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Watch Kodou PV as well as a clip of Back-on’s live performance!

We haven’t posted updates regarding Back-on Youtube content for a long while (its mainly been about e.g. Murder Princess OVA), but the list included MVs for New World, Gaku-Ten and Flydom. Today, I came across some brand new videos uploaded by the one-and-only blueblueblue. I can only hazard a guess that this user is from Japan but he/she comes up with the most unique Back-on clips!

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BACK-ON – Kodou 鼓動 | Lyrics

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You gotta believe!! No.1で行こう!!
そう上目指して 高くTake off!!

Don’t be afraid!! 恐れず進め!!
1歩1歩 踏み出せMy way!!

強く生きて 今と戦って

We are da 照りつける太陽の子!
気高き誇りはLIONの様 聴けよ流れる熱い鼓動!!
手をつなげ日の本 忘れるな大事な物!
希望の戦士達よ 感じろ大地の音!!


強く生きて 今と戦ってもしも

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