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BACK-ON Music Competition Round 2 – Chain – hosted by Sowon

This is the most exciting news we’ve had recently, and I hope you’re all geared up, as Sowon has just announced the start of Round 2 of the BACK-ON Music Competition!

Air Gear wallpaper from Renegade.Animeblogger

The featured song for Round 2 will be Chain, the OP from the anime Air Gear and everyone is invited to participate!

So how will it all work?

We want to hear your rendition of Chain, so feel free to sing over the song in the background or even ‘a cappella’ style without the accompanying music! :) The rules are very loose here, so please don’t be bogged down by restrictions.

In terms of recording your voice, it’s quite easy to buy a microphone that plugs into your computer and works straightaway. If that option isn’t available, there’s always the web-cam or even your mobile phone! (info and demonstration courtesy of Sowon!)

The competition will run for a month, and submissions will need to be made by August 9th on the Forums. Voting will then start from August 10th for one week until August 17th. You are welcome to make an audio or even a video file for your submission! For an example, check out TsUbAmE‘s rendition of ‘a day dreaming…‘ on Youtube!

For those who want to start from scratch: the Chain (TV size) mp3 audio file can be found at Japtard.com (thanks Frox!), and you can find the lyrics for Chain (kanji, hiragana and romaji versions) on Back-on Online by clicking here.

Minna Gambatte! So far we are expecting entries from the great Sowon-nii himself, TsUbAmE, Souryoku, and also myself. So hope you will all participate too by sending in your submission and voting!

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Back-on’s TV Size mp3s for Air Gear, Murder Princess and Eyeshield 21

I read somewhere that it’s good for sites to do summary posts sometimes, and although I’ve been tempted to try it several times, it’s taken me a while to think of a good summary theme to post about!

This is actually sort of in-conjunction with Sowon‘s Back-on Music Competition on the Forums, where each time, participants have to sing one particular song (TV size version) from Back-on‘s repetoire. (Please consider entering the competition, minna! :D) Usually, it does help to ‘record’ with the song in question playing in the background, which brings me to the main topic:

where can I find TV size mp3s of Back-on‘s songs?

It would probably be helpful to first provide a list of the songs, so without further ado in the order of Anime Title | Type | Song Title :

Anime Title Type Song Title
Air Gear OP Chain
Murder Princess (OVA) OP ヒカリサスホウ Hikari Sasuhou (FK Metal ver.)
Eyeshield 21 OP BLAZE LINE
Eyeshield 21 ED a day dreaming…

Aside from Chain, most of the mp3s are available for download somewhere on Back-on Online, and since this is a summary post, you can find the direct-links to the posts in question below:

But where can you find Chain? This only happens to be one of the most popular Back-on songs ever. The answer is simple: visit Japtard.com. Or more specifically,

view the post Air Gear OST – What a Groovy Trick!

You can the entire OST available for download (at 320kbps) – either as a zip file, or individual mp3 files. Chain (TV Size) is the first song on the 34-track album. The download has kindly been provided by Frox, who has credited Nipponsei for the original release.

Hopefully this post will be helpful to those searching for ‘that’ opening/ending theme by Back-on. Almost every single one so far also has their corresponding lyrics posted on the site somewhere, so take a look at the Lyrics section if you’re interested, particularly if you’d like to participate in the competition!

Air Gear OST II – Who Wants More Groovy Trick!!?? – Chain (Short) Instrumental Remix Extravaganza

The Air Gear opening theme – Chain is one of the songs that introduced *lots* of people (including yours truly) to the wonderful band that we all know as Back-on, and since reading the interview by JaME, I’ve become intrigued by the idea of remixes, since Back-on have said that they would like to:

rearrange Chain in DUB

where DUB is apparently a form of Jamaican music with reggae origins. To bring this into context, Back-on‘s name was given by Jesse of the Japanese metal, reggae and rap band RIZE. :)

So how does this all relate to the Air Gear OST II?

