Icchan models the new Back-on T-shirts and new live dates announced!

During the past few months, Back-on have tended to update their website once-or-twice a week with news updates, but in this month alone, they’ve made a record 9 news posts in the first two weeks!

Our main focus is on the T-shirts (Merchandise) that were announced at the end of last month, because the latest news post features Icchan and the T-shirts! Yup, he models all 4 colours of the latest design, and looks so sweet when he smiles. :) Take a look below, especially at the pink t-shirt, as the website says it is particularly recommended by Icchan!

Icchan and the Black Skull and Guns Shirt Icchan and the Pink Skull and Guns Shirt
Icchan and the White Skull and Guns Shirt Icchan and the Gold Skull and Guns T-shirt

If you want to see how the t-shirt fares under colourful spotlights, Back-on.com also provides a photo of Shu with the new-t-shirt as well~

Shu and the new T-shirt

It seems that the band have also made an executive decision to reprint the New World t-shirt that was apparently sold at Anime Matsuri 2007, since it was so popular! If you haven’t already seen it before, Icchan models it again:

Icchan and the New World T-shirt

I have to say I really like the design for this shirt, since the skulls/chains/guns combo does seem quite morbid, but I do love the 2017-2018 venue list at the back of the new shirt! All the shirts are set to retail at ¥2,500, which is about £10 GBP or $20 USD. Except, I’m not sure where. >_< If you do know, please get in touch!

Back-on‘s other news updates involve new dates for their live gigs (August and September), which we’ve updated on the band’s Schedule page. Their diary looks very packed, and to highlight one gig: They will be performing with bands from both Japan (such as Uzumaki and Yamaarashi) and the US (Phunk Junkeez and Supe) on September 2nd 2007 at Club Asia in Shibuya. However, the most significant date is probably their second solo live gig Code002 “flower” on October 13th 2007 at BOXX in Shibuya! :)

p/s: We haven’t forgotten about Back-on‘s debut solo gig Code001 “BLAZE LINE/a day dreaming…” on July 4th 2007. It’s taking a little time to collate info for the news post, so please do check back again for the full report.

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