Happy New Year for 2007!

EnChained would like to wish Back-on and everyone else an extra special 2007! :) Hope you are all enjoying the celebrations – from Australia throughout Asia, Europe and the USA! I managed to watch some of the countdowns on the BBC website at http://tinyurl.com/yf9t77 – and being in England myself, I have to say the London fireworks are absolutely spectacular this year, making them one of the best for 2007 in my humble opinion!

Before I signoff – I wanted to add that I’m also extremely happy as I have finally received the New World cd that I ordered weeks ago from Play-asia.com and gawd, its seriously worth the wait! Once I get over the new year and the funky new CD packaging etc. I’ll be sure to upload some scans and share the goodies with everyone, so watch this space!

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