Interview with Back-on in purple SKY magazine!

Before we start, I do have to make an apology to Leisl Schrader of purple SKY Magazine for the delay in writing up this post! Now, aside from being one of the few interviews with Back-on in English, the article has extra special importance (if my memory serves me correctly) as it is probably the first English interview with Back-on that has ever gone to print on paper!

The interview took place sometime in September 2007 and is featured in the latest edition (Fall 2007) of purple SKY, published at the start of December 2007. I was kindly sent a preview of the interview article by the magazine, which you can see below:

purple SKY magazine - Back-on Interview preview

Unfortunately I don’t have the full article at hand at the moment, so I can’t comment further on the content alas. However, it does look very promising (and of the above mentioned ‘historical’ significance) so if are you interested in reading the full interview, purple SKY is available from shops in the US such as several branches of Barnes & Noble, Borders and other independent stores (see full list) It is also available online at $6 (exc. PP) directly from the purple SKY website, which I think is particularly useful for international fans!

Other bands/artists that are featured in this issue of purple SKY (a specialist J-Rock magazine that is released quarterly) include The Captains, Plastic Tree, and Anna Tsuchiya to name just a few. And if you’re running into pick up a copy, I’ve included the front cover of the Fall 2007 edition below for your reference:

Fall 2007 Cover of purple SKY

Please let us know what you think if you do purchase the magazine! It is definitely a huge milestone that marks a step into the mainstream for Back-on, especially in America!