I have to confess that I haven’t actually seen the anime Air Gear beyond Episode 1, because I became a bit too obsessed intrigued by Back-on to continue watching it, but listening to the second OST (original sound track) is really helping to change my mind!

Air Gear - OST I - Cover from Amazon.co.jp

The first OST (original sound track) “What a Groovy Trick!” was hailed as a great album, but for fans of the show, it appears to have lacked the instrumental versions of Chain used throughout the anime.

Air Gear - OST II - Cover from Amazon.co.jp

The producers haven’t made the same mistake twice, and the second OST “Who wants More Groovy Trick!!??” features 8 (short but) different instrumental remix versions of Chain by Skankfunk! And in all honesty, I love them all!

You can see the track-listing below (courtesy of Wikipedia):

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Anime Matsuri 2007 – Live in Texas – Back-on blog summary

Back-on updated their official blog – Back-on Reportwith the picture below saying how much they enjoyed being in Texas (at Anime Matsuri, Houston) It all started with Chain receiving exposure through Air Gear, and then a letter arriving to invite them to Texas. It’s a lovely picture taken with the crowd and you can click on the picture itself to get the original size.

Back-on Concert

Teeda also posted in his blog (in fact, he was the most active in updating on a daily basis :D) where I think he said he was surprised at receiving such a warm welcome in America (which he now really likes!) Teeda noted the fact that alot of cute girls (author’s note: including Ichi, Ookami and Miyu-chan) asked him for an autograph/hugs? ^^ (author’s further note: you lucky lucky people! I so wish I was there!)

Subway logo

On the last day, the Back-on group went for dinner late at night, only to find that the restaurants weren’t open on a Sunday! Ultimately they ended up in Subway (those lucky Subway people!) and all ate a massive American-sized sandwich. The funny thing was that Gori (and someone else?) then said that he still wasn’t full, leaving Teeda and Kenji03 speechless!

Hopefully Back-on will update their blogs with even more info at a later date! They will actually be showing a video at their next show in Shibuya on May 10th 2007, with footage from the entire weekend. Fingers-crossed that they’ll post it online as well!

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Site updates 4 – New Forums, new staff and navigation change

As promised from yesterday, this news update summaries the changes to the site.

  • New Back-on Forumhttp://www.backon-online.com/forums/
    The original idea for the forums was conceived by Sowon, the new Forum-Supermoderator. :) You can find out more about him by clicking on Site Staff but this is the first forum dedicated to Back-on by fans for fans. Please do signup and participate in the discussions where possible! Its still work-in-progress so feedback and activity really help!
  • New Staff – Please welcome Sowon to the Back-on Online Team! Sowon hails from France and has stepped into the role of Forum Supermoderator. He has already made an impact by triggering alot of forum activity!
  • New Affiliate – I would also like to welcome Sound Ex as our brand new affiliate! Sound Ex is the official Back-on US street team and you can find their current website here: http://www.myspace.com/backon_soundex Nao runs Sound Ex, and Back-on Online look forward to working with her to promote Back-on as much as possible.
  • Site Navigation Change – The top navigation bar was becoming a little bit clogged up so, taking inspiration from JaME (who will feature in a later news post) I’m starting to re-organise the static site content. Hopefully it will also make it easier for users to find more information.I am very keen to hear feedback with regards to how easy it is for you to find what you’re looking for on Back-on Online, but in case you weren’t already aware of it – the Search function at the top of each page is usually very good, as well as the Related Posts found on the left of each full article.

I am currently considering creating a special page for each anime that features Back-on‘s music ie. Murder Princess OVA as well as Air Gear and Eyeshield 21. Each page would introduce the anime as well as Back-on‘s actual song and links to any media available on the site. Please do let me know if you think this will make your user experience of Back-on Online much better!

p/s: One of the forthcoming news updates will be something extra special – *hint* its to do with new lyrics!

