Murder Princess OAV IV has been released, why not watch it online?

Apologies for the sudden silence with regards to news updates. Alas it was moving time last week, and I’m sure others would agree when I say that it is unbelievable how much (rubbish) one can really accumulate in a year! Anyway, spring cleaning aside, it hasn’t left much time for writing up news updates although I’m still following the news!

Today’s update will be the announcement that Murder Princess OAV 4 has just been released! :) I’ve been able to watch the raw version thanks to [Q-R], but as usual, most of the dialogue is a bit beyond my understanding, but you can look forward to a few revelations, action-scenes and also some flashbacks. ^^ The best part is they’ve finally started using some really interesting BGM, and it really does make a difference imho!

You can now also watch it without having to download/torrent the file with thanks to Aroduc! He/she has uploaded the file to Youtube, and you can watch it below!

It would definitely be interesting to find out what others think of the episode, so please let us know! :)

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