Hiatus, hiatus, hiatus…

Ohayo! Yet again, it’s been awhile since the last update. You may be happy to find out that the backend of BOO, which is WordPress, was successfully upgraded and the downtime was much shorter than expected – a mere 20 minutes. However, if you’re wondering why there has been such a dry patch during Back-on‘s latest successful run of concerts, including their further conquest of the Americas at AnimeUSA just last week, I can only say that coursework and real life events have invaded and taken up permanent residence.

As the holiday seasons draws near (only a few more weeks!), we’ll try and post updates about Back-on‘s latest activities. Alas their international concert plans have drawn to a close this year, but judging by the massive reaction generated from their recent concerts, as well as the fansub groups finally releasing the later episodes of Eyeshield 21, I think it’s safe to say that we should expect a lot more news about their international plans next year!

Other updates will include an upgraded gallery, new lyrics and (hopefully) wallpapers that have been kindly provided by other Back-on fans, so please do look out for them!