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BACK-ON – BLAZE LINE (Eyeshield 21 OP version) | Lyrics

These lyrics are taken from the raw version of Episode 104 of Eyeshield 21, courtesy of [l33t-raws]. You can also watch a video of the opening credits or even download the TV-size version of the song.

If you decide to post the lyrics else, please do link back to this page and give us some credit! :)

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Download the OP version of BLAZE LINE from Eyeshield 21 Episode 104

This time, we have to thank [l33t-raws] for providing the raw version of Eyeshield 21, Episode 104 so that Back-on Online could provide the TV Size version of BLAZE LINE. I have already briefly mentioned my initial impressions of the song, but in the meantime… what do you think?

BLAZE LINE OP version (2.31 MB, Zipped)

Eyeshield 21 OP - BACK-ON - BLAZE LINE (3587 downloads)

With regards to the accompanying opening credits video uploaded by Back-on Online, unfortunately despite the original file being fairly high quality,with a recommended 4:3 ratio, the way Youtube has compressed the file has had a devastating effect on its quality, so apologies. We will continue to experiment with the output for a better quality picture!

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Back-on’s first thoughts about their trip to America

The main content from this post is taken from the blogs of Teeda, Kenji03 and the official blog, as there are now posts on all three regarding the recent trip to America. :) It’s evidently been a blast for the the Back-on fans (see all the Anime Matsuri related threads in particular) but what did the band think?

The official blog thanks both the welcoming team in Houston, and the supporting team in Japan profusely, and goes onto say the time in America went by in a flash, it was (I think this is what they mean:) an eye-opening experience where they learnt alot. (specifically, it was a time of growth… or something like that) They then go onto remind everyone that they will be showing a video on May 10th at Shibuya Ruido K2 of their experience (with some little souvenirs?)

Teeda also thanks everyone at the end of his post, which mentions the friends that he has made in the 10 days spent in America:

Jhon. denis. david. aki. tony. favio. nick. james. jason. ven. leon. chris.
lita. mc. naomi. koshi. alex. fizz. akiyama.  and more….

(lucky people!) but he evidently enjoyed himself as (I think) that he didn’t want to come back from Texas. However, he does delve a bit deeper and ask questions such as:

Why does a song that I usually listen to suddenly sound so good? (I think)
Why did I spend more time looking at what was a very ordinary view?
Why is warm beer so nice?

He mentions the sky – that he’s never viewed the sky from any other island (apart from Japan presumably) for the past 22 years, but it is totally different when viewed from another island. Teeda then goes onto mention a (probably profound) point:

One normally perceives something in a certain way, but when you view something from a different perspective, at a different angle, you then know the depth of that something.

(apologies for the shoddy attempt at translation here… please do send any corrections in because I know how annoying it is if I got it all wrong!)

Kenji03 kept his thoughts very brief, but he also thanks those who are afar(?). The 9 days went by very quickly, and (I think he says) despite the differences in race and in language, music was the common point that connected everyone. However, Kenji03 does say he would like to learn some English before the next trip, as well as avoid burgers for the time being… ;)

Finally, on a totally unrelated note: the raw for Eyeshield 21 episode 104 has finally been released on torrent! You can find it at Tokyo Toshokan courtesy of [l33t-raws].

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Watch the 4th opening of Eyeshield 21, Episode 104, BLAZE LINE

It was just less than a month ago that Back-on‘s a day dreaming… featured as Eyeshield 21‘s 5th ending theme for the start of the anime’s second season. On Wednesday, May 2nd 2007, BLAZE LINE became the 4th opening theme, starting from Episode 104: 一つ欠けたライン (Missing a line).

It’s been quite hard tracking down the raw version of the episode this time round, but thankfully a Youtube user, MamoriAnezaki, has managed to find a raw version and upload the opening for the anime!

Update – May 8th 2007! However, the video has since been deleted (neu!) and we have uploaded an alternative version, but due to some odd video compressions by Youtube, the quality of the file has been severely diminished. We will continue to work on providing a better quality file.

The song BLAZE LINE is unlike a day dreaming… as it’s very fast-paced, and imho nor is it like any of the songs from the New World album, so in fact more like a throw back to songs from e.g. Baby Rock. The main focus of BLAZE LINE is on Kenji03‘s(?) singing – for both the verse and the chorus – complimented by a Teeda rap-interlude in-between the two.

Please watch the video and see what you think? :)

I guess listening to this song will dispel any myths that Back-on are the Japanese Linkin’ Park because their style is only occasionally similar! In addition, having briefly heard EYES as part of a recording made during Back-on‘s Anime Matsuri concert (courtesy of Happysky), it seems the single BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming… which collates all 3 songs is potentially a compilation of 3 different Back-on musical styles.

This is probably something that we can elaborate on when the single comes out on June 6th 2007, but in the meantime, please let me know what you think of BLAZE LINE from this clip! :)