Site updates – Music radio now features New World!

Its been almost 3 weeks since we first launched the Music page – featuring a flash-based radio and downloads from a chosen Back-on album. This time, we’ve decided to feature New World, the band’s latest album release.

This means all 6 tracks from the album are available on the radio for you to enjoy and, to make up for the downtime earlier this week, we’re featuring two tracks for download (high quality 320kbps, CD-rip by Back-on Online using EAC)  instead of the usual one: Chain and Hikari Sasuhou ヒカリサスホウ.

Don’t forget to vote in our newest poll for your next most-wanted download track!  Chain and Hikari Sasuhou both won the highest votes in our previous poll, but Flydom came in at a very close third.