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Videos clips of BACK-ON Live at Formoz Festival 2007, Taipei, Taiwan!

Back-on recently made their international debut in Asia by performing at the major outdoor rock event Formoz Festival in Taipei, Taiwan, and judging from some of the responses we’ve seen so far (we’re working on collating this!) it was a storming success! :)

I’m fairly certain this is the first outdoor venue that Back-on has performed at (to be continued with their upcoming performance at Anime Evolution in Canada on August 18th 2007!) and many of us would have missed out, save for gangangan03! He has kindly uploaded two video clips of Back-on performing Believer and Chain live, both of which are available to watch below, or here and here respectively!

The first video is particularly special imho, because at the start of Believer, Kenji03 says hi to the crowd in mandarin (he went to school in Taiwan for a bit!) ending with “I love everyone!” which really sets the mood; it is also the first LIVE recording of Believer!

Formoz Festival 2007 - 01 Formoz Festival - 02

Formoz Festival 2007 - 03 Formoz Festival - 04

BUT, in the second video – Chain – I can honestly swear that Kenji03 has a costume change with a bandana and black t-shirt! :D And he looks pretty darn good. In addition to that, at the end of the song when they leave the stage, you can hear the crowd shouting ENCORE! in unison. I hope for the sake of the crowd that Back-on did return for an encore! :)

Formoz Festival 2007 - 05 Formoz Festival - 06

Formoz Festival 2007 - 07 Formoz Festival - 08

So a big thanks to gangangan03 for sharing the videos with everyone! :D If you want to watch the videos here on BOO, take a look below!

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