G・F・S – タネウマ (Taneuma) MV ft. Kenji03, Teeda, Mr. Blistah (MIC BANDITZ) and Matthew Barron

After watching so many videos this week (courtesy of users such as happysky, mineralblue, Ichi and SoundEX) from Anime Matsuri, one would think there weren’t any other Back-on videos to be found online!

So imagine my surprise when Sowon posted a link to this Youtube video from gangangan03 on the Back-on Online Forums. The song, タネウマ (Taneuma) or ‘Studhorse’ by the Japanese hip-hop duo G・F・S guest features Back-on‘s Kenji03 and Teeda, where Kenji03 does a lot of solo rapping, as well as another big name in the hip-hop industry – Mr. Blistah, and a Japan-based , Seattle-born American rapper Michael Barron.

Like Back-on, Japanese hip-hop duo G・F・S also hail from Adachi in Tokyo and consist of “A”- Proud (pronounced Ace-proud) the MC and trackmaker, and Yoshi, the DJ. You can see their respective pictures below from their official website:

Yoshi from GFS HP

Now that you’ve seen “A”-Proud‘s picture and read that he’s from Adachi, does it ring a bell? I really hope it does, because:

“A”-Proud is none other than Kenji03’s older brother!

I just had to state that fact in a very obvious place! :D It’s a very exciting piece of news, because this is the older brother that introduced Macchin to Back-on in the first place to complete their first line-up, and the best part is, it is evident (once you watch the video below and listen to more of their music) that “A”-Proud himself is a talented artist! Do we need anymore factual proof that musical talent does run in the family ;)

Now that I’ve got you all hyped up… we can move on to the key feature of this post – the MV of タネウマ (Taneuma) which translates into English as Studhorse. You actually see each rapper wearing a derby horse’s mask and play with their horse puppets in the monochrome music video! It’s a whole lot of fun and I definitely rate it 10/10, especially as a summer ‘choon’ (it’s going into my iPod-equivalent!)

The lyrics are a mix of English and Japanese (yey for hiphop rap!) and Kenji03 takes on a more active rapping role here (than perhaps in Back-on) So, for kenji03 lovers, this is a chance to see him do those crazy-as-but-oh-so cool rap gestures (which I *loved* by the way)!


Teeda fans won’t be disappointed either, as the main MC of Back-on does his trademark gestures and you even get to see him topless towards the second half of the music video. For proprietary’s sake, we’ll include a picture of him *with* his white shirt on.


If you’re wondering where you’ve seen Mr. Blistah‘s name before, aside from being a part of MIC BANDITZ (a pet project founded by m-flo‘s VERBAL) he is also one half of the duo Clench&Blistah. However, Mr. Blistah is probably most famous for being the rapper in Koda Kumi‘s song ‘Candy‘. You can see a screenshot of the MV below:

Koda Kumi's Candy MV screenshot

Google didn’t throw up that much information about Michael Barron (マシュー・バロン), but from this article about aspiring actors from Seattle by Dave Bockmann, he is described as a “jack-of-all-trades in the entertainment world” and is known to “appear as a DJ with popular Japanese “hip-hop” bands”. If you want to find a more complete profile about Matthew (in Japanese) you can visit the Jstarproduction website.

Last but not least, our focus briefly returns to G・F・S, who cite:

JURASSIC 5, RAKIM, Ugry Duckling, AIR, OASIS, Blur, Jay-Z, Nujabes, SHINGO2

as their musical influences. This information comes from their Myspace, where you can watch the タネウマ (Taneuma) MV and listen to a selection of tracks from their EAST T.O.K.Y.O album, which was released on December 22nd 2005.

East T.O.K.Y.O Album Cover

At this point, I would like to say a very very big thank you to gangangan03 for being so wonderfully patient and helpful with providing the facts for this post (and uploading the video, of course)! Thankfully his excellent English skills more than made up for my poor Japanese linguistic abilities, so kudos to gangangan03! Arigato Gozaimasu!

If you’re interested in viewing screenshots of the MV, you can visit our brand-new Gallery! It’s still a work-in-progress, so expect to see some changes over the next few weeks.

I shall be writing alot more about G・F・S in the forthcoming week, where the focus will be on their music, their current work as well as their upcoming schedule. Why? Because I actually do like their music!