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Finally, after the long wait, I can present you with the lyrics of Gaku-Ten from Baby Rock! Thank you all for your patience. It was surprisingly easy to convert to hiragana after typing up the original (kanji) lyrics, partially because of the extensive use of katakana for words such as ‘pheromone’ and also there were few ‘tricky’ pronunciations, unlike perhaps in New World.

The song is about the (adolescent) Back-on fantasising about their new female teacher. I’ts hard to express the hilarity of the song with just words, so take a look at the Gaku-Ten PV ft. Nao Oikawa (courtesy of blueblueblue) The band uses phrases such as

‘pheromone bang bang’, ‘baby’ and ‘ボンキュッボン’

the latter is apparenty used when describing a voluptuous body.

‘ハート ドッキドッキ’ (heart dokki dokki) and 超キュート (chou kyuuto)

both make an appearance, where the former is an onomatopoeia of a rapidly beating heart (from excitement), and the latter stands for ‘super cute‘.

Other points worth noting are below (in no particular order):

キーンコーンカーンコーン = (sound of the school bell ringing)
バトル = (battle)
トビラ = (door… in hiragana, tobira is supposedly another word for door)
ヤベー = (I’m in big trouble? source)
ビンチ = (pinch – in a pinch or a crisis)
キメて = (the point where victory is determined?)
なんちゃって = (just kidding/joking – a colloquial phrase)
マチガイ = (mistake?)

However, I wasn’t sure of the actual meaning and context of a few katakana phrases, so I’ve left them out for the moment for future referencing or for some kind soul to inform me about what it actually *means*.

As always, if you spot any mistakes, please let me know either by commenting below or via the contact form.

If you would like to post these lyrics elsewhere, please link back to this page. :)


Ladies and gentleman, the battle of love will now begin. Let’s get ready to BACK-ON!
I’m sorry!

[Verse 1]
キーンコーンカーンコーン! 休み時間のチャイムの音!
超キュート! んでもって最高にボンキュッボン!
マヅでたまらん! フェロモンバンバン!
雄猿達の視線 like a 弾丸!
ちょっと待って Every body~! 挑む奴ぁ~Step up! 1 歩前に!
紳士的に掴んでこうぜ! 女神の微笑み~!
You know what I mean? おわかり! さぁバトル開始!!

[Interlude 1]
Now, there are two sides of the story, and here’s both!
Oh! x3 Oh yeah!

[Verse 2]
1 時間目から、あっ!! ヤベー!! 俺宿題忘れ!
絶対絶命ビンチたぜ! だけど隣の席に座る!
君、救いの手くれてハート ドッキドッキ!

[Verse 3]
2 時間目体育で俺様の出番だぜっ!
見てなべイべー! マヅで惚れちゃうぜ?
君にドライブシュート! なんちゃってマチガイないぜ!
言葉はいらない目でおとす! Aaight

[Chorus – 1]
BURN! BURN! こじ開け~ろトビラ!
BURN! BURN! 燃やせ恋の炎!

[Chorus – 2]
かっとばせ Every body! Step up! 1 歩前に!
めざせあの女神 You know what I mean? おわかり!
BURN! BURN! 燃やせハート!! かませ恋の魔法

[Verse 4]
3 時間目、教科書忘れたフリして!
『チョット見せて!』と言って! 急接近して!
彼女の香り かなりイイ感じ!

[Verse 5]
4 時間目そろそろキメこんでこーか?
どうだ? Baby slow down 落ち着いていこらじゃん?
ささやく Love you! 俺の愛爆発 Yeah~!!

Repeat [Chorus 1 & 2]

[Interlude 2]
(Kenji03/TEEDA/Sensei have a conversation about the new teacher)

Repeat [Chorus 2]

Repeat [Chorus 1 & 2]

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