandise from their 2007 finale concert, including an autograph board as well as a Back-on towel! The draw takes place on February 21st 2008, so if you are planning to purchase the magazine, please do try and order it before the deadline if you’re interested in participating in the contest!

And for a quick lowdown: Five-For is a new bi-monthly magazine dedicated to Japanese Music. The editor, Sara Crane, mentioned that a major part of the magazine *is* covering the gigs and shows that the bands do at home in Japan. More information can be found on the Five-for website, where it can also be ordered online for $10.95 (US/Mexico/Canada) or $15.95 (Europe/Asia/South America), inclusive of delivery.

In addition to Back-on, the second edition of Five-for also includes interviews/live reports with Hitomi Shimatani, Koda Kumi, the pillows, and Danger Gang amongst others.

As with all articles featuring Back-on, please let us know what you think! :) If you do enter the competition, good luck! We’ll keep our fingers crossed what one of our visitors is the lucky winner!

Anipike interviews Back-on at Anime Evolution 2007

Anipike or Anime Web Turnpike is undoubtedly one of the most well known anime sites from the 90s, where in its hey day, the site was the central database (or mecca) for fans, providing links to a mind-boggling number of anime sites that sprung up almost daily, usually hosted on sites such as Tripod, Geocities and Angelfire. I remember being one of those avid fans who visited daily, in the days of dialup when the best anime content was not necessarily found by search engines, and one had to reference the encyclopedia that was Anipike.

However, it’s been several years since then (the site was acquired by a commercial company in 2000) and the site has become less prominent, so imagine my surprise when a random search came up with an interview by Anipike with Back-on! :)Anipike - Interview Thumbnail

The interviewer, Carlos Pardo, one of the main article contributors of Anipike, met Back-on during the Anime Evolution convention (2007) in Canada the day after their concert.

He started off the article by introducing the band (always a good thing!) and talking about some of the band’s activities at the convention, before moving to give a glowing review (with plenty of detail and enthusiasm) of their concert performance, and a brief excerpt is provided below:

BACK-ON whipped the crowd into a jumping mass of bodies with their first song “Chain,” a particular favorite of mine. Teeda the MC or rapper of the group, stomped around gushing out the lyrics, and then guitarist/vocalist Kenji stepped in to sing the melodic chorus of the song. Kenji03 definitely was a favorite among the females in the audience, with plenty of screams each time he came up to the microphone. With Shu supplying more guitar riffs, his long hair shaking to the rhythms of Icchan on drums, and Gori creating a path of blazing bass tones, you can clearly see a band comfortable with themselves, synchronized together to make an impressive quintet.

Later on, Carlos (or Hkaddict as he is probably better known as) then launched into the interview (or chat) session with Back-on, where they covered a range of topics, including (predictably) anime and music, with some really interesting (and new) answers, such as:

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Back-on’s 3rd Single – Flower – out August 29th 2007!

It’s still a few months before the arrival of August (when Back-on will be performing at their second ever international concert during Anime Evolution in Canada) but in the meantime, a new CD single has popped up in some Japan online CD shops such as Amazon -Japan

under Back-on‘s discography, called Flower!

At present, aside from a few general details such as the release date, label, catalogue reference and recommended price (as listed below):

  • Release date : August 29th 2007
  • Label : Cutting Edge
  • Catalogue ref. : CTCR-40261
  • Recommended price : ¥ 1,200

the only significant information available regarding the single is that it is related to the anime: Eyeshield 21,

where the song, Flower, will be the new ending theme!

If this news seems completely random, Back-on were invited to write the (current) OP and ED of Eyeshield 21, and the songs have just been released as the 3-track single BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming…, which included an additional song EYES.

There is also news that the first releases of Flower will be special edition CDs, with the jacket cover of the single featuring Back-on and the inside-pages of the usual booklet featuring Eyeshield 21. This isn’t too surprising, considering the first release of the single Chain also had a specially-designed booklet!

The really tantalising information about the single is that some sites have mentioned “CD-Extra“, which generally means that something extra (maybe a preview video or an actual video?) will be included with the release. Definitely something to look forward to! :D

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Gori and the Hamburgers, plus ‘Fabio’?

Gori rarely ever updates his blog so when he does post something, a Back-on fan must always take a look! :) This applies also to other members of Back-on that maintain a public blog, such as Teeda and Kenji03!

It’s already been mentioned before that Back-on were particularly keen on hamburgers and Gori in particular seems to adore them! He writes:

I recall that on day one, I ate a hamburger the size of my hand in a bar!

On day two, for lunch, I ate a hamburger from the hotel.

On day three, I ate a hamburger from a takeout(?)/or outside.

On day four…

Gori stops at this point… where he says the memory of eating burgers everyday keeps popping up! :D

Gori's Anime Matsuri Picture


He obviously enjoyed being in America, and has posted a group picture which you can see above! Like Teeda and Kenji03, Gori thanks the people in America for being so good to them. He is also very much looking forward to Canada, so to all the Canadians – please do make an effort to support them at Anime Evolution if you’re around the area!

On another note, active forum users will most likely already know this video, but during Anime Matsuri 2007, one very lucky person by the name of Fabio was ‘serenaded’ by Back-on! The video has been uploaded by buehrer on Youtube, and Fabio has kindly allowed us to post it here:

We get to see Kenji03 strumming on his guitar singing Fabio, fabio, fabio… with the rest of Back-on joining in at the end of each sentence with Fabio! At the end, Gori says the sweetest thing.. I love you!

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Short news update about Back-on and a bit about Back-on Online

There isn’t enough for each news ‘bite’ for me to be able to write entire news updates, so I’ve decided to collate them all into one mini-news update.

First on the list – Back-on have officially announced the news of their scheduled appearance at Anime Evolution on their official website. It seems that it will be a live and recorded performance at an outdoor venue, a great setting seeing as this will be in August!

In light of Back-on appearing at both Anime Matsuri and Anime Evolution, J!-ENT have released a spotlight article on the band, written by Dennis A. Amith. He talks about the band’s history (something we haven’t touched on yet at Back-on Online) as well as their recent releases. I would say though that Back-on’s musical style is more similar to Linkin Park than Limp Bizkit. You can read the article yourself by clicking on the link below:


The picture in the article features all of the band, including Icchan, the new drummer. It does look as though he’s been photoshopped in though for some reason hmm… I’d be interested in finding out what readers thought as well so feel free to drop a comment. ^^

So… finally on to the bit about Back-on Online, we now have a proper forum! Again, credit must got to Sowon (now the in-house Super-moderator) for suggesting the idea in the first place. Please do pay a visit and register to join the chat! It is the first forum dedicated to Back-on and I think it has a lot of potential to reach more people!

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Back-on performing at AnimeEvolution (AE) in Vancouver

Back-on have added yet another performance date to their international calendar! This time, the lucky country is Canada, where Back-on will be performing at Anime Evolution (August 17th-19th 2007). The news was announced on February 26th 2007 by the head programmer, Melissa.

Musical Guests BACK-ON Performing at AE!

We are proud to announce our first guests for Anime Evolution 2007. Our Musical Guests from Japan this year are BACK-ON, a 5-member band that combine rock music with hip-hop. Their hit song “CHAIN” is the opening theme song to ADV’s new release Air Gear.

BACK-ON is coming to Vancouver courtesy of AVEX Group.

Please join us in welcoming BACK-ON this year!

I wish they would come to England! This news update comes courtesy of Kerobe on the Jpopmusic forums.

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