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Translation: Chain – Lyrics (English) First Draft

As promised, I’ve attempted to translate Chain into English for the first time. Please bear in mind that this is the first draft (think earlier than alpha… so not even beta) so corrections and such are necessary and imminent. Your feedback is of course always appreciated. I will be changing/editing this page over these few days and over-time. Its as correct as I can get it from attempt 1 but it may not be in the right context.

p/s: Please do give some credit if you decide to post this first attempt elsewhere. :)

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Draft Chain translation coming soon…

I’ve been following the comments thread on Renegade Anime Blog – Air Gear Lyrics and Wallie Dump, and it seems the translated Chain lyrics (English) is something that people are actively looking out for. I can’t pretend to know much Japanese but there are multiple ways of translating lyrics.

Anyway, this is just a news update to let you know that Back-on Online will be releasing a draft of this translation. This will be work-in-progress and be open to correction by anyone, with full credits to their work. Is this something you’re hoping to find too or do you think we should be focusing on other things? Please drop us a comment on this news post or via the contact form to let us know your views!

UPDATE: The first draft is now available at: http://www.backon-online.com/lyrics-chain-english-draft/

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BACK-ON – Chain | Lyrics

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Time to break da chain.
no pain don’t be afraid
but 変わらない
same ol’days same ol’ways.
回り続ける時計 uh…乾ききった光景.
Can you hear my voice

はきだして 投げ捨てた
悲しみに 響く風 自由へとさそう
Go my way

さぁ行こうぜ!鎖はずして! 翼広げ! 青い世界へ・・・

[Chorus Rap]
Time to break da chain.no pain. don’t be afraid
That’s da sign it’s time to try. you gotta fly.
上も下も無いYou gotta grab da sky.

[RAP/Verse 2]
同じ道のり おなじみのstory.
I wanna step in da 未知の領域
Hell I know you can’t stop me
The winds at my back
so it’s time to fly
自分信じ飛び立てよ right now!

灰色に包まれた 太陽を呼び覚ます
敗北を転がして 明日へと繋ぐ
My wish

さぁ行こうぜ!鎖はずして! 翼広げ! 青い世界へ・・・

You ready to wake up
you gotta fly with us
闇が目を覚ます もう光り差す・・・

さぁ行こうぜ!鎖はずして! 翼広げ! 青い世界へ・・・

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Back-on performing at AnimeEvolution (AE) in Vancouver

Back-on have added yet another performance date to their international calendar! This time, the lucky country is Canada, where Back-on will be performing at Anime Evolution (August 17th-19th 2007). The news was announced on February 26th 2007 by the head programmer, Melissa.

Musical Guests BACK-ON Performing at AE!

We are proud to announce our first guests for Anime Evolution 2007. Our Musical Guests from Japan this year are BACK-ON, a 5-member band that combine rock music with hip-hop. Their hit song “CHAIN” is the opening theme song to ADV’s new release Air Gear.

BACK-ON is coming to Vancouver courtesy of AVEX Group.

Please join us in welcoming BACK-ON this year!

I wish they would come to England! This news update comes courtesy of Kerobe on the Jpopmusic forums.

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Chain Simfile… I kid you not

As one who doesn’t own a console, DDR or Dance Dance Revolution style games almost always passed by me, with only visits to the arcade to remind me of their existence. This is not the same for everyone else, so if you’re a fan, there is now a Chain DDR game! Unfortunately its not the full song, as the video in the background actually features the Air Gear opening, but it does have all the (presumably standard) difficulty levels and such.

The file has been brought to you by Jubo as part of Otaku’s Dream Mix. I’m a stranger to the significance of the file statistics, but if it interests you:

BPM: 92 – 184
Difficulties: 2, 5, 7, 9, 11
Video & Lyrics & Backgrounds: Yes, All Included.

You’ll need a programme called StepMania to load up the files. As far as I understand it, Stepmania can be connected to the dancepad/dancemat, so you can play ‘as usual’ aside from using the standard keyboard. I did install it myself and had a bit of fun!

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