Listen to clips from BACK-ON’s new album YES!!! on their official Myspace!

It’s been awhile since BACK-ON updated their official Myspace, but with 1 day left till the release of their very first full album YES!!!, they have revamped their profile with new banners, and more importantly, provided preview clips of 4 [LA mix] versions of their songs from their brand new album!

Click on the screenshot of the player below to visit their official Myspace and listen to the songs yourself! If you don’t have access to Myspace, keep on reading for a special treat that we have for you :)

Thumbnail screenshot of BACK-ON's Myspace Playlist in Nov 2008

The chorus of the new song 果てなき道へ [LA mix] (Hatenaki Michi E) feels a little more pop than rock, but as the clip tails off, there seems to be a promise of some heavy rock coming up… and possibly Teeda‘s signature rapping? Definitely an upbeat song and I have to say I really do like it! I can’t wait to hear the full song at least :)

As for the other songs, it will certainly be interesting to hear what everyone thinks; I heard from the grapevine that apparently the [LA mix] versions should be a little heavier and emphasise the ‘rock’ aspect of each song. Unfortunately Myspace are not doing BACK-ON any favours as they convert the original songs to very low bit/sample rates (96kbps and 22kHz apparently) so the songs sound rather unclear and somewhat hollow to me, but I think the bass and guitars are definitely a lot more pronounced! What are your thoughts?

To add icing to the cake, BACK-ON have also updated their profile photos on their website, and you can see thumbnails of their brand new look below, but I would highly recommend clicking on the thumbnails to visit our fan photo gallery for the full size photos! I actually want to do a bit of a fangirl scream here for ALL of the band members (Kya!?) but just to pick out one band member, doesn’t Icchan look so much more mature?

Official Profile Photo 2008-2009 Official Profile Photo 2008-2009 Shu's Official Profile Photo 2008-2009 Profile Photo 2008-2009 p_icchan_0809

And last but not least, for people who can’t access BACK-ON’s Myspace, fear not, because we have recorded all the 4 [LA mix] song clips into one long mp3 (3:15) that you can download or listen to online below!

Tracklisting Listen & Download
  • 果てなき道へ [LA mix]
  • flower [LA mix]
  • Chain [LA mix]
  • 足跡 [LA mix]
[audio:Yes!!! Myspace Preview – Nov 08.mp3]
Yes!!! Myspace Preview - Nov 2008 (540 downloads)

p/s: Good news for fans of gangangan03‘s videos! :) He now has a brand new account which you can visit here: