Translation: Gaku-Ten – Lyrics (English) First Draft

This first draft comes as part of a special request by Ichiban (or Ichi) and as with the translation of Chain, is the first attempt I’ve made to translate the song, so it will *definitely* have lots of errors! There are some sentences that I am very unsure about (these are marked with (???) depending on the level of uncertainty) but as with everything on this site, if you do know of any errors, please let me know as I’ll be very happy to correct it! :)

p/s: If you do decide to post this first attempt elsewhere, please give some credit to this page, even if it is a first draft! ^^


Ladies and gentleman, the battle of love will now begin. Let’s get ready to BACK-ON!
I’m sorry!

[Verse 1]
キーンコーンカーンコーン! 休み時間のチャイムの音!
Ding-dong-dang-don! It’s the chime of the recess/breaktime bell!

The target is the child(or person in this case?) in the seat diagonally to the front! (?)

超キュート! んでもって最高にボンキュッボン!
Super/ultra cute! The most voluptuous! (?)

マヅでたまらん! フェロモンバンバン!
‘mazu’ (Must?) be patient! The pheromones are banging away!

雄猿達の視線 like a 弾丸!
The male monkeys’ eyes are like bullets!
(I think in this context it means that they have eyes only for a certain target?)

ちょっと待って Every body~! 挑む奴ぁ~Step up! 1 歩前に!
Everybody, wait a moment! (Take up the) Challenge, fellows ~ step up! (???) (Take) one step forward!

紳士的に掴んでこうぜ! 女神の微笑み~!
A gentlemanly grasp(?) A goddess’ smile!

You know what I mean? おわかり! さぁバトル開始!!
You know what I mean? (Do you) understand? The battle begins!

[Interlude 1]
Now, there are two sides of the story, and here’s both!
Oh! x3 Oh yeah!

[Verse 2]
1 時間目から、あっ!! ヤベー!! 俺宿題忘れ!
From the first hour, ah! I’m in trouble!! I’ve forgotten my homework!

絶対絶命ビンチたぜ! だけど隣の席に座る!
A desperate situation, a crisis! However, the (person) sitting beside me,

君、救いの手くれてハート ドッキドッキ!
You, give (my) heart dokidoki with your helping hand!
(literally: You, (use) your helping hand to give my heart doki doki)

[Verse 3]
2 時間目体育で俺様の出番だぜっ!
The second hour is PE (physical education) and it’s my turn (to perform?) !

見てなべイべー! マヅで惚れちゃうぜ?
Look (here) baby! Aren’t you/haven’t you fallen in love?

君にドライブシュート! なんちゃってマチガイないぜ!
You’re in the driving seat! Just joking, I am certain/I have no doubt (???)

言葉はいらない目でおとす! Aaight
(These are) words, (you) don’t need to lose your eyes(???) Aaight

[Chorus – 1]
BURN! BURN! こじ開け~ろトビラ!
BURN! BURN! Wrench open the door!

Who does your heart belong to!?

BURN! BURN! 燃やせ恋の炎!
BURN! BURN! The flames of passion!

There is only one chance to decide!!

[Chorus – 2]
かっとばせ Every body! Step up! 1 歩前に!
Knockout/slam Everybody! Step up! (Take) one step forward!

めざせあの女神 You know what I mean? おわかり!
Aim for that goddess, you know what I mean? (Do you) understand!

BURN! BURN! 燃やせハート!! かませ恋の魔法
BURN! BURN! Burn the heart!! (Cast?) the spell of passion/love

Superfast (rhythmic) beats! (It starts) after class!

[Verse 4]
3 時間目、教科書忘れたフリして!
In the third hour, (I) pretended to forget my textbook!

『チョット見せて!』と言って! 急接近して!
『chotto顯示!說』! 急接近!
“Wait, (let me) show (you)!” Because! (She’s) suddenly closer! (???)

彼女の香り かなりイイ感じ!
Her fragrance – such a good feeling!

Definitely a stimulating moment!

[Verse 5]
4 時間目そろそろキメこんでこーか?
Is it gradually now the 4th hour? (???)

(I’ll) throw a bomb of love towards your heart!

どうだ? Baby slow down 落ち着いていこらじゃん?
How’s that? Baby slow down (it’s?) quiet, isn’t it? (???)

ささやく Love you! 俺の愛爆発 Yeah~!!
Whisper Love you! My love explodes Yeah!!

Repeat [Chorus 1 & 2]

[Interlude 2]
(Kenji03/TEEDA/Sensei have a conversation about the new teacher)

Repeat [Chorus 2]

Repeat [Chorus 1 & 2]

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