Preview of flower PV on Back-on’s Myspace!

The video preview of the the flower PV was actually released last week (around the same time as the music clip I believe) but alas, I managed to completely blank it, so gomenasai for not including it in the previous news post! >_< Without further ado, you can click to visit Back-on’s Myspace for the preview clip, or watch it below on BOO! Please let us know what you think! :)

p/s: I ask this, because not only do we get to see Teeda‘s new hairstyle, this is also perhaps the first time that there has been an acting 3rd party (girl, in this case) in one of Back-on‘s music videos! Who is the lucky person, and how come it isn’t *cough* umm, seriously though, what does it take to be the lucky girl!?

Answers on a back of a postcard (or comment section) please! :)