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CD Single BACK-ON to release a new single "Ice cream" on May 9th 2012!
I know it's not always accurate, but CD-Japan sent a very enticing email the other day as they have 3 new BACK-ON related entries on their website:

I read somewhere that the single may well consist of two tracks but it's certainly an unexpected title.

"Ice cream" - Single - May 9th 2012 (1000 yen)

"Untitled" - Album - May 30th 2012 (3000 yen)

"Untitled" - Album (CD + DVD) - May 30th 2012 (3800 yen)
Wow I Cannot Wait To Hear It.
I'm A Teeda From Back-On FanGirl & I'll Always Be A Teeda From Back-On FanGirl.
Me too Big Grin A month to go but hopefully we'll get a preview soon if it is for definite. It will be their first 4-man release since Icchan left so will be interesting to see how their music style changes, although with a title like 'Ice cream'.... one has to wonder. Mantou
Seems like its almost certain that they will be releasing a single and possibly an album in May! Big Grin (hence change to the title of the thread!)

According to the Avex BACK-ON news stream, the single will feature 2 tracks: "Ice cream" and "Piece" and Musicman-NET even posted what seems to be the cover of the new single:

[Image: disc_icecream_small.jpg]

They also shared a lovely promo photo of the band with some seriously heavy dark-eyeliner; Shu got a make-over too!

[Image: i.php?a=Group&i=ice-cream-promo.jpg]
They've relaunched their website - loving the new design! Lovelove And there's another group photo too and also a 'on-the-set/behind-the-scenes' video on their official channel!

[Image: back-on.com_icecream_595.png]

[Image: group_icecream_595.jpg]

Hmm... wonder if these are some of the lyrics for 'Ice cream'
Quote:Enter the club with my freshly

It's available as a ring tone but ... we still have to wait as we're not in Japan Heh - hopefully I've misread it and its not actually been released.. yet?
It seems Teeda tweeted about a preview of the PV just yesterday:

They're still sounding and rocking great even without Icchan. o: Even though I swear I can hear drumming in the background at parts.

And I'll get around to introducing myself when I got time. I just wanted to spread the word about the PV especially how it's interesting and something different. Tongue
Welcome to the Forums, reghrhre! Big Grin I have to say, this is a spectacular find Wee so thanks very much!!! Yaay A PV hasn't made me laugh this much in ages and the boys/guys are really very funny! And the colours are so vivid!

GORI's face at the start when they spot the girls is Pon Yeah And then they definitely are inspired by Chaplin with the whole "now who gets to serve the girls?" KENJI03 rubbing his eyes just made me lol too and TEEDA had the best anguished "neuuu....." face ever Saru-odoru

And SHU was so sweet carrying the tray to the girls, but the rest of them have a different idea... can't wait to watch the whole thing

Now music wise: definitely a pop track and so upbeat it makes me want to jump around too ~~Wee

Looking forward to your self-introduction too soon, but yes - definitely worth spreading the word! Ima promote it on the main site too ^^
Thanks again reghrhre Big Grin

It turns out that the recent "Ice cream" preview PV upload by avexnetwork (shorter than the one before but 480p) also mentioned that the song is being used as the ending theme for a Japanese TV program called 今ちゃんの「実は…」" (Asahi TV's Ima-Chan) for the month of May.

This means that as from 45:10 - you can see abit more of the music video (where everyone is dancing/partying happily in Googies) here: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzkwODY0ODgw.html

Other news - a couple of other sites have posted about the forthcoming single:

And completely random: MINI - remember her from "ONE STEP! (feat. mini)"? - is also releasing her first album on May 9th too.

p/s: Quick price comparison for "Ice cream" on the 3 major CD sites excluding postage
I heard the single. Really loving it! I heard the single before watching the PV... I totally forgot about Icchan leaving (bad me.). So they should be okay without him. Smile

And also unrelated, I'm about to listen to mini's album. When she first collab, I was iffy about her, but after a few singles, I really like her style!